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My WLM take 15 mins to connect ..

When I try to connect to my Hotmail adress with Window Live Messenger 8.0 it take over 15 minutes to connect and I can't find the reason !

It's like this since a month and before my WLM was taking less than one minute to connect and I didn't change anything/didn't download any scripts or add-ons, I really changed nothing. I got the same problem 1 or 2 years ago and it was because I had too many smileys (like 3000) but this time I have the default smileys.. I have WLM Plus with ~15 scripts, I don't think the scripts have something to do in this because I had them before. the ONLY setting I changed is my conversation storing.. Window Live Messenger Plus automaticly store all my conversation in a XHTML format and they are stored in a different folder, WLM Plus only load them if I ask for it.

Also, when it's connecting, "ashServ.exe" is taking 100% of my RAM so my computer become VERY slow. (Sometime Isass.exe do the same).

Versions Informations & Scripts

Messenger Plus! Live version :
Window Live Messenger version : 8.1 (8.1.0178.00)
Microsoft XP pack 2
1 GB of RAM

~15 scripts (less than 5 are actives)
~350 contacts
default smileys
default winks
defaults backgrounds
My computer is clean, no viruses, spywares, etc.
Processor : AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2800+


Computer Details
Google Utilities 1.1
Google Translator
Now Playing 1.3.0
Stickynotes 1.1.126

Answering Machine Plus
Convo Notifier
FileServer 1.1.2
Huhu Calc v1.0
Huhu Clone v1.1
Idle Security 1.1
Personal Message Chat
Plus Mapper 1.05
Quick Contact Adder
Readthis 2.02
RSSreader 1.2.0
SendTo 2.3
UNeed Script 1.2

...Finally, I have more scripts than I thought !

Thank you in advance!

P.S. Please don't tell me that MSN is shit and Gmail rock, I already know this, but I have ~350 contacts and some are very importants so I must use it.

The ashServ.exe is an on access process for Avast anti virus prog and will be using a lot of processing power when logging in. The other process you mention Isass.exe, is a virus!

Thats if you spelled it correctly. Lsass.exe is a Windows component to do with logon security where Isass.exe is a virus.

Try disabling your anti virus and log in again.
some antivirus like avast and kaspersky can cause ur CPU usage to spike up to 100%. when it does so, try to terminate them so that it won't lag ur comp, so ur msn would prolly login faster.
yeah sorry I mispelled it, it's lsass.exe and yes I have Avast, and on Avast, we have a special protection for instant messaging programs, is it really usefull? Can I disable it?

thank you for your answers!

EDIT: Ok, I disabled the instant messaging protection and now it's working fine but again my RAM is 100% used by Lsass.exe. After some test I figured that while my WLM was connecting, it was ashServ.exe who was using all my ram and when my WLM was connected, it was Lsass.exe. Now that the avast IM protection is off, Lsass.exe use all the ram after my connection and DURING my connection.. So the problem stay the same exept the connection time.
Use windows messenger, I know the feature's aren't all that great but WLM really is a resource hog. I've found windows messenger to be alot faster and more efficient for my instant messaging needs. MSN 7.5 was the best client released in my opinion. Also mass amount of contacts can cause slow connecting times as all the contacts have to be loaded. If you notice on a fresh new email account and you login to MSN it logs in fast because no contacts to load but soon as they build up it takes longer and longer. My advice to you is either use windows messenger or clear out some of the contacts that you do not speak to =)
Hmm even if I disable my firewall (Avast) Lsass.exe continue to take all my RAM DURING and AFTER that my wlm is connecting/connected.. I need to wait few minute after the connection because my PC lag a lot.
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