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Which is better Xbox or PC

What is better the xbox or the pc. Both are nice in hardware and both have reat games, but whic his better? I my opinion the PC id much better than the xbos in first person shooter games like Counter Strike. The Xbox did have a Counter Strike game, but it was not good due to the fact that the mouse was need to really pay the game. Other shooter include Doom 3 which the PC version does nicely. But the Xbox version has nice featurs like Xbox live and Co op mode.
The Xbox beat the PC in my opinion in rpg games. It is much better the lay back on a couch and play an rpg. It easier to play to my with the controler like an console game, because the buttons are not so spread out like in a keyboard. But he PC does have some nice Mass Mulitiplayer Online games like World of Warcraft. Though the Xbox has the capiblity to play MMORPGS, no games so far has manage to do this.
This is a major issue which is better. Is the Xbox better than the PC or the PC better than the Xbox? THis is pretty hard.
hmm this is like trying to compare an air balloon and a spacecraft
both take ppl into the air, but its still hard to say which is better Razz
Sure PC is better! It has much more functions than an Xbox
I think that XBOX is like a computer made up for gaming purpose...
So we are talking about 2 different computers, one for multi purpose and one for games(XBOX).
your pc must be in tears by now!!! Exclamation
how can you ask something like that?! Confused Shocked
1)PC can always be updated with new Hardware and get much better without spending alot of money.
2)PC can do much more things than X box!

Idea GO PC GO PC!!!
well xbox is a video game station based on a 'normal' computer ...
i think a computer is better... but just because i dont play video games very often...

but as allready was said... u can't compare them like a mac and a pc...
Pc can use winamp,can xbox?? Razz Wink
You have to sometimes think why MMORPGs like World of Warcraft can only be on PCs and (maybe) not XboX. One of the many reasons why is because PC has spread out buttons and more controls.

I say.. PC can kill ANY consoles because you can costomized your computer to the max and make it the 'Dream' system which you can play whatever you want on it. Though, games like Halo will not be able to be enjoyed through PC as much. I find it much better through the XboX than the PC.
The PC is 10 times better than the Xbox and the PS2 and the GameCube. You can do so much with the PC that you can't with the Xbox. Like for one, you can modify your games if you know how to hack them on a PC, but you can't on a Xbox.

There is just no caparison between them. PC is the best. And hell, you can't type on a Xbox!
hummm, PC or XBOX...

I rather enjoy playing Halo and Max Pynn on XBOX. I love xbox for games as my computer is too slow to even start them. However can you have Photoshop or Flash on the XBOX?

conclusion, I love XBOX for games, hate it because that all you do on it. Love my PC for work, hate it because i can't play bloody games on it. So yeah.


I like PC more then XBOX as PC with good H/W and 21' Monitor can be a better exprience and you can aleays upgrade your H/W mostly the graphic card and RAM.

PC also is better for Network Gaming.

I like the keybord better then the console control.
thats not really a comparison...
PC by far .. for $199 u can get a PC twice/three times as fast as Xbox, and run all ur favorite games, and do ANYTHING, Xbox is a closed system, pc is not.
I'm not much into gaming, but I would say that PCs are better as you can do far much more than what you can probably do on an XBox, like how many people before me have mentioned.

I heard somewhere that Microsoft designed the XBox to be like a PC but disguised for games, it runs on like a Pentium 3 733MHz chip. Confused Not too sure on that. Oh heh, I also heard somewhere that you have to buy a separate DVD-ROM drive for the XBox if you want to watch DVD's, although XBox games are on DVD's. Not too sure on that either lol. Confused

Just my 2 cents.

Just wanted to mention that I don't have an XBox, I heard both of the things above from an episode I seen once of a show called The Computer Chronicles.

