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Monday Night RAW, 7/30/07

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Alright, since I have nothing better to do, I decided to start reviewing individual episodes of professional wrestling programs. I think this is actually a good night to start this out with.

Match #1: 6-Diva Tag Team Match
Beth Pheonix, Jillian Hall, and Melina vs. Maria w/ Santino Marella, Mickie James, and Women's Champion Candice Michelle
Highlights: Maria connects with her Running Bulldog to Melina. Melina and Pheonix use a double team Facecrusher on Maria.
Decision: Melina Wins against Maria by Pinfall
Aftermath: Santino Marella complains to the referee. Umaga comes down to the ring, and the annoyed referee starts a match between them.

Match #2: Singles Match
Santino Marella vs. Intercontinental Champion Umaga
Highlights: Umaga uses his signature unnamed move, where he drives his butt into the opponent's head in the corner. I've decided to name it the Running Hip Drive until a better name is made. Umaga uses a spinning side slam. Umage connects with his Samoan Spike.
Decision: Umaga Wins by Pinfall

Match #3: Singles Match
Khosrow Daivari vs. Cody Rhodes
Highlights: Despite Daivari's control in the early goings of the match, Cody gains momentum back starting with classic Rhode's style punches, a Running Bulldog, a Powerslam, and a DDT.
Decision: Cody Rhodes Wins by Pinfall

Match #4: Singles Match
Mr. Kennedy vs. Bobby Lashley
Highlights: Lashley dominates the match for the most part with some classic wrestling style, but Kennedy gets some major counters against Lashley's Dominator Powerslam, the Torture Rack Driver, or "Shock Treatment" as it's called on TNA, and the Spear. Kennedy kicks Lashley's shoulder into the steel steps. Kennedy continues to work on the shoulder. Lashley attempts another Spear, but it's countered by a knee to the shoulder.
Decision: Mr. Kennedy Wins by Pinfall
Aftermath: Lashley reportedly gets an injured shoulder.

Match #5: Singles Match
King Booker vs. Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler
Highlights: Lawler is looking better than ever as he controls Booker through the better part of the match with a series of punches. Booker gains some momentum with some kicks, enough to attempt a Scissors Kick, but Lawler counters. Lawler continues with his punches, and a deadly Elbow Drop. Jerry gets a nearfall. Booker gets more momentum, but refuses to break the ref's count in the corner.
Decision: Jerry "The King" Lawler Wins by Disqualification
Aftermath: Lawler attacks Booker on his way back to the ramp.

Match #6: Tag Team Match
Cryme Tyme: Chad and JTG vs. Scrubs John Mason and Brandon Catston
Highlights: Chad plows straight through Mason and Catston. Chad and JTG land a Double Team Samoan Drop and Neckbreaker.
Decision: JTG Wins against Brandon Catston by Pinfall
Aftermath: Cryme Tyme steals Catston's boots, and sells them to some fans.

Match #7: Singles Match
#1 Contender to the WWE Championship Randy Orton vs. Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter
Highlights: Orton dominates most of the match. Slaughter gets enough momentum to lock in the Cobra Clutch. Orton gets a ropebreak, and lands the RKO.
Decision: Randy Orton Wins by Pinfall
Aftermath: Orton kicks Slaughter in the head with the same Running Shin Kick that took out Shawn Micheals, Rob Van Dam, and Dusty Rhodes. Sgt. Slaughter is carried out on a stretcher. Orton stays at ringside for The Main Event.

The Main Event: Singles Match
Carlito vs. WWE Champion John Cena
Highlights: Cena noogies Carlito while keeping him in a headlock. Cena attempts to lock in the STFU, but it's countered. Momentum shifts back and forth, as Cena connects with a One Handed Bulldog, a Fisherman Suplex, an Over Throw Facecrusher, and a Spinout Powerbomb. Cena attempts the 5-Knuckle Shuffle, when Orton distracts him. Carlito connects with the Backstabber.
Decision: Carlito Wins by Pinfall
Aftermath: Carlito spits an apple into Cena's face.

