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Logging download rate

Hello Frihost, I was wondering what the best way is to log my download rates throughout the day. I'm sure there's some good software out there to do this but I can't find anything.

Basicly I want to prove to my ISP that I'm getting an average of about 100kbps when I pay for 8mb.

I know that provides accurate and detailed statistics about your current upload and download rate. However, I don't think there are any automated ways of doing it throughout the day. You'd have to go back to the site every once in a while and do another test to keep checking on your speed. I'm pretty sure the site lets you print out multiple tests, though. Definitely worth a check out.
While I am sure it is possible to log your download speed during the day, I don't see it being that useful.

First of all, you cannot use your connection at all when there is a speed test running. This is because the test assumes all of your bandwidth is being used to transfer the "test file". Therefore, if you want accurate results, you really can't be on the web at all.

Second, your transfer rate is way different based on network load, downed servers, hurricanes, earthquakes, the alignment of the planets, etc. There is a chance that your ISP is trying to give you your 8mb, but someone upstream is throttling speed/bogged may not be your ISP's fault.

Third, is your ISP really going to listen? If they are anything like Comcast is where I am, they are in a great position to say "screw you." Check the fine print of the contract you signed. I bet you it says "8mb transfer rate not guaranteed." If that's in there, there is absolutely nothing you can do. If it does not say anything like that, you may have grounds for some legal action. That would be fun to see.
Speedtest is probably one of the best, I'm lucky because my ISP provides that information on my account page
I'm pretty sure your ISP's contract mentions up to 8 MB and I can tell you it is normal to not reach that value out of your ISP's network.

The only way you can say you are not getting what you pay for is by testing your connection with FTP on a Server on your ISP's backbone. (ISP's usually have an open FTP with stuff like linux iso images you can dload for testing purposes).

Whenever the connection goes off your ISP (into another ISP's servers) the bandwith will rarely keep it up to 8 MB.

On another note, and assuming you're talking about ADSL (A standing for Asynchronous), You should probably have something like (up to, very important) 8192 kbps Download) and 1024/640/512 kbps (depends on the ISP's). You mentioned 100 kbps and I assumed you are referring to DOWNLOAD (?) which strikes me as very odd, because that would be the download capability of a ISDN connection. Are you sure it wasn't 100 KBps (IE's downloads are expressed in KBps)? Although still a bit slow, it's easier to agree to those values.

Btw, you could check your modem/router to see the values he is presenting. If you need help with that, feel free to poke me (giving me the brand and model of your router).
I'm using a Huawei at the moment and my ADSL (8 MB too) is showing:
"Bandwidth Down/Up(kbps) 8157/637" (this is the connections limits, not what I'm dloading/uploading)

Be Well Cool
Hmm donno what to tell you.... Switch to linux? XD maybe that will boost your speed. It does for me, and alot of other people.
For example, I boot up into my windows partition, i dialup (this is when im not at my dads to have acces to broadband) i get ..... anywhere between 24-28k when i get connected. Now part of this could be the phone lines (as i do live in the county aka the sticks) but when i boot into Linux and dialup i can usually get a speed of.... 36.6-40k , though if i had my windows settings tweaked right i could probly get better speeds.. anyways.
Yes I'm pretty sure all 8mb connections in the UK say "up to" 8mb but... 7kbps download rate today. Most of the day it doesn't get past 50kbps anymore. It's kind of got worse every month - I'm switching ISPs because I'm sure that will help. Take an educated guess who I'm with (and no I didn't choose this company).
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