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Engineering Education & Careers

I'm a rising sophomore at UC Berkeley, and I'll be graduating with a bachelor's of arts either in Economics or Business. I'm happy with the two subjects, and I plan to pursue careers within these fields post-grad (probably consulting, management, actuarial services, that sort of thing).

But just a few months ago I discovered a neat little subject called Industrial Engineering. I like what the program has to offer, but at this point in time, it's too late for me to try and switch majors (or double). I know a Bachelor's of Science in IE is necessary to get a job in the field or pursue an education in it at the graduate level.

So here's a question to those who've pursued or finished an engineering degree, and those who've pursued careers in engineering: if I were to take on an Accredited Associate's degree in Engineering during the first two years of my first job (probably the two years before I head off to business school), would I see any substantial increase in my earning/hiring potential?

I genuinely like the subject, so just learning something new is good enough for me, but I'd like to know what kinds of career opportunities I'd be opening up, if at all. I wouldn't be searching for a full-on engineering position, but I'd imagine there are some job positions in the Finance sector that would like to see people skilled in Econ/Business as well as IE.
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