Other news: Triple H is scheduled to return at Summerslam

Alright, that's my first review of a 2 hour show. Tommorrow, my next review will be of ECW. Read along if you want!
This was a good night. I'm a Raw fan. It was nice to see Booker lose, even though it was pin fall or submission. Smackdown was also good last night. MVP lost two times in a row to Matt Hardy!
i heard Vince McMahon coming back in next raw (06-08-07
I was gonna report on ECW, TNA and Smackdown!, but noone seemed to interested in this thread. If you want me to to report tonight, just say so.
I was interested, because I just happened to be out of town on the night of the Raw that you posted so I needed to know what happened, all though I usually will watch it. By the way, you can also get the results directly from For instance last night's Raw results are:


Results:Checkmate: Booker beats Lawler in battle of kings
By Corey Clayton
August 6, 2007

BUFFALO, N.Y. – At first, it didn’t look like a kingly battle between monarchs. It looked more like a Pier 6 brawl on Raw between WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler and King Booker, both fighting for the right to be crowned by the loser next week in the mecca of sports-entertainment, Madison Square Garden.

The Memphis legend’s famous powerful punches gave the six-time World Champion all he could handle. Unfortunately, Queen Sharmell proved to be a royal pain in Lawler’s neck, distracting The King long enough to allow Booker to deliver his patented Scissors Kick and score the crowning pinfall. Watch the video...

By stipulation, Lawler will have to swallow his pride and begrudgingly place a crown upon King Booker’s head in a Royal Coronation ceremony next Monday on Raw. Prior to the match, Booker again berated SummerSlam’s returning “King of Kings,” Triple H, as a pretender to the throne.

Also returning was WWE’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. McMahon, who made the night a memorable one. To Acting General Manager Jonathan Coachman’s dismay, Mr. McMahon ordered a company-wide Battle Royal to determine a new Raw commissioner, which was won by former WWE Commissioner William Regal.

Regal faked an injury to slip outside the ring early in the Battle Royal, then snuck in as Sandman thought he won the match and clobbered the ECW Original to earn the win. Mr. McMahon cold-comforted Coachman after the match by naming him Regal’s new Executive Assistant. Watch the video...

Throughout the night, Mr. McMahon launched tirades against the United States Congress, the media, his family members and WWE Superstars who showed no sympathy for the Chairman, who admitted to faking his own death months ago to see who really appreciated him. He swore to become a better man, and to reunite his family that had been splintered by the limo explosion.

McMahon’s psyche further splintered as he was informed that he was the subject of an Internal Revenue Service audit. Capping off the Chairman’s night of bad karma was news of a paternity suit against him, claiming that he sired an illegitimate child – another potential heir to the McMahon empire. Watch the video...

In other Raw action, Carlito invited WWE Champion John Cena into “Carlito’s Cabana” for an interview, but The Champ took over, making the show his own. After conducting an interview with himself and delivering a Letterman-esque Top 3 list, he pummeled the Caribbean Superstar who defeated him the week before and spit apple chunks in his face. Cena’s SummerSlam opponent, Randy Orton, chose the moment to try a sneak attack on The Champ, but Cena fended him off, then lifted Carlito up for the FU.

New Raw GM William Regal intervened and ordered Carlito and Orton to decide between themselves who would face Cena in Raw’s main event. But, since Regal didn’t specify it had to be them specifically, the cunning pair chose the Intercontinental Champion, Umaga, to face Cena in a non-title match, to the delight of the new GM.

During the match between the two champions, Orton and Carlito tried to attack Cena, but made the mistake of provoking the Samoan Bulldozer in the process, who threw the pair from the ring. GM Regal then announced that Carlito and Orton would face Cena and Umaga in an epic tag-team match on Raw next Monday at Madison Square Garden. Watch the video...

Regal’s other action for the evening was to re-create the popular American game show, The Dating Game, and live out his childhood dream to be a game show host. WWE Diva Maria had the opportunity to choose between “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Ron Simmons, and Santino Marella.

Despite Marella’s pleadings and coercion, Maria chose Simmons to the delight of the HSBC Arena crowd. Marella demanded that Maria come with him, but ran away scared when Umaga made his way to the ring for the next match.

Pop star wannabe Jillian Hall defeated Mickie James with an impressive show of power. But prior to her match, Jillian Hall mocked Raw ring announcer Lilian Garcia, who has a new album coming out this fall.

Despite the crowd’s pleas to hear Lilian preview a track from her CD, Jillian went on to give her ear-splitting rendition of a Britney Spears song, as Lilian winced in the corner of the ring. After Hall’s win, the pop star stared down the Raw ring announcer, who stared back uneasily from ringside.

Mr. Kennedy came to the ring to boast about his defeat of the Dominator, Bobby Lashley, who is undergoing surgery Tuesday on his injured shoulder. He claimed that Lashley could still hear “KENNEDYYYYYYY” ringing in his ears after the loss, and reiterated his claim that he should be the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship.

