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How have the recent floods in the UK effected you?

Many people here in the UK have been effected by the flooding over tha past few weeks. The flooding has caused widespread disruption and damaged both homes and businesses. How have the floods effected you?
I live in South Wales and we have been lucky.

Allthough we've had plenty of rain (lots) apart from a little flooding on low level fields and things I believe there has been no major floods.

I feel for those who have lost a lot and it begs the question about where we allow houses to be built.

If local authorities are going to give planning permission for housing development on flood planes then they should underwrite the insurance cover.

All you who have been affected, take care.
Personally, it has not affected me at all (since I live in the U.S.) but last year, my city had some really really bad flooding (to the point where people were just rowing down the streets in their little row boats.) I live in a desert, so it was a huge shock to my city and a LOT of damage was done, since we are just not prepared for that sort of thing.

I can only feel for the people in the UK with those floods and hope that they stop soon and everything works out okay.
I live in north Oxfordshire, near the Cotswold Hills. My village is on higher ground so we haven't been affected too badly; but several villages in the area have been hit pretty bad. The next village to us was flooded and another about 8 miles away was under 3 feet (almost a metre) of water.

The High Street in my local town was under water as both the river and the canal that run through the town burst their banks. The sports centre, bus station and several other places were closed due to flooding.

I've got a stable yard about 7 miles from where I live and on 1 day the road was impassable. The neighbouring fields were lakes.

Areas slightly to the west of us were hit worse, though, as the rivers there are bigger than the 1 here.
I live in New Zealand, Im english i moved from England about 3 years ago. The floods in the UK have made the News here so they must be pretty serious.

I know some people that have been affected by the floods but i don't know any of the unfortunate people that have lost their homes and possesions.

Although I haven't been affected directly, my housemate's family are all from the Forest of Dean, but luckily are not any more soggy than they should be - the beauty (or luck?!) of living closer to the top of a hill than the bottom...

There's a lot of discussion in the regional papers about these "new" floods getting a lot more press than the floods in Hull and Yorkshire etc a few weeks back - the Manchester metro is even claiming there's a north-south divide heh! I personally think the reporting has been quite even-handed, anyone else think so?

On a lighter note, thanks to the floods I know that Tewkesbury exists and whereabouts in the country it's located. I'll also be stockpiling peas Very Happy

(did anyone read about that - there's going to be a national pea shortage apparently, because a third of this years crop is under water! You couldn't make it up...)

Severn Stoke was badly hit. The nearby farmers fields were totally ruined and now they're all boggy.
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