- Mike.
A PC can only be as good or better for games as an XBOX as long as you willing to spend money on the hardware to make it that good.

granted XBox's are what best part of 3-4 times cheaper than most pc's now adays but if you spend more money on a pc you WILL get better than an XBox.
which PC/X-box it is really not possible to compare the 2 but in my opion games wise there pretty close appart from foot ball games ie pro evo xbox kicks ass bt overall pc rules!!
If XBOX can help me make a website, i'll throw my precious PC and start using Xbox. You can't compare the two dude. Wink
Apples are red. Cashews are nuts.

PC's and Xbox's are different. Menaing they are designed for different things. From a gaming point of view Xbox's are better for the general public. They are cheaper and not to mention, standardized.

There is a forum for gaming and game discussion. Perhaps if a mod reads this he/she will transfer it to the correct destination.
he is asking with respect to gaming guys..

I beleive for Gaming XBOX is the best. An ordinary home PC can never give you the entertainment you get when plying the same game on XBOX.

Are manufacturers of xbox fools to run a company selling gaming boxes when PC's are there...!

anyway... I LOVE MY XBOX when gaming comes ..!
Well it all depends on your main focus.... for games??

If you keep your computer up to date in all the lates hardware, the PC will generally give you far more graphics quality, but at a very high cost, (graphic cards, lots of DDR2 RAM, high end processor, good monitor, etc)

And with the Xbox, you don't have to invest that much after you get it, and you get a fair to great quality in all of their games, without having to worry about constant hardware upgrades (at least not for a couple of years)

So I think that if you are on a budget, you should go for the XBOX

PC is the best..u can upgrade it...u can do many more things on PC..
xbox is better because you can put linux on it and make it a computer and an xbox, but now xbox 260 is cool too
Sure the PC.

Otherwise I can't download xbox games Razz
In my opion a pc is the better hardware compared to an xbox, a pc u can modd, build more into. A xbox not (well not that easy) also if u got a more powerfull pc then the xbox hardware, then u even can emulate a xbox with its games on the pc, (as if it is a Xbox). You also can do the opposite and hack the o/s of the xbox and let it run windows xp but still then ur stuck with it's capibilities and hardware ! Wink

ive played xbox before at friends house, and i hated the whole controler thing... im way to used to a mouse n keyboard Wink also, i watched him play some live, he gets into a game and you instantly hear what sounds like the voices of a bunch of 5 year olds whos mommies bought them the game and are being total idiots and suck... all of them pretty much....

not my idea of fun online play Wink i dont mind sucky players.. as long as i dont need to listen to em Wink

also as he was playing there was these two players that team killed like 20 people each without being kicked, and were trying to kill my friend... so my friend head shot him, and then got kicked... for 1 team kill.... wheres the fairness in that? huh?
pc.. of course. Without pc.. Microsoft will be pointless to be around. AND without Microsoft, NO XBOX! lol.. Pc.. is the most important.

WEll.. Generally, pc is a great function of functions.
PC is a LOT better compared to xbox heres why:

1. PC is more flexible.. (as long as you have cash u can update every time a new card comes out).

2. PC provides not only gaming but as well as other multimedia.

3. You can customize ur pc like no other (as long as u know wat u r doing..)

4. PC offers a wide range of utilities and programs.

5. You can do anything with a pc even play console games....

6. You cant join frihost with an xbox.. Very Happy
i like pc cause you can do everything...from a pc,games,office works Rolling Eyes
geeee XBOX of course!!!! Have you ever tried Juiced on both platforms? XBOX is much better!!!
just starting... Any game runs without an upgrade... it runs smoothly any game, not the case of an ordinary pc game... I'm only sad because of xbox live... In portugal it doesn't have it... but with a pc program I can play xbox online... but it's not the same.... anyway... I never liked to have a console... but when I got xbox, I gave up getting games for my old pc....
I think this is a rather silly question, in my opinion. The PC shouldn't be compared to a gaming platform. XBox is just that, a gaming platform. Consols have yet to cross over into the "I can't tell if it's a consol or a PC" area yet.

Although, soon it will happen with the upcoming XBox 360, and the Playstation 3. Then, maybe, you might be able to compare the PC to such things. Other than that, if you really want me to compare the two, I would have to say PC Hands down.

