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Any other Sound and Lighting technitions out there?

Im a Sound and Lighting technition from all te theatres around the city i live in, i was wondering if anyone else here does something like this in theatre? It's quite a skill to have and always good to learn from those who know more than me about it, I must warn you though, im pretty knowledgable Wink

Haven't done much for a while now but I did sound and lighting for things starting college. Ended up being a stage manager for professional productions.

I intended to continue on during term time but I didn't get the job at uni. It was pretty oversubscribed and I didn't make the cut apparently.
What kind of system's were your lighting and sound running on?

What productions were you involved in as stage manager?
Ach, erm... it's been a while now so i can't remember the exact products.

Production was Taming of the Shrew and, as we were in a theatre, all the fixtures were prefitted and were just arrays and arrays of spots. The desk was a PC-based solution designed for naming and editting lighting changes between scenes as you'd expect from a theatre. Sound was just an analogue board that I didn't use most of since it was only used for incidental music.

Stuff at uni was a bit more flashy on both the lighting and sound front. And were aimed at DJ/band gigs rather than play performances. The combined rig had to be run off 3-core. I can't remember the model of the lighting desk (which is annoying me). It was designed to be portable so while it was PC-based it was all in a single enclosure board including a small monitor and the rest of the desk was embedded in a wheeled case. Lights themselves included a couple of MAC 550s, quite a lot of moving mirror fixtures (separate colour and gobo wheels), a strobe and spots.
The sound usually consisted of a 16 input(I think) mixing desk, and a bank of separate equaliser/compressor box. Speakers consisted of a set of two stacks of four speakers each. Sorry, can't remember the output.
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