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Firefox using RAM

Is it just me or does this happen to other people as well... If you have firefox open for awhile, it starts to use more and more RAM... I have had it use about 160MB of ram. Any reason for why it keeps eating more and more?
Yeah, it's a common problem with firefox. Mine is using almost 500 mb right now: Rolling Eyes

There is nothing you can do about it, expect shutting down firefox and restarting it once in a while.
hi all,

it solely depend on how many tabs+windows you open in the same time and how many history fields per tab.

now, i open 2 windows with 5 tabs total, it only need 72mb. it's normal.
Sometimes, the massive memory usage is caused by the firefox extensions/addons you had installed. Therefore, disable any unused addons/extensions. The more extensions you have, the more prone firefox will have memory leaks. Certain extensions like fasterfox do take up a fair amount of memory as it caches every contents within the hyperlink before you even click them. Hence, although it does increase the performance in which the page renders, there's an overhead.
If you really want to keep the usage down (ie force it) then you can follow the step on this page:

However, that just sets an upper limit. Most likely Firefox is using all that memory because by default it caches the last 8 pages visited (in each tab) so it can eat up memory pretty quickly if you have a lot of tabs open especially for graphics intensive sites.
try installing fasterfox plugin (just Google it) made a big difference for me
There are some "hacks" you can enable in about:config but the truth of the matter is that beginning with Firefox 1.5 it has had a memory leak. I've closed all tabs and had no extensions installed and after a few hours the RAM usage had grown high enough to freeze my computer (I only have 256mb of RAM). The same problem exists in Linux and Windows. Quite frankly there is not much you can do about it, when confronted developers, fanboys, and the like call it a "feature" - it's a bug, well actually several bugs - probably poor coding practices. Maybe someday someone will develop a Firefox Lite... afterall Firefox is supposidely the light-weight "version" of Mozilla Suite.
I run FireFox all day, every day - sometimes several windows and always around 5 to 8 tabs on each window - and rarely notice it using more than about 179K. Sometimes I don't close the machine down for a week or more.

I'll keep a closer eye on it over the next few days and see what happens.

I can't remember the last time my PC reported memory shortages (using 1G of RAM probably helps) and I've not seen any problems with paging either.

Perhaps much of it has to do with browsing habits. I visit a fairly consistent set of sites and don't often go beyond them. I have only a few add-ons (British dictionary, Project WhoIs, Web Developer and Talkback) so that might help too.
Firefox has memory leaks... its memory usage is partially because of plain old bad code. If you don't have a system that can take this, I suggest you use Opera as it uses less memory and is faster. Ideal for older systems.
Shocked My firefox is only using 54mb...
about 10 extensions, 5 tabs and i am using it for about 2 hours now.
I have fasterfox but no special settings to optimize anything.
While this isn't that big of a deal (unless you're noticing slow-downs) I do prefer Opera for a performance browser. It handles intense browsing quite well.
Well, using lots of RAM isn't a bad thing. In fact its a good thing if it is all that is running, as it gives you more random access space which leads to faster performance within the application. On Vista applications use more ram if they are running alone then on XP because of these advantages. If you are only running one app and its firefox then It would be natural for it to expand. However, if not then you should look into other browsers (or get a newer computer).
Oh really? Interesting then how Opera never lags or has any performance disadvantages over Firefox while it uses less memory...
dont add themes in your firefox.....also avoid using add-ons tools as far as possible......
It's really sad but true. my firefox is using 100 MB right now but if it's to much I restart firefox.
Arnie wrote:
Oh really? Interesting then how Opera never lags or has any performance disadvantages over Firefox while it uses less memory...

Other then not displaying websites properly Laughing
When Firefox displays websites wrong, the site admin gets blamed (and flamed if he's unlucky). When Opera does, it's suddenly the browsers fault?

Let me remind you again that Opera is far ahead of Firefox in terms of compliance to standards.
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