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Sacred: Underworld

Anyone plays Sacred: Underworld here? It's great expansion pack to the best Action RPG of the 2004 - Sacred(in PCGamer USA opinion). It has fantastic story acted in 5 awesome acts. Here's Sacred's story:
Act I - Paths of Destiny
Mirko Worsley @ wrote:
In his fortress of Shaddar-Nur, the necromancer Shaddar, a pariah of the Band of Mages from Mystdale Castle, plans his triumphant return to the world of Ancaria: To strengthen his magic powers, he summons a Sakkara Demon, whose power he will absorb himself. These Sakkara Demons rule over those damned to rot in hell, the undead. Not since the Era of the Gods have any of these creatures set foot in Ancaria, not since the Seraphim army drove them back to their dimension during the Wars of the Gods.
However, Shaddar's experiment fails. The Sakkara Demon escapes and turns on his summoner…

In the south of the Kingdom, the village of Bellevue is beset by robbers and slave traders sent by the Sakkara Sect to find suitable victims for their unholy magic rituals. At the same time, the Kingdom is infiltrated by Goblins, forerunners of the Orcs of Khorad-Nur.
Under the command of Sergeant Treville, a loyal veteran of Prince Valor, the heroes first fight in the lands bordering the Orcish wastelands against attacks by the Goblins and the Orcs, who are leaving their desert in hordes and venturing ever deeper into the Kingdom of the dying King Aarnum.

Act II - Banners of the Blood
Mirko Worsley @ wrote:
In order to repel the enemy troops at Wyvern Pass, Prince Valor dispatches the heroes to ask Baron DeMordrey, the King's power-hungry Field Marshal, for reinforcements. However, DeMordrey orders his notorious Sharuka Guards to kill the heroes and sends the Orcs to massacre the Prince's troops at Wyvern Pass.
Returning to the battlefield after narrowly escaping the assassination attempt by the Sharuka Guards, the heroes find the fatally wounded Treville, who tells them that Prince Valor managed to escape to his mistress, Vilya, Baroness of Mascarell.
By the time the heroes reach the Barony of Mascarell, Baron DeMordrey has taken control of Ancaria following the death of Aarnum and his troops have occupied large areas of the country.
The heroes manage to rescue Baroness Vilya, who leads them to Tyr-Fasul, a long-forgotten forest stronghold in the Land of the Elves. The Prince, who is now believed to be dead, and his few remaining followers take refuge here.

Act III - The Restless Dead
Mirko Worsley @ wrote:
Acting on the orders of the court sorceress Shareefa, one of the Prince's confidantes, the heroes discover in Khorad-Nur, the fortified desert town of the Orcs, what is driving the Orcs from their homeland: The Sakkara Demon has raised hordes of the undead from their graves and they have now turned this swath of land into an anteroom of hell.
Meanwhile, the Prince, who has secretly returned to his capital Braverock Castle, which is occupied by DeMordrey, is planning a rebellion against the usurper. While the Kingdom splits into regions plagued by rebellion, DeMordrey's oppression, Dark Elf opportunists, sectarians and villages overrun by the undead, the heroes and Shareefa repair to the fortified monastery of the Seraphim, a thousand-year-old bastion against the barbaric Ice Giants. There, they study the ancient scriptures of the Wars of the Gods, which describe how the Seraphim once defeated the Sakkara Demon.
Five elements must be found and the heroes now search the length and breadth of the entire Kingdom and beyond for them. In the deepest recesses of Shaddar-Nur, which has been ravaged by the Demon, they finally uncover Shaddar's records describing the summoning of Demons as well as the fifth element of space...

Act IV - Turns of Time
Mirko Worsley @ wrote:
However, in order to combine these elements into a weapon to be used against the Demons, they must reach the ancestral forge, located deep beneath the royal palace. Together with Prince Valor and the last of his followers, the heroes recapture the capital and kill the unlawful Regent DeMordrey and Prince Valor takes his dead father's crown.
With the help of Shareefa, the heroes combine the five elements to create the Heart of Ancaria. This metaphysical soul of the world forms a nexus that can rob the Demon of its power. The heroes end up fighting the Sakkara Demon that was summoned up by Shareefa. However, the defeat of this creature sets events in motion that will change the face of Ancaria...

Sacred Characters
The Vampiress
The Vampiress is a hybrid fighter. During the day she is a skilled warrior favoring the cold steel of swords and axes; during the night she transforms into a ruthless vampire. She rips at her victims with her claws and brings forth terrifying followers with her kisses of blood.

Dark Elf
The Dark Elf is a descendant of power-hungry and faithless Elves. The ritual fighting techniques of the Blood Cult render the Dark Elf a deadly stealth fighter. In battle the Dark Elf prefers to slay his opponents with either poisoned blades or his lethal array of martial arts abilities.

Battle Mage
The Battle Mage masters weapon lore as well as magic. He skillfully uses his swords and staves when he is forced into close combat. However, his most powerful weapon is the magic of the elements, which is able to make the foundations of the world shudder.

Wood Elf
The Wood Elf is a ranger and hunter. She is part of the nature surrounding her and her magic is a protective one. As a master of archery, she is proficient in unleashing single and multiple shots. Close combat is not her preference and she will only engage in it if left with no other choice.

The Seraphim is a descendant of the mystical angels from the era of the Wars of the Gods. The Gods provide the Seraphim with heavenly magic to weaken their opponents before they strike them down with whirling blades.

The Seraphim is a descendant of the mystical angels from the era of the Wars of the Gods. The Gods provide the Seraphim with heavenly magic to weaken their opponents before they strike them down with whirling blades.

Sacred: Underworld Characters
The Daemon
The Daemon is a creature of the underworld, a sinister and eerie character. She musters dark magic and she is able to transform into several types and shapes of demons.

Each shape allows the Daemon a different style of attack, usually in combination with an additional magic ability.

All demon types are apt close combat fighters who prefer to wield demonic swords. However, the Daemon will be able to wield any weapon in close combat.

The Daemon can be played as a powerful close combat fighter using enhancing auras or she can be played as a sorceress.

The Dwarf
The Dwarf is a typical representative of the fantasy worlds: Tough, snappy, grumbling and eager to fight.
He excels at close combat and he is very apt with axes as well as war hammers.

Furthermore, dwarves boast a secret technical knowledge. Therefore, he is able to wield weapons that none of the other characters are able to handle. He is able to equip a musket for medium-range fights and one of his “special moves” is firing a canon, which is strapped to his back.

The musket and the canon will feature extensive upgrade opportunities as a weapon and armor respectively.

The Dwarf can be played as a close combat or ranged fighter.

Screenshots from Sacred: Underworld

New Characters:

New Landscape:


New Enemies:

Screenshots from Sacred




Sacred Plus Screenshots

Sacred Fanpages
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English - Sacred Junkies - Sacred-Gurus

French - Sacred Source - Sacred Lejeu

Italian - Small Italian Sacred Site - Sacred Italia - Sacred at FX Planet - Sacred Game Italian Fansite
Kitten Kong
This is the most annoyingly buggy game of all time, sure its never a single game destroying bug its always crap little things. Playing multiplayer the other ppl appear to be standing in the T pose on their horses, the game works for about 20 mins before going out of sinc, no wait, it does crash constantly as well. I really wanted this game to be good and it is. If only it had some decent QA, even witht the expansion and laltest patch I have the same problems i had with v1.0
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