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i have a pitbull and he is not angry at all?

whu is evrybody hating pitbulls.pibull will not be angry if the owner dose not make him angry...they are verycute poppies when they are playing wiht don;t think that pitbuls are bad okay!
Yes, I do agree that there is a big stigma with pit bulls... but it is the public that makes them out to be these big vicious animals. Looking at the way that pit bulls are portrayed by the media and the people that tend to buy them, it's only natural that it's going to be believed that pit bulls are mean dogs. I actually read an article on it yesterday, which only proved the point that pit bulls are good dogs that are just being portrayed in a certain light.

The image of the American pit bull terrier was once the smiling dog living in a shoe with Buster Brown, or the lovable pooch with the circle around one eye that used its powerful jaws to pull members of the "Little Rascals" from danger.

But today, many see the pit bull as something very different: As either the center of a rural, Southern white tradition of animal baiting, or the vicious devil dog snarling on the covers of rap CDs or mauling other dogs for big-time purses, as in the recent indictment of NFL star Michael Vick.

The article goes on to describe how the dogs are actually a good family friendly dog, that isn't really made to be this great fighting dog... it all comes down to how the dog is raised and portrayed.

Here's the article if you're interested.
As with most vicious domestic animals I think the real problem has been the owners and breeders.

An unacceptable number of Pit Bulls were, historically, bred and trained as fighting dogs. They're still one of the preferred breeds for the morons who continue to indulge in this so-called sport. As a result a high percentage of these dogs (in comparison to other breeds) have been owned by some of the worlds worst scumbags who have trained them to be vicious - and many of who have tried to breed more vicious characteristics into their 'best' dogs' descendants.

It was, I think, absolutely correct to identify the more dangerous lines and try to stop them from breeding - whether by neutering or euthanasia. Just as correct as trying to reduce the excessive risk of hip dysplasia in West Highland terriers and many other pedigrees. The difficulties in identifying particular lines in what was a largely underground breeding program would have been immense. It's difficult enough to correctly identify a true pit bull - let alone a specific animal's genealogy. Rather than waste time and money on quarantining and DNA testing thousands of suspect animals it was easier, quicker and far cheaper to label the whole pedigree and introduce laws that, to any reasonable dog owner, seem draconian.

In time, with selective breeding, and elimination of unwanted strains, the preferred behaviours and health characteristics will become more dominant and, hopefully, Pit Bulls might be removed from the dangerous dogs list.
yes i agree wiht you both! pitbull like to play very much they fill everything if the owner is crying or if the oener is angry.the owners when hit the pitbules pitbulls getscared and then they get angry and what ever the owners says that pitbulls do that!people don't have to blame pitblls!
I hate how people give animals bad reputations. My family has always said there's no such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners. It is the breeding, the training, the upbringing that influence the manurisms of a dog.

It's funny, I have a rottie mutt, definitely a lot of rottweiller personality, and every time we are outside with him, our neighbours across the road go inside.....?!?! (Wow run-on, AND Canadian spellings!) Anyways it's funny because he is the most harmless stupid dog you would ever meet, not some vicious bloodthirsty figment of someones dumb imagination.
As with all animals I know & have had experience with it is the owner that determines the action of the animal. Yes.. some breeds are more apt to be more of a problem then others, when it comes to training. But it is the owner that is the alpha and will determine the actions of the pet.

I think that the current laws that are being proposed about requiring fixing the animals are crazy. It is like most legislation.. Just window dressing that will "look good" to get votes. The owners that have "bad" dogs will not follow the law anyway. The only pets that you will control are the ones you want.
sabe wrote:
The owners that have "bad" dogs will not follow the law anyway. The only pets that you will control are the ones you want.

Excellent point. Most of the unwanted breeding programs will continue underground but the continuation of desirable characteristics will be stopped by those who are willing to obey badly thought out legislation.
Even the smallest, cutest breeds of dogs can be viscious without the right leadership. If fact these are most likely to be bad-tempered because they are in the main spoiled brats who have been forced to become the leader of the pack. I've got a Pommeranian and I get fed up with people telling me I must spoil her. To which I reply, no, she is a dog and I treat her as one.

The American Pitbull is a banned breed here in the UK, and I have to say, I agree with this. These dogs were bred for fighting, and unless they have owners who are able to care for them in the way they need, they can be a ticking timebomb. The majority of dogowners do not have the skills needed to look after them. Lets face it, very few dogs are given the disipline and excercise they need. Next time you're out, watch dogs being taken for a walk. Most of them are walking in front of the owner, and frequently are pulling on the lead. These dogs are in charge, they have been allowed by their owners to be the alphas in their pack. Get the picture?

