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laptop mouse and touchpad help

The Mitchell
right ok i want to be able to use both my logitech usb mouse AND my synaptics touch pad device at the same time. I have a program for using my mousepad as an XY pad in ableton so i can use it sort of like a kaoss pad but for some reason the touchpad wont work. i had no problems at first but after a while of using my usb mouse the touchpad stopped working. ive reinstalled the synaptics driver but the only way i can get the touchpad to work is by disabling then reenabling the device and then it just stops working again after about a second. Any help would be awesome folks
There shouldn't be a problem with using 2 mice at once. I can use a tablet and usb mouse at the same time so i don't see why there is any problem with yours. You could try updating both drivers and see how that goes.
...synaptics driver but the only way i can get the touchpad to work is by disabling then reenabling the device and then it just stops working again

You may want to try this...

1. Shut down your system
2. Unplug your logitech mouse
3. Start system
4. Uninstall logitech software from Add/remove programs in Control Panel. You may not need to reinstall the logitech software unless it has special features/drivers (Software is always available on logitech site).
5. Reboot.
6. Reinstall synaptics driver - This may not be needed, but it could work out bugs that may have arisen due to logitech being connect on synaptics driver reinstall. Make sure you download the proper drivers (ie. from the manufacture's website).
7. Reboot
8. Check mouse settings in Control Panel > Mouse
9. There should be a setting to allow external mouse and touchpad to work simultaneously. If not, you may have difficulty setting up this arrangement.
10. Regardless, plug in your logitech mouse without installing logitech software.
11. If your logitech mouse works normally, then there is no need to install Logitech software. Otherwise, Install the software.
12. See how it works.
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