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Reel Big Fish

Now... a topic that really matters...

I have done a search and not found a topic on the woder that is the RBF. They truly do deserve a topic of their own.

My favourite band of all times, musical and comic geniouses. Anyone who hasn't heard their stuff feel ashamed. I need only mention one of my personal favourite tracks "She has a girlfriend now" and you know you've been missing out.

I have seen them live and they are in fact in their element, theire live shows are exactly that, spectacles with improv, comedy and just assing around on stae. Their live album entiteled "Our Live Album is Better Than Your Live Album" which basically contains their greatest hits as recorded at their live shows also comes with a DVD of one of their performances and would be my most important desert island disk.

Who here loves the RBF, have you seen them live?
I quite liked Reel Big Fish maybe 10 years ago, when I was 15-16. That cover of Take on Me they did was great, my musical tastes have moved on since then though.
Haha, I would've never found out about Reel Big Fish if it hadn't been for my band. We played Sell Out as one of our football tunes, and it was an instant hit with everyone who listened and played it. One of my favorite songs by Reel Big Fish is Good Thing. We played this song after we had successfully made it to the finals of our state marching contest, and it was a "pump up" song that reminded us that no matter how we did in finals we were all together ^^. That song has a lot of good memories for me. I think the younger generation generally doesn't know Reel Big Fish since it is an older band and all that's on the radio nowadays is pop and rap =/
It sound very good band,I have not heard about them,maybe I will have a try to listen their music.
Man I have not heard about these guys for ages. I saw them live in concert when I was in year 11. I didnt even know that they were still around. I think I had the album "Turn the radio off" and my favorite song was one called scatanic or something like that. but yeah... that was my short interest in that sort of music. Smile
Woo im so happy to see a post about these guys! Me and my mates are RBF freaks, we love skanking to their music.

Its really good they are around coz unlike a lot (not all) of music these days it is actually musical not electronic or overly edited, you get what i mean =P

Fav song would probably cheer up, its so catchy
I definitely liked them back in the day. Are they still making albums?
I'm sorry, I LOVE this band. Honestly there is no word to describe them, except perhaps gnarly and maybe sexy. I have their discography which any fan should have... but sadly I've never been at one of their concerts, which I think I must do at some point in my life...
Yeah I liked them a long time ago too... haven't heard anything from them since though.
It seems most people are unaware of RBF's more recent work. Yes they're still arround, Yes they're still touring and Yes they're still making albums Very Happy. I saw them in concert recently and they were absolutely amazing.

The reason no-one hears about them these days is that they aren's as commercial as all the rubbish that's on the radio these days. No-one seems to be interested in really good musicians playing really good music, instead we have all this RnB where some guy more or less talks over a synthesised backing track which was written purely to sell records.

Anyone who hasn't heard RBF or hasn't heard them lately check out the album titled "Our Live Album is Better Than Your Live Album". Cocky yes but totally acurate. They play live better than in the studio, plus they are absolutely hilarious on stage. The album is basically their complete greatest hits but played live! The album comes with a DVD of one of their shows too!

Also worth noting, they have more recently released a new studio album entitled "Monkeys For Nothin' and the Chimps for Free" so why not check that out too Wink
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