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making a good decision

I decided to quit smoking... it's 3:52 am
i smoked my last bong...
i think it's a good choice because i am starting to have trouble breathing sometimes and i think it could be asthma so........ no more smoking for me.
any advice on quitting?
Just keep trying. That's the number 1 for quitting...

It sounds like you've really decided that quitting is something that will benefit you. That is a very important step in quitting. It is hard to quit a habit when you're not very convinced that you need to quit. Sometimes it helps to think about when/why you smoke. If it is peer pressure or for stress relief or because you like having something in your mouth, etc., then you will have to also deal with those issues in addition to the quitting. For example, if you always smoke b/c a certain set of friends do, you'll have to approach them with the idea of hanging out with them without smoking or decide to spend more time with different people.

The best you can do is to remember where you are now and remember why you've decided to quit. And if you lapse and have a smoke, don't view yourself as a failure. Changing a habit is very hard. Instead, try to figure out what made you give in that time and see if there isn't a way that you can deal with that so it won't happen that way again. "Failures" are not failures; in fact they are necessary steps towards self-understanding for changing bad habits.

Good luck!
Thanks for the reply it makes a lot of sense.. I usually smoke because i feel like I need one or stress relief. It helps me deal with stress ya know?
Google for some pictures of smokers lungs, and compare that to non-smokers/healthy lungs. That alone is enough for me to never even touch a cigarette haha.

Good luck to you!
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