Do I really have to say why? It shouldn be obvious, my opinion, silly question. Interesting enought to catch my attention though, bravo.
Xbox can only play games and a computer can do alot more.
i think this whole thread is kinda ironic considering the xbox is essentially a pc... x86 intel PIII processor...
the only reason xbox would be preferable is....... cause sometimes games don't come out for pc for a couple months? idk...
xbox never seemed really like a console to me... if i remeber it uses a modded Direct x version, >cough< windows... Rolling Eyes
i think xbox is better but on the pc you can type and alot more than doing games
i think it is a really difficult question to ask whats better. They are different machines with their own good and bad sides. I like the fact that a console like an xbox can just play a game when you insert the dvd. No problems with hardware compability, or virusses. If you buy a game for the xbox, you know that you can play it with the hardware that's inside. With a computer it is always the question how it will run, or if you have to buy yet another new videocard etc.
The positive side of a pc for gaming is that you have a mouse and keyboard, which is much better for first person shooters and communications
computer is always better. Computer games are better because of more diversity and the fact that you can mod them, basically make a new sort of gameplay, with most PC games.

There is also a myth that with computer gaming you have to always upgrade your computer. This is totally untrue. Sure computer games will be graphically better if you upgrade it every year, but you don't have to! If you baught a good computer now (a spend of 1 grand or more), you can play it stable for 4 years for all games, and for most games 5 years! Notice that the minimum requirements for most current games is always something like a 1GHz and a GF2? Sure you wont be able to play those games with full graphics and such, but you will be able to play them with the same graphics the GF2 can handle. The same thing with an xbox, you will only be able to play games with the same graphics the xbox could have always been able to handle. Albeit, unlike an x-box, PC can be upgraded to better graphics if you want. Also you can do so much more with games, hell I recently stopped playing diablo2, a grame released a long long time ago. The reason I played it up to now is the ability to mod the hell out of the game. You can literally expand the game giving it new gameplay! New graphics, characters, quests, worlds. With xbox games, you're stuck with what you get!
PC's for sure! Very Happy
af169 wrote:

The Xbox beat the PC in my opinion in rpg games. It is much better the lay back on a couch and play an rpg. It easier to play to my with the controler like an console game, because the buttons are not so spread out like in a keyboard. But he PC does have some nice Mass Mulitiplayer Online games like World of Warcraft. Though the Xbox has the capiblity to play MMORPGS, no games so far has manage to do this.

Now other than the sitting back part that is all a lie.Every worth while RPG you can get on the Xbox is better on the computer.Fable,Morrowind,and KOTOR are probably the three only good(if not only) RPG's for the Xbox and they are all for the PC.
Almost every worthwhile game for the Xbox can be found on the PC or another console.
That is why I never liked the Xbox,and still don't.
The PC totally pwns the Xbox in almost every way possible.
martian wrote:
Pc can use winamp,can xbox?? Razz Wink

Actually, I can run Winamp on my XBOX. I can boot linux and winamp under WINE. My xbox is also accessible via the internet when I boot it to Linux...

pacslim wrote:
In my opion a pc is the better hardware compared to an xbox, a pc u can modd, build more into. A xbox not (well not that easy) also if u got a more powerfull pc then the xbox hardware, then u even can emulate a xbox with its games on the pc, (as if it is a Xbox). You also can do the opposite and hack the o/s of the xbox and let it run windows xp but still then ur stuck with it's capibilities and hardware ! Wink

I have tried a few times to get Windows XP running on my xbox. I have made it run Windows CE though. The XBOX is actually a PC. It has celeron processor, hard drive, RAM and USB ports. I have spliced a USB connector into controller port 1 so when I boot Linux I can plug my USB keyboard into it. controller port 1 doubles as not only a controller port but also a standard USB port.

This thread has gottne kind of silly with people detailing why PC is better or XBOX is better. They are different. Although the XBOX is a PC, a PC is not an XBOX! If yuou want a discussion about which is better frame the question better.

