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Your Beauty Tips

Ok, I thought I would make this thread for you guys to share your beauty secrets :p

Here's a few of mine:

- To improve your complexion invest in a good exfoliator that can be used both morning and night, a good product I've started using is "Clearasil Ultra - Deep pore treatment scrub" however if you have more sensitive skin you might go for something with less of an abrasion, they do have other scrubs for sensitive skin Smile
When you use the product, wet your face and apply the product in gentle circular motions, this might sound strange but you can also use a soft toothpaste (be very careful not to be too rough to your skin)

- Moisturise regularly, if you have spots that have gone dark, a moisturiser with Vitamin E could possibly help, invest in a good moisturiser that doesn't leave your face feeling oily and greasy. I use "Nivea Visage - Light daily moisture cream"

- Another good product I've been using recently is "Loreal True Match" foundation, before I found foundations a pain, naturally I'm quite pale with a slight tan, if I brought a foundation it would always leave my face looking a different colour to the rest of me (usually orange Mad ) even the lightest shade but the Ivory didn't.

It easily blends and evens the skin and one squirt of the dispenser is more than enough for the entire face, it's not sticky like some liquid foundations are, I've been used to using matte mousses and this was my last attempt at trying a find a foundation, it was actually my boyfriend that picked it so he'll be coming with me more often (much to his delight Twisted Evil) Once done dust with a translucent powder to set.

- If you suffer from dry skin then Bodyshops body butters are fantastic, they have a range of different fruity butters that smell good enough to eat, I've tried the mango, this time it was a choice between the papaya or passion fruit, I went with passion fruit and I just love it, it's not even a chore to moisturise now.

These products work perfect for me, but don't go out buying them based on my reviews alone, sadly not all products are suitable for everybody, and can be expensive.
Nice and shiny hair
When you are washing your hair in the shower, and have got out all the smapoo/balsam of your hair, rinse it in about 25 sek. with cold water. It will make it shiny and nice! Very Happy

Better skin
If you want better skin, you can take a face-mask twice a week. Don't bye wery cheep stuff, I really like "Garniers" face-masks. I recomend them. Smile

Stop eating no-food.
If you have skin that is sensitive and greasy and full of spots, the one big thing you need to do, is to stop eating NO-FOOD. Lots of sugar, soda, fast-food, chips etc. etc...
Thanks for those tips Molle, I'll be sure to try them out Smile
Umm... care to up some pics of your faces?
Victoria's Secret Garden Body Scrub- I bought it recently, and at first I thought it was ridiculous to use sucrose (table sugar) in your body scrub, but it TOTALLY works. My skin is feeling and looking way better. Just becareful not to use it all over on sensitive skin, it's still a scrup and should be used on places that tend to get especially dry. Follow up with their body butter. It's heavenly.

As far as face things go, I don't have too many tips as my skin is pretty naturally even as long as a remember to rinse with clear water once a day. But from my friends love proactiv and bare minerals. As far as my choice of foundation goes, I love Covergirl's dream matte mousse stuff. It works beautifully. But it's pretty heavy in the summer. Alowyn what powder do you use, I've been looking for something for the summer.

Sharp razor. Trust me, I always forget to replace mine and its bad. Razz

Hair- DON'T GO TO SLEEP WITH CHLORINE IN YOUR HAIR. Sorry, it's obvious, but I just had to get that out there. Baaaaaddd experience. I love Garnier Fructis and Pantene Pro-V. Pantene is really great because it has clear labels for just about EVERY kind of hair.

As far as makeup goes- well, I'm sure we've all watched enough makeover shows. Razz
brilliantbeauty wrote:
Alowyn what powder do you use, I've been looking for something for the summer.

Personally, I've been trying out a number of different powders lately because I've been on a bit of a budget, the current one I've been using is "2true - Smooth Matte Pressed Powder" in Shade No. 2, I also have it in Shade No. 1 which I found is a bit darker and I found it gave my skin a yellowy "tinge" (not a good look)

For summer I would recommend a light powder to remove sheen, you wont want a heavy powder in hot weather because you'll perspire and feel like your overheating.

I've also tried "Rimmel Stay Matte Press Powder" in transparent, which was also pretty good but slightly more expensive Smile
thanks for all the tips
Thanks for all of these beauty tips.

