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reply ps3 thread - end of...

M productions dude w/e ur name is... i don't think u have read the spec for the ps3 or 360. In a pc just a processor alone can't run games and yes mgs4 has forfront of tech graphics but thats because its one of those games thats perfected, have huge bugets and teams of designers and programmers. I don't think you have even played Gears of War and witnessed the outstanding graphics, revolutionary gameplay, multiplayer... Its most probably still the most played game xbox live. Personally I think Gears of war has better graphics than mgs4.

In terms of tech and grahics yeah its got a better processor (i mean better as it has a better clock speed) but not really as its extremly hard to develop for.

Its not like I haven't played a ps3 my mates dad bought one on launch and yes. it lagged like hell playing motorstorm.

I'm not saying the ps3 is crap just that of the original post that now the ps3 has launched its not going very well. This is becuase there are no real titles that are exclusive to the ps3 to make it worth spendig alot more money for. This is becuase the ps3 is alot harder to develop for that makes it more expensive to devlop games for the the platform.

Developers aren't going to go bust devloping a game for a unpopular console having to spend alot more money devloping it sacrificing the games buget, and then bringing out a game which won't sell for that very reason!!!

just admit it u ain't touched a 360!
i think a wrong post

there already are sticky topics about the new gen consoles
huh? - i was relping to a post in a thread which is locked and now deleted... well it wasn't when I started writting it but well since I only really post on this fourm for free hosting and missing out on 5 Frih$ and 10 minutes of my time is kind of annoying.
Firtst, this thread will be locked and deleted, just as the other one, best never to make replys to deleted post, you could have just PMed me.

The point is Your wrong, on many points in your post.
1) I have messed with a 360, and HAVE played gears of war. And I love that game, its great..
2)Your mates dad bought one at launch and Motorstorm laged? FIRST Motorstorm didnt come out at launch.. 2nd, the only part of motorstorm that was out was the demo, hints, it was a IN THE WORKS demo, 3rd.. I had the same demo, it dosnt lag, I have the game, it dosnt lag.
3) I guess you dont know much about computers. No, the processor alone cant just "run" a game, but once you have everything else in (which is about the same as the 360, (Oh. and did you know the 360 can only go to 1080i the ps3 can go to 1080p) The fact that the ps3 has a Cell processor is what makes it insane, do you even know what that can do....? I think not. Check this article out (it is rather old, but I like this one (just google ps3 vs xbox 360 if you want new ones, and they all say the same thing pretty much) Here

The cell processor and a lot of the other hardware the ps3 using is VERY VERY VERY new to devlopers and its going to take some time to get it working to what it really can do, dont forgot, the 360 has been out for over a 2 years now, and was just an UP of the xbox, the ps3 is totally new. maybe you should do some research yourself. and give the ps3 as long as the xbox 360 has had up till this point.
Was wondering where that thread went. Came home to read some responses after work and I couldn't find it.

Must have gotten nasty in the past day when I didn't read it...
Packfan104L4 wrote:
Was wondering where that thread went. Came home to read some responses after work and I couldn't find it.

Must have gotten nasty in the past day when I didn't read it...

maybe, or it got delete cuase this full thing is kinda stupid.. noone will ever agree.. even with facts being right there. cuase someone will always shift it to the "opinons" aka the games, which make part of the system.. so pffff. it gets old.
I don't know which thread was locked and deleted, but if it was locked, then it was locked for a reason. Opening a new thread on a locked topic is against the rules, and if you do it again, you will get an official warning.

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