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Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Newerwinter Night's

Is this the best role playing games ever or not?
I think, that the best cRPG ever was Fallout series. Although, Baldurs series are for me on the second place Smile . There are great games, with good content and it quite good brings rules of AD&D to comuter games. I spend al lot of time plaing those games, and I finished all of them at least one time.
Isnt baldar morrowind or whatever?
That game was fantastic! My friend and I finished it for 5 days (Our first game in PS II) and it can be compared to RO (Ragnarok)... (e.g. Buying Weapons/Armors, etc.)

Try it... It's great.
Kitten Kong
mmm the good old days
those games bring back many flashback Razz
I have played Icewind Dale only and I think it's a very good game. I have also played Fallout 2 and Tactics and this series is awsome.
However I prefer action RPG or hack'n'slash, because I like lots of action Smile
Baldurs Gate is one of the finest story driven RPG's to be produced. Bioware will forever have my love because of it.

No game, short of the FF series, has given so you so much character developement, and the story line itself was just great.

BG2 followed on perfectly. It wasn;t as good as the first game (which was goddamn hard in parts).

The sad thing is that I can complete this game in one sitting now, and can draw the map with NPC Party members from memory Sad

That game got me through my childhood Smile
I was actually really disappointed by NWN 2.. the story seems really dull and predictable, the characters flat and boring.

I've not even finished Act II because of this, which is sad 'cause I waited for the game, checked previews and read through forums and even got myself a new graphics card to be able to play it..

Baldur's Gate is awesome though, as was much of the stuff for NWN.. too bad the sequel proved such a downer Sad
Certainly the Baldur's Gate series are by far the best western RPGs I have ever played.

Baldur's Gate one had a brilliant story and great characterisation... And not just Minsc and Boo...

The second game was just huge. You could wander around Amn for days always finding new side-quests and the like. Even cities like Impeial City in Oblivion didn't have as much going on as Amn did. The story wasn't quite as good as the first game, but it more than made up for it in longevity.

I never got round to playing Icewind Dale 1 + 2. They seem like good games, but I just don't find the prospect of playing with 6 player created characters as exhillerating.

One day I'll probably get round to NWN... I'll have to wait till I get a computer that can play games that aren't older than 6 years
Patriot Players
I only played Baldur's Gate 2, but wow, it was excellent. NWN single player was incredibly disappointing by comparison. I really loved the roleplaying ability and the general coolness of being in the DnD world in not quite 3d. Wish they would continue the BG series somehow, unparallelled fun.
i playd only NWN and i was dissapointed, i expected something better.
NWN was really really great! Amazing story.
those RPG's rock best games ever but of corse nothing is better then World of warcraft. i love rpg's ive been playing then all my life. later

I've really only played Neverwinter Nights (and its expansions) but I have to say the story leaves something to desire. Especially Hordes of the Underdark felt more like a fanmade campaign than an actual continuation of the previous story.

The thing that kept me going was the gameplay though. I loved the character development.
only played nwn and its expansions but i really liked it, its a great game. on the other hand nwn2 is less fun and a lot less exiting to play but i cant really explain why.
I've played Icewind Dale and I must say, that it was verry nice game Smile
I liked it and I think that it has "this thing" which makes You smile when playing Smile
I tried Baldurs Gate ... this same world and rules ... but I don't know ... Icewind Dale is more ... dynamic ? ...
I never tried Neverwinter nights but I herd that this is verry nice game to... but I don't think so that I'll verify those opinions - I don't have a time to play on my PC nowdays... If I want to play - I play on my PS2 Smile
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