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Where have horror movies gone?

Is it just me, desensitised by the media (internet being the main offender) or has the concept of scaring the audience with tense atmosphere etc disappeared in favour of gore. It seems that these gore-fest movies are now being labeled horror when they don't scare you at all...

Maybe we simply grow out of horror movies and the movies I am referring to would have sated my horror appetite if I were younger? Please, if anyone shares this view or can in fact recommend some horror movies that have been recently made - it would be greatly appreciated.

If you disagree with my view, this is an open slather for debate so please enlighten/(flame ) me if I'm completely missing something.
I used to love watching the old Hammer Horror movies when I was a kid (Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee etc).

Now they just bore me senseless.

Maybe we've just seen all the horror movie tricks so they just don't do anything for us any more.
If that were true (we've seen all the old tricks..) then you'd heavily expect script writers to invent something better.

This hasn't been done (not counting films such as Saw).

There is NO originality anymore. If you want scares nowadayz you have to play computer games! And that sucks immensely.
As special effects technology progresses, people look for excuses to use them, hence all the focus on gore at the expense of plot, suspense, etc. Really, Hollywood is all about spectacle now. Make people go "ooh" for 15 seconds and you can hype it into a blockbuster. I'm just glad the CGI craze seems to be over, Disney movies aside. I can't be the only one who thought the puppets in Aliens and Alien 3 blew Alien 4's CGI out of the water...
I tend to agree, the best horror movies dont even need to show gore, just imply its happened, such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original) - No real gore ever seen but one of the greatest horror movies ever made

I will say though, nothing wrong with a bit of gore, Hostel for example was a great movie...

There isnt a lot of good horror movies released lately, the Saw movies, Hostel and thats about it
oops double post...
Horror movies now adays tend to go for teh quick shock factor as opposed to actually trying to scare you.

Still amuses me that the best shock moment still happen in older movies, for example "Alien" in the Vent. ANyone that says they didn't jump during thet scene is a liar.

I miss the Hammer Horror movies Sad Need more Christopher Lee.
I started looking at horror when I was about eight I think, and I were never scared at all, no kidding. But that is more than I can say about the rest of my family, they all are afraid of horror movies, even if I just describe that they cut of the arm in the latest movie they freak out.
So if the movies are scary it depends on who is watching them. I still havent seen any scary movies, never. I am just hard to scare, never good to take me to the movies, I laugh like its supposed to be a comedy Razz People looks at me like Im mental
The horror movie genre is definitely one of the favorites of my sister who had just passed away. I remember doing marathons of these kinds of flicks. I recall going to the local rental store to rent a few horror titles. Ranging from Sci-fi horror to survival horror almost any kind of horror even those Asian ones. Sad to say that these days no good horror films have come out. Sure there are lots of straight to video horror films but their not good either, some even try to cash in on the popularity of previous incarnations like the sequel to White Noise (with less star power and budget than the 1st one). Also there are the not needed remakes of films like The Ring and the Grudge (Hollywood seems to like making remakes of Asian horror movies). There just doesn't seem to be any good ones coming ast all too.
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