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i'm looking for a certain type of kitten..for cheap

me and my fiance want a kitten. well aparently it can't be as easy as picking up a free one like every body else does. he doesn't want to save a poor kitties life. he wants a cute fluffy 100$-800$ show type kitten Rolling Eyes either a light greyish or a white. well i was wondering if anyone knew where i could hopefully find one free or
even though it is cute that he sais he doesn't mind the price, the kitten will be apart of our familly,
i still want to find one that isn't going to cost us a body part..
For free?
Well, the reason there are poor little kittens to save 'for free', is just that. The cat hasn't got the same status
as for example the dog. They are let out in the wild to get by as good as they can, because there are owners
who doesn't care for the cats well-beeing, and they aren't worth anything anyhow, so why not just let them go?
In some contries it's the same thing with dogs.

I'm not saying you are one of them, but just reacting to that form of reasoning. A cat is a life, hopefully it
will be part of your family, and money shouldn't be an issue. Anyhow, there are many compromises aswell. Why
don't you get a cat from some helpfull samarian, and your fiance a fluffy one? They would surely become best
of friends. Very Happy

Also, either you pay 100$ for the cat or get it for free, there will be costs in the future. Vaccination, food, vet.-fees, etc.
Hope you find what you like out there, and are the best cat-owners there can be. Wink
Exactly what Idoru tells you but with this addition, the best place to find a cat that has all the nessecary stuff done, and are neutered (I hope) is the Shelter.

Most animal-shelters acctualy takes quite a high tool for their cats as they have big cost. And they still lose on it.

Try to convince your boyfriend that helping cats aren't that bad.

And there can be quite fine cats at animal-shelters. I know of one verry much showy type of cat that was in a shelter (and had a hard time finding a home as she had a dendency for quick mood changes, probably from here inbreeding... She now has a good home happly (Wink
If you want a great cat for free I know a couple of good options.

Ask an Amish family if they have any kittens that need a home.
Amish kids spend lots of time with their baby animals.

Kittens are pain in the butt to get through the kitten stage.
Adult cats make better pets.
Cateries will show a cat for a couple of years,
then breed it for a couple of years,
then neuter it and just keep it as a family member.
Sometimes you can adopt these neutered adult retired cats.
Just google for a breeds breeders.
Check out Main Coon and Norwegian Forrest Cat breeders.
If you live somewhere in the Miami Florida area, my cat is pregnant( Sad ) so in a few weeks I should know if theres a couple fluffy ones. Wink

I think its overall a bad idea to spend money on some expensive breed of cat. The cat has potential to turn out to be an ass after all, you could end up spending $800 on a furball from hell! Razz

I guess the same is true for adopting a free kitten, but at least you didn't spend a lot of money on it.
I would try and change your boyfriends mind and get a non-pedigree fluffy cat. It's not a good idea to get cheap pedigree animal as they can have problems. A good breeder will make sure their kittens are as healthy as possible. Someone who is just out to make a bit of money will breed indiscriminantly which can lead to health problems.

Another problem with expensive pedigrees is they get targeted by thieves.

You can get fluffy kittens from animal shelters, so I would suggest you persuade your boyfriend to visit some.
The big question is this: by getting a kitten at all, do you understand that you are responsible for paying the money to keep him healthy and happy? If you're wary about spending money to just purchase a cat, you should be sure you are not going to end up being wary about keeping up with vet costs and the like--some of which could end up costing you a "body part", but that is something that comes with owning and keeping care of a pet.

Owning a cat isn't cost-free, and some people don't seem to understand this--think of a cat as being like a ten to twenty year investment. This will include yearly vaccinations (some of which should be given anyways, even if it's an indoor cat), possibly spaying/neutering (since it is a kitten), among other things...and then the obvious stuff like food and litter.

My suggestion is that if you've seriously thought this over and have a good chunk of change to dedicate toward them, I really, really strongly advise that you check out the Humane Society, and think about the possibility of getting an older cat (ie., from a one year old to a thirteen year old...the further they are from kittens the less likely they are to be adopted, unfortunately.) My local Humane Society neuters/spays and microchips all pets that come through there, and there is never a shortage of awesome, lovey kittens and cats. And the good thing about older cats is that they're usually fixed and you don't have to worry (at least as much) about littler training.

Honestly, your best bet though is checking out the Humane Society. I'm sure your boyfriend will find a kitty he likes, even if it isn't a pedigree cat. Just keep in mind that you should have a financial padding for taking care of your new family addition, regardless of if it's old or young, you're going to have to spend money to keep your kitty healthy and happy--and honestly, that's all that really matters.
m00tmuffin wrote:
The big question is this: by getting a kitten at all, do you understand that you are responsible for paying the money to keep him healthy and happy?

Thank you!

I was reading a bit here, and got surprised (once again) on how lightly life can be taken. When it comes to
cats, it's almost like people think it's a right to keep one, totally free of responsibilities. Well, money is one of
the things you have to consider, as said is. Love, time and attention are a few others. I suppose it might be
high demands to put, since people even deny their own children the very same things, but still, life is not to take
for granted.
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