Continuing his path of rage Monday night, Raw’s deranged giant, Snitsky, defeated Rory McAllister of The Highlanders. In just under a minute, Snitsky pumphandle-slammed Rory to the mat and scored the pinfall.
Since this wasn't posted, I'll post it. Here is the ECW from 08/07/07:


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Fame is CM Punk’s… for now. One week after defeating both Tommy Dreamer and Elijah Burke in a Triple Threat Match for the opportunity, CM Punk not only lasted 15 minutes in John Morrison’s 15 Minutes of Fame challenge, but also managed to pin the ECW Champion. Morrison has withstood the Straightedge Superstar in two championship bouts already; is the third time a charm or a curse? (WATCH) Read more on this story…

Three wasn’t lucky for Stevie Richards, who fell victim to ECW’s top vampire enthusiast. As the ECW Original talked to Joey Styles and Tazz about his consecutive wins, he and his winning ways were cut short when Kevin Thorn attacked him in the locker room area. Thorn fled like a bat out of hell, leaving Richards in a sea of people trying to help him recover. (WATCH)

Richards wasn’t the only Superstar to experience a scary attack. Boogeyman kicked off ECW on Sci Fi with a quick victory. His celebration was even quicker, as Big Daddy V surprised the worm aficionado from behind, flattening the monster. Big Daddy V’s teacher, Matt Striker, looked on proudly as his pupil got revenge for being spooked by Boogeyman in the last few weeks. (WATCH)

The Miz extended his win streak to three when he pinned ECW Original Balls Mahoney. Despite his win in the ring, he might be feeling some loss in Kelly Kelly, who shared a moment with the Chair Swinging Freak. Has his luck run its course with Extreme Exposé?

In other ECW on Sci Fi action, Elijah Burke taught a lesson to ECW Original Tommy Dreamer, earning some redemption from being pinned in last week’s Triple Threat Match.

Be sure to keep up-to-date with Morrison and Punk’s rivalry for the gold and other developments with ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

I really hope that CM Punk becomes the ECW Champ!
I think Raw has been in a slump as of late. I was at the show 3 weeks (I think 3 weeks... it was arco) and it wasn't that great of the show. It was my first televised one I've been to. I still loved attending the live event, but the shows have been lacking as of late.
Kelcey wrote:
I think Raw has been in a slump as of late. I was at the show 3 weeks (I think 3 weeks... it was arco) and it wasn't that great of the show. It was my first televised one I've been to. I still loved attending the live event, but the shows have been lacking as of late.

I think last night's Raw was extremely good... I loved the WWE Idol (it was halarious) and Vince McMahon was funny... (like when he talked about how he had sex with a woman in every state, and when Jonathon Coachman asked him if that was all of his discretions he replied with, "From the seventies.")

The tag team match between Cena and Umaga vs. Carlito and Orton was all right. The best part was where Carlito tried the back breaker to Umaga and it didn't even faze him. That was halarious.

I think last night's episode was one of the best since the Attitude Era.
Monday Night Raw 8/14/07:


NEW YORK – Cody Rhodes continued to impress our fans and to make legendary papa proud in his Madison Square Garden debut Monday night on Raw. Competing in his first match ever at The Garden, where his father Dusty Rhodes had many classic battles, Cody took down one-half of The Self-Proclaimed World’s Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas.

It seems Jonathan Coachman’s threat three weeks ago to kick Cody off of Raw if he failed to win has lit a fire under the young gun. As Haas’ partner, Shelton Benjamin, watched from ringside, Rhodes showed glimpses of his father’s greatness as he was able to escape multiple near pinfalls. After getting caught in Haas’ grasp again with seemingly little hope of escape, Rhodes executed a flawless Reverse Cradle that flipped a stunned Haas onto his back for the three-count. After Cody’s victory, Haas’s tag-team partner Benjamin shot into the ring to exact a measure of revenge. However, young Rhodes thought better of tangling against the two and wisely shot through the ring ropes to fight another day. The future continues to look bright for the son of the son of a plumber.

Also on Raw, the night started off promising enough for Mr. McMahon despite the ongoing controversy raging over the paternity suit alleging that he sired an illegitimate child. He entered the ring surrounded by the seemingly warm glow of dozens of WWE Superstars, apparently there to show their support for the Chairman.