I happen to agree with neutering. If fact all dogs which aren't being used for breeding should be neutered, and I'm sure all the animal shelters agree with this. Neutering is not only about controlling breeding, it also helps to take agression away. The dog is able to get on with enjoying being a dog without the need to look, and maybe fight, for a mate. Neutering makes a dog easier to handle.

Unfortunately, some people will always want a "macho" dog. Here in the UK, I've noticed there is an increasing number of British Bulldogs about, all wearing very macho types of harness.
pitball is very nice dog Wink
dolly983 wrote:
pitball is very nice dog Wink

Pitbulls are a very troubled dogs. They were bred to be fighters, killers. Pain only makes them more viscious. They are not in balance with the world around them, animals in the wild kill for food and defence. They don't fight for the love of it, because to do so would weaken the pack and the strengh of the pack is of the utmost importance.

These dogs need a special owner who can make them balanced.
Pibul, pitball and pitbul ownerrs shore do wuv dem dare animules.
What the hell is up with the mad spelling in this thread...? O.o?

I have had some experience with dogs in the local shelter. Of all the dogs I met, I can claim to have developed no definitive understanding of how breed effects the tendency to bite, but I can give some circumstantial observations:

1) Met at least 50 pitbulls, probably more like 80-90. Never bitten once, was very often threatened with haunches up and showing of teeth.

2) Met at least 50 chihuahuas, got bit about 30 times, total. (One little bastard got me about three times, all on his own.) Didn't give much warning before they went for it, either. Always went for the hands or face.

3) One co-worker got mauled (not too badly, but needed some stitches on her shoulder) by a collie. Collie was put down and tested for rabies -- no dice. It was just a bad dog.

Dogs, like people, really are influenced by how they're raised. The genes that determine instinct are there, but what we (and dogs) learn in the course of our development can override them with ease. That doesn't mean we should just forgive dogs with a history of attacking, however... it might not be their fault for being that way if they were raised to fight, but for the safety of their owners, neighbors, and other dogs, I believe euthanasia is justified if a dog commits a serious mauling, just as the death penalty is justified if a human commits murder.
I agree with almost all the messages posted thus far. I too believe that there are no truly bad dogs, but bad owners. It seems that these owners try to develop a viciousness within these dogs to provide them a certain image or street status. Bad owners making potentially bad dogs into truly bad dogs.

But on some level, I don't believe the dog is truly without fault. Due to ongoing breeding of a vicious strain, these dogs tend to be "ticking time bombs". This is not to say that they absolutely will blow up, but that they have the potential to. Problem is, when a chihuahua blows up, you may end up with some lacerations on your hand or face, but I've never heard of anyone dying from one. As long as people have the desire and mans to breed bad dogs, they will continue to do so. If there were no pitbulls in the world, they'd probably be breeding killer dobermans. A better solution would probably be to reduce the aggression in the owners. Then they wouldn't be so concerned about breeding dangerous animals.

Don't kill the dog, neuter the owners.
I would like to hear Micheal Vic's reply to this thread.
I find it very disturbing that they would hang them if they lost.
They are just strong and are bret to fight so it is no wonder people are afraid of them.
I agree. I love big dogs, and it always peeves me a bit when people assume that they are vicious and dangerous. One of my best friends in my youth had a large Rottweiller that was definitely unwieldy, but very friendly. She never attacked any friends or family, and my friend's little brother grew up from birth with this large dog in the house.

I've also known some Pit Bulls that thought they were cute little lap dogs - walking up and licking you all over, then trying to climb up on the couch to sit on you. In college I lived with a Doberman mix (they are sooo cute when they're ears are not clipped and they're allowed to be floppy), and she was a lovely, friendly, fun dog. We had three cats living in the house, and the only one that ever got injured was the dog. She loved the chase the cats around, but she never once bit at them... although the feisty kitten scratched up her nose several times.

Dogs may be bread for strength and ability, but their personality and their temperament still come down to the way that they are raised. Dogs that are raised for violence will be violent, and large breeds are far more likely to be raised in this way. After all, who is going to train a Chihuahua to be a guard dog? On the other hand, people often fear that big dogs will harm their small children... but is a chihuahua any less able to injure a small baby than a pitbull?

- Walkere
Some people aren't meant to own dogs. Period. In my opinion 99% of the times when a "bad" dog bites or turns vicious (and it can be ANY breed or size) the problem can be linked to the owner.