Which is a better gaming platform, XBOX or PC? This would produce a much better discussion.

1 being better than the other depends greatest on what you intend to use it for. Video games, and watching DVDs, then Xbox. But, if you plan on making word documents and presentations, then the PC. The two almost cannot be compared, they're both in seperate classes, unless of course, you install a mod chip on the Xbox and put Linux on it. Then it's nearly fair game -lol game-, however, I still rule a desktop pc being better for productivity as you can easily upgrade components such as the hard drives/CPUs/RAM, where as with the Xbox (1)you void your warranty just by opening it, (2)pretty much the only things you can upgrade (without replacing the entire thing inside) is the RAM -128MB max.- which has to be soldered on, not simply plugged in like a tower case pc, and the hard drive. I hope what I have said has helped reaching a verdict as to which system is better..Smile
Here is my take on the matter. The personal computer has much more power than the XBOX. Period. The end. However, my POS computer will be even worse when the 360 comes out. The superiority of either depends greatly on the game you want to play. Halo 2, etc: = XBOX.
Final Fantasy XI online? PC. It all depends on your personal gaming taste. (I consider legal games, not ROMS for PC)
i think xbox is better than pc
but xbox cannot replace pc!
anything it can do (xbox) i can do better (pc) - pc is by far the the best way to go heck it never goes out of date ( ps - ps2 ) and it has the best games i wouldnt waste my time on a console
PC is definitely the best bet for "amount" of games. If you like the types of games that are being released on xbox and NOT PC, well then, get an xbox. This isn't a biased opinion seeing as I have both. Although I do enjoy the PC much more for flexibility reasons.
Assuming the question is only over the topic of gaming, let me talk on only that

The pc and the xbox are different even this way. Otherwise you wouldn't have had 2 devices.

1.Your Xbox 360 shall be much much faster and better than a pc. It crunches data in gigaflops. (ps3 is twice as fast as Xbox 360). Today, you do have a graphics card that competes with Xbox 360 but, that shall be costlier than Xbox. Why? - The cost of manufacture of Xbox is higher than what they are selling it for? "XBOX WINS"

2. That bring us to the second point. The reality is microsoft is making losses with Xbox hardware alone. Where it gains money is by licensing for game manufacturers to make games. For a fast gfx card + sound card.. (neglecting proc, moth brd, ram... to equal the speed of xbox) you need to spend more than the price of Xbox.
Again "XBOX WINS".

3.You can enjoy games on a large screen TV. You can do that on both - "BOTH WIN"

4.One of the major ups of the pc is it's large number of games which an Xbox does not have. "PC WINS"

5.If u have only 1 TV and your dad wants to watch TV, you can't play Xbox. "PC WINS" for sure.

Prepare a check list for the above 5points. Choose ur way. Jus like a computer plays games, Xbox runs linux too. Don't forget that.
I don't see how the xbox 360 will be faster than a PC. Just no way possible, PC always has better speed/graphics. Sure it will be faster than an old PC but not one baught in the past year.
Lady Elensar
I think none of them is better. It's your own opinion.
You need both I think. PC's can be great at gaming, sure, but I don't have thousands of dollars to get one that is good for games. On the other hand, consoles come with everything you need to play and dont get upgraded for years. Its a way cheaper way to play games I think. Although my PC can play new games even though I didn't spend a lot on it, it is not as powerful as it can be. But, PCs have way more besides games so you really need one.
Omego2K@ wrote:
I don't see how the xbox 360 will be faster than a PC. Just no way possible, PC always has better speed/graphics. Sure it will be faster than an old PC but not one baught in the past year.