I've used that Victoria's Secret body scrub and it feels wonderful afterwards. *_*
Bad breath is caused by bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria like warm, dark places. So they often hang out in your mouth, and that's why it's worse in the morning because your mouth has been closed for so long. Try to avoid this by falling to sleep with your mouth open. Also drink lots of water. Water helps your mouth produce saliva. Saliva cleans your mouth and therefore, you'll have less bacteria. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. It's better to have two toothbrushes, though, one for morning and one for night, so they have time to dry out (remember, bacteria like wet places). Floss at least once a day. And mouthwash (We recommend Listerine) is great, too, if you can.

go here for more tips and tricks:
Facewash: I use Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser. It doesn't get rid of pimples, but it keeps new ones from popping up. it's the best cleanser I've ever used. it smells good, and it cools your skin when you put it on. Angel

Shampoo: I use SunSilk ThermaShine. It really makes your hair pretty! Very Happy (Rinse with warm water.)

Conditioner: Anything Pantene is good for me. (rinse with cold water)

I hope this helps some of you!
Moisturize your skin daily.
try using a sheer pink color .
Always be happy and do not take tension.just eat healthy will be as young as you were before.
I like the advice about exfoliation. But is it healthy to do it often? Our skin keeps away bacteria etc from our body also. If the skin gets too think due to exfoliation wouldn't we get more susceptible for infections?
Try to avoid this by falling to sleep with the oral cavity area open, Also drink plenty of water, Water helps the oral cavity area produce saliva, Saliva cleans the oral cavity area and therefore, you'll have less bacteria, Brush your teeth at least twice a day....
My tip: Sleep every night 8 hours.
i think beauty is what we have already, using cream,etc wont make anyone
beautiful rather way s/he talk, walk, behave, speak, etc makes them/us beauty.
i thought following are the beauty tips from my side:

-avoid over makeups
-speak politely
-walk smoothly, simply.
-avoid copying others activities of being beautiful

these are some but there are many which i dont know either.

i dont think having external products on our face, body will make us
beauty but if we use then we can be but what if our face looks like on
morning/ wake up time.
we may look horrible with our make up.

beauty is what we have already, and we just need to improve our manner
Can anyone give simple tips for clean face? my face is bad..... Sad
jajarvin wrote:
My tip: Sleep every night 8 hours.

I try to follow this....... Razz
1- Use plenty of water which will make your skin fresh
2- Take a glass of milk every night, it will make your skin fairer
3- Use natural cleansers to clean your skin. Milk is the best of all. Soak cotton in cow's raw milk and cleanse your face
4- use fruit and vegetable salad at lunch instead of eating a high calorie food. It will reduce your wrinkles and eye circles
5- use natural scrubs at home for your face and body. For face, dry few orange peels and grind them add a little milk or rose water to it and use it as a scrub. For body use gram powder and milk paste
6- For hair & nails take high protien diet
For Fresh skin always try to Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Salmon and foods rich in omega 3 make a positive impact.
Always Keep your skin clean and moisturize dry is very important to moisturizing dry skin twice a day and overnight.One very important thing use honey massage for dry skin.With honey massage skin become very soft and fresh.
For oily skin use toner or natural fruit acids.
Drink water to clean out toxins.
Exercise very important to shed stress hormones and improve circulation.
Don’t smoke and stay away from smoking.
Very important good sleep every day about eight hours.
Smile and you will look younger and prettier.
Avoid lot of make ups and chemicals
Always think posiive
My hair puts up with a lot between the never-ending cycle of highlights, glazes and daily styling. Everyone knows regular deep conditioning is essential, but what I didn't know was the supreme importance of a using a heat-styling protectant. Whether you use blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron or all three, you need a protective coating on your strands to help your hair cope with all that heat - especially if you also color it. I use Ciment Thermique by Kerastase and just a couple of drops of Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum (which not only protects and nourishes, it also helps with frizz, adds shine and smells delicious). My hair is healthier and styling is easier.
These days due to pollution many people mostly girls have skin problems and they are worried about their skin problems. I want to share some natural food which are good for skin beauty and have no side effect on health. I hope you will like. There are some natural foods for skin’s beauty.
• Almonds
• Carrots
• Tomatoes
• Spinach
• Fruits
You can also apply Elovera as a sun blocker during travel it is very beneficial for skin care in every environment.
Great post and replies
Water is the main thing to keep the beauty freash
There are some beauty tips.
1. Drink plenty of water that hydrate your skin and keep fresh.
2. Consume nutritious diet.
3. Better sleep
4. Remove whole makeup before going to bed.
5. Apply homemade natural face pack or mask on face like Honey, Aloe vera, Egg, yogurt
6. Always use quality products.
Beauty comes from the heart. If you have a beautiful heart, you will have a beautiful face. How can you have a beautiful heart?
"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" (Jeremiah 17:9)
Only God can change you, and He is just waiting for you to ask Him to do it. He says,
"A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh." (Ezekiel 36:26)
Then, people will love you for who you are and not for your beautiful makeup.
i did not use any special thing for my skin.My skin naturally is clean and shiny.
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