Punish the deed, not the breed.
my pitbull was more of a friendly red nose pitbull. i believe it was the cat that my mom got made him such a wimp. he doesnt bark at strangers and gets along with my friends who come over. im thinking of getting myself a blue nose pitbull to get that aggressive puppy/dog look.
i want a pitbull.. But i cant have any animal at all, becouse im alegisk.. heh i cant even spell it.. My grandmother have a dog.. Its not a pitbull but Wink
Pitbulls are great! I thought they are so Dangerous! Its extrange what your are saying but its ok!
I would like to have one.
neljx wrote:
Some people aren't meant to own dogs. Period. In my opinion 99% of the times when a "bad" dog bites or turns vicious (and it can be ANY breed or size) the problem can be linked to the owner.

Punish the deed, not the breed.

I totally agree! The only dogs that end up hurting people are the result of thier owners not taking care of them properly. It's a sad thing, becuase if certain dogs are getting bad reputations, that means there are alot of bad owers out there.
The only dogs that end up hurting people are the result of thier owners not taking care of them properly

I agree with this up to a point. While the majority of dog attacks are down to the owners, some are down to parents not educating their children and a very few are down to the dog themselves.

All parents should educate their children not to touch strange dogs, and to make sure their children know how to approach and pet dogs. I have a very cute Pommeranian which is constantly being being petted by people who don't ask permission. I also get parents who encourage their young children to pet, again without asking. I don't allow young children to pet her, this is for my dogs protection. Young children do not know how to handle small dogs. My dog loves people, but she doesn't like strangers putting their face near hers. This is intimidating for a dog, just as it is for us. My dog may respond with a single bark, others respond by biting. Does that sound familiar to you? Just think how children get bitten in face. Is this really the dogs fault?
I have had abuse from parents when I tell their young children not to touch.

Some breds are predisposed to biting. It's in their nature. The Pitbull is one such dog, as is the British Bulldog. The Corgi is well-known as an ankle-biter - as many workers at Buckingham Palace have discovered the painful way. A dog which has been bred for biting or fighting, is likely to bite. There are exceptions to this of course, but anyone who has one of these types of breeds must be aware of this and provide strong leadership.

I think one of the most important rules when getting a dog is not to get one with a higher energy-level than you.
Most dog owners do not provide a dog with what it needs, which is strong leadership and sufficiant excercise.

The other day a dog tried to get to mine, it got close enough to touch her. The owner was saying 'good boy' as he tried to pull it away. What sort of message is that sending to the dog?
The Michael Vick saga is going to increase the popularity of pitbull ownership
and dog fighting in general through out the thug nation.

Too bad he's not going to be an example of,
because of his money.
jwellsy wrote:
The Michael Vick saga is going to increase the popularity of pitbull ownership
and dog fighting in general through out the thug nation.

Too bad he's not going to be an example of,
because of his money.

Who is Michael Vick? I live in the Uk so I know mothing about this story.
Yes it may be the media. But I am suprised to see that not you don't see stories about a border collie all of a sudden turning on its owner and attacking them. With media trying to shock its viewers you would think they would try and post these type of stories more than the stereotypical pitbulls attacking the owner.

Just an opinion, but I think pitbulls are just naturally more agressive then other breeds of dogs. But I also believe with love and care that agressiveness can be controlled. So in the end, I agree with a lot of people in that, it comes down to the handler.
Studio Madcrow
Pitbulls ARE dangerous dogs. They were bred to kill stuff. That said, with proper training and a watchful owner, they CAN be decent dogs, but they require much more "care" than, say, a golden retriever, if you want to keep them non-violent.
Studio Madcrow wrote:
Pitbulls ARE dangerous dogs. They were bred to kill stuff. That said, with proper training and a watchful owner, they CAN be decent dogs, but they require much more "care" than, say, a golden retriever, if you want to keep them non-violent.

I don't think the majority of dog owners are able to give a pitbull the leadership it needs. I'm an experienced dog owner, I know the most important things to give any dog is leadership (disipline) and exercise, but I would never take on a pitbull, even if they were legal in the UK. A pitbull must never be allowed to get away with inapropiate behaviour, which means an owner has to be a leader 24 hours a day. Not many people are willing or able to give that sort of comitment.

These dogs are not evil, they are what people have made them. They are as much victims as the people they may attack.
The problem with pitbulls is the owner. They either don't spend enough time with it training it, or they are aggressive with it an it attacks.. Also people buy them to attack people so maybe that is how they get their reputation as guard dogs.
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