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My problem with making artwork...

Okay, I LOVE to draw, especially portraits in charcol of real people (or characters of movies, =P). But I also like drawing fantasy things, such as fairies, dragons, nymphes, mutated chickens... O_o... don't ask...

And I do really well when it comes to the actual DRAWING, but when it comes to coloring it, I pretty much bite the dust. Does anyone have any kind of tips out there that may help me? It would really help if I knew the best type of medium to use and how to use it...

Any advice?
I used to have the same problem as you (and I still have that problem with certain mediums). When I first started painting, I'd draw something on the canvas that would look almost perfect, but I just couldn't get the paint to look right. However, I just kept at it, because practice really does help. If you're into painting, acrylic is a great medium to use in order to practice adding color to a drawing. You can just paint over any area that you don't like, so it's very forgiving. You can't do that with chalks, charcoal, watercolor, colored pencils, etc.

If you want to try a less forgiving medium, I'd recommend scanning a drawing (if you have a scanner), printing out a few copies, and then coloring the print-outs. That way you can practice coloring without having to worry about ruining the original drawing. Try a bunch of methods, and see what works best for you!
That's actually a REALLY good idea. I honestly can't believe I've never thought of doing that before... Confused ... meh, oh well... Thanks again for the iddy about making copies!
I have the same problem.. Thanks ThornsOfSorrow of sharing this advice Wink maybe I will try it too..
haha; good for you compare to me as i cannot reach past that drawing!! haha; congrats, but ya i am sure you can probably find a tutorial for it out there online;

best wishes to you artist!!
Soft pastels work well, if you're accustomed to charcoal. If you work with quarter sheets or bigger, generally it's a pretty forgiving medium to learn about colors in. You can really rub in colors, and get those soft transitions...even if you make a mistake, then you can always try to scrape off some dust (it it's thick), or if it's a thin layer, you can try to go over it. Unless you're working light, I've found this to work pretty well.

I don't know if you want to go down the road of paint just yet. If you're having trouble with colors, go step by step. If you're used to drawing with pens, pencils, sticks, then it'll be easier to go to colored pencils or soft pastels rather than straight to acrylics. Whole different medium= pretty different rules. That said, it never hurts to try.
i love to draw too..
so usually i don't color i more or less shade things to make them look better =)
Don't let the drawing own you, show it who's boss.
what they ^^^^ said
Maybe search some Digital Art tutorials?
There are alot of them on tutorialized and pixel2life ... just pick good ones Smile

And if You willing to spend $25, You can buy one of those:

Realy nice, well made tutorials Smile

You can check previews and decide

ANd NO! I don't have nothing to do with this site, I just have some tutorials from there and I like them Smile
I always liked to shade everything in black and white first and then color over it, instead of just drawing outlines in and having to add color AND shading at the same time. That helps a lot, but you have to know which colors to use when doing the first layer of shading.
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