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Resident Evil 2 Problem, Help me

I am having a problem with the pc version of Resident Evil 2. The problem is that when I save the game and then try to load the game it does not load. The error message is no data ( or something like that ). I have searched the internet to see for a solution. I found out that many people were having this problem. There is no solution on the internet but I now know the causes of the problem. One reason is that with service pack 2 of windows xp the game saves do not work. The game works perfectly with windows 98 but I think windows 98 is outdated and I would not install windows 98 just to play Resident Evil 2.

Can anyone help me with it?
Have you tried No-Cd'ing the game? sometime this can solve minor problems like this its sometimes just a read error.

Try finding a No-Cd at
NOCD patch consists of "NOP'ing" the check. This is basically done via hex editing. From what i learnt there are many checks for it since it's a game based for Windows 98 it should be easy. You may find one on the internet already there but some people like to take the practical route and learn to do it themselves since once you know you can use in future reference for other games and such. I remember the first game i made a NOCD patch for, Micro Machines V3 Laughing such an old game but was fun to actually manipulate the software using hex editing. Well to "NOP" (No OPeration) you have to edit the byte's to 90.

being kicked off will finish later. =)
I am having the same problem. I installed the game from a winzip file. That means I don't need a NOCD patch. I don't know how to fix the problem yet I want to play the game since it is on of my favourites. Please someone help me.
You know, there's 3 or 4 really high-end Playstation emulators out there, and they run on more modern systems. If you have a "good" computer (anything that ran games after ~2002), you should be fine with Bleem, or Connectix VGS, or EPSXE, just to name a few. Or, if you have a PS2 or PS3, just buy the PS1 game. Apparently it also came out for the GameCube -- news to me, but apparently it's got some extra content or something.

My point is, getting an old Windows game like that up and running may be more trouble than it's worth.
thi post isnt about your problem jsut saw that you paly resident evil

i have bought resident evil [wii version] and .. well im not the bigest fan of horor games or movies. i have not evne passed the 1st lv. i get scared stiff palying resident evil. -.- Embarassed lol
There were a few scary moments in RE4 -- unexpected situations, or scary creatures appearing suddenly. There's also a lot of tension when you have low health/ammo and you don't know what's around the next corner. My favorite, though, had to be the first RE game I played, RE2 for PS1. The first time you're walking down a corridor, and you think the windows are just part of the scenery, and you think the hall is empty, and out of nowhere the window smashes out and a vicious zombie dog jumps in and attacks you! I jumped for that one, let me tell you.

All time scariest, though? System Shock 2. Same idea -- zombie-like creatures hiding in unexpected places, great spooky atmosphere... and it was so good I played until 7am one morning, and didn't hear my mom creep up behind me in her slippers to see why I was still up. I jumped completely out of my chair and fell over backwards. Heh, good times.
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