Xbox runs over a gigaflop speed. If you want an equivalent gfx card it will cost you a bomb. There are 3processors inside xbox xompared to 1 in pcs. Xbox is ceratinly faster. MOreover you have better games getting available for the xbox.
About winamp... In theory, if you softmodded your xbox, you could run winamp... But why?
Well if u ask me, a PS2 or PS3 is much better than both of these but if u need ur pc for work ang gaming then a PC is off course better. i really don think XBOX can beat PS3. PS3 rules!!!!
My vote goes to PC Razz

Pc is of course better because you can upgrade, do more things etc etc.
Consoles have the advantage that you can just go to one of your friends, relax a bit, drink a couple of beers and play together/against eachother, curse at eachother.
Okay, you can do this with pc's too but it's just a bit different.
But if I have to choose a console I would wait for the PS3 which is coming out next year around june.
Just to play games suchs as the next version of GTA.
wheres the poll? And l think it's deffinately the pc, l don't really play that many games, and its nice that the xbox has a hard drive and can play music (alot of it to Neutral) but l still like my pc more for everything. But l like the xbox more than the xbox 360, l think that should be a topic.
No your all wrong, Apple Macs are better!!!!

Very Happy Smile Very Happy
For me the thing about consoles like xbox is that u dont hve to care about the hardware, you just enter the medium into the box and the game runs. On PC you have to care about hardware etc..
if you're talking about just gaming, i prefer an xbox because you can play multiplayer and on xbox live, plus its easier to use an xbox controller than a keyboard to play games
but, if you're talking about everything the pc can do against everything the xbox can do, then pc definitely wins
I agree that the 2 are different in their usage but some of you are a little misinformed.

1, You can use a keyboard and mouse on an Xbox.

2, You can run Linux on your Xbox.

3, You can upgrade your Xbox (Hard Drive and memory if you've a steady hand)

4, You can download Xbox games

5, If's far easier to network Xbox

6, You don't need Xbox live to play Xbox live games over the internet

If you have any questions to the above statements, I'd be happy to answer any questions.

I hope this helps.
Just as a side note, it's already accepted that the PS3 is no match to the Xbox 360!!

Playing games on the 360 is like playing in a movie, it really rules!!

Don't wait for the PS3, just get the best console on the market, Xbox 360.

Also, the PS2 is not better than the Xbox in tech specs, it's proven that the PS2 is not as powerful, nor does it network easily, nor does it have a hard drive!!!

I hope this helps
The XBox 360 is the first gaming system that is more powerful than a PC - for as long as it works Very Happy
A top-of-the-line home-use PC has a 3.5 ghz processor. The XBox 360 has 3 of the 3.2 gighertz processors - it has over a terahertz of processing power. I don't know what the specs are for graphics and memory, but anyone who has played an XBox 360 will know that playing a game is almost exactly like being inside a video (the picture quality is about 95% video quality in my estimation). If you add a keyboard and amouse and a Linux OS (I don't know if you can get this for the 360 yet though), you have a system 3 times as powerful as a new desktop system.
Take Xbox for gaming ,you'll lose the hasle of having to update all the time.
PC is beter to work on...
I believe you can find some forum comparitions on these sites:
I will say PC, because beside gaming, PC can also do work. You can actually make money with PC. Produce music, make video, games, softwares, burn stuffs, browser internet. Xbox is money meant for gaming
off course PC is better, XBox only play gmes that compatible with it, and PC can play much more games (since there is some Emulator that plays Gmaeboy, PS, PS2 and other console Smile)
XBOX costs £90 new and can play top spec games like Halo

Until someone can find me a £90 PC that can play Halo to that level I think XBOX is better than a PC in that respect.

In all other respects PCs win, but then, its like comparing apples and pears
pc is mutch better its universal and u can make ur own games like i do
pc i can upgrade for it to be even better then an xbox so my choose is clear but hell why not both Wink Arrow
What will you do with your XBOX after your game? Can you use it to post your questions here? Obviously no. GO PC!
lol headlong........
I would say the PC.....mainly because its so much more versitle
it dosn't only play PC games
you can emulate tons of games on it... i dont think you can emulate the XBOX with it simply because you would have to have unbeliveable specs....
An XBox is a pc but it is very limited to what it can do compared to the actual pc. PC is far better just because it can do many more things and it can be upgraded... I don't think XBox can be upgraded unless you by the new system and if you could upgrade it would cost