Unfortunately for Mr. McMahon’s his Kumbaya moment was short-lived. After thanking his Superstars for their encouragement, his daughter Stephanie climbed into the ring and brought family dysfunction to a new level. She announced the shocking revelation that her father’s illegitimate child is actually, that’s right, a WWE Superstar! (WATCH)

Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman immediately went into detective mode, quizzing Mr. McMahon about the dates and locations of his sexual indiscretions over the years in an attempt to narrow the field of potential offspring. Coachman assured the Chairman that he would use all the juicy details to uncover which Superstar was most likely the illegitimate child in time for Saturday Night’s Main Event. The answer couldn’t come soon enough. As Coachman scribbled notes, Mr. McMahon waxed nostalgic about his decades of sexual conquests. Unfortunately for the Chairman, his wife Linda walked up behind him as he unwittingly began to recount one sordid tale involving two “smokin’ hot” flight attendants. After Mr. McMahon turned to find his wife glaring at him, the Missus shook her head and promptly informed him that he no longer had a home. Ouch! Read the full story …

In other developments, WWE Champion John Cena was forced to share a corner with unlikely tag team partner Umaga to face off against the brash twosome of Randy Orton & Carlito. The WWE Champion, who will face Orton at SummerSlam, charged into the ring despite the numerous land mines that awaited him. With the Samoan Bulldozer (and frequent rival) as his partner, Cena knew that things could turn 3-on-1 ugly, and fast. But he managed to battle Orton and the Caribbean Stud for most of the match before just barely reaching Umaga for the tag. That’s when the Samoan terror entered the ring for maximum impact, manhandling both of his opponents by repeatedly slapping them down to the mat, eventually forcing Carlito into the crushing arms of the WWE Champion, who took glee in slamming the apple-spewing Superstar with an FU to end the match. Read the full story …

And in what was supposed to be King Booker’s crowning achievement, the night of his Royal Coronation, the egotistical monarch found himself cut down to size. After having defeated Jerry “The King” Lawler last week, Booker expected to have Lawler rest a crown atop his head. But it wasn’t meant to be. Instead, Lawler informed his bewildered opponent, and his equally confused wife, Queen Sharmell that Raw General Manager William Regal had arranged a match at SummerSlam between King Booker and the King of Kings, the returning Triple H. Read the SummerSlam preview ...

Enraged by this turn of events, the former World Champion took his considerable anger out on Lawler, pummeling the Memphis legend with a television monitor and leaving him crumpled on the floor to be attended to by medics.

In other Raw skirmishes, the oh-so-proud-of-himself Mr. Kennedy entered the ring and latched onto his trademark microphone to announce his arrival in his match against Sandman only to be stopped in mid-syllable by the strains of the ECW Original’s music. Sandman tested Kennedy, but had his hands full with the Green Bay, Wis. Grappler. Kennedy, brimming with confidence since sidelining the mighty Bobby Lashley, rattled Sandman’s jaw with a swift kick to the face, and ultimately rolled his opponent over for the three-count and the victory.

World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch took on their upstart rivals Cryme Tyme in a non-title match. The entrepreneurial duo from Brooklyn pumped up the hometown crowd, even auctioning off Lilian Garcia’s seat for $1,000. The two teams were equally matched until JTG and Shad were disqualified for grabbing the chair they had auctioned off to wield against their opponents in the ring to combat illegal double-teaming by the rednecks.

Meanwhile, Regal continued his love affair with television game shows, this week donning a tight, black shirt in honor of fellow Brit, Simon Cowell. Regal staged a version of WWE Idol, complete with guest judges Maria and the melodious Mick Foley. In honor of their location near Broadway, Diva Jillian Hall showered the capacity crowd with her cringe-worthy version of the classic “Memories.”

Then, WWE Hall of Famers Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik threw their respective hats in the ring with Volkoff crooning his native Russia’s national anthem. WWE announcer Lilian Garcia, whose new album debuts this fall, graced the audience with her rendition of hometown favorite “New York, New York” until she was interrupted by Santino Marella. The lovelorn Italian cut off Garcia so that he might serenade his lovely Maria with a butchered version of “That’s Amore.” It didn’t take long for Ron Simmons to strut onto the stage to silence Marella the hard way. This earned Simmons such gratitude from Regal that he was automatically named the winner of WWE Idol.

Snitsky, who made quick work of the Highlanders’ Rory McAllister last week, didn’t play any favorites on Monday night. The unpredictable giant disposed Rory’s cousin Robbie just as decisively in well under a minute. The yellow-toothed ogre has looked indestructible for months, and his victories over the formidable Highlanders only shows he is a true force to be reckoned with.
This thing is, I don't want to post show reports from the site. I want to make my own reports and post them up. If you want me to write more reports, I'll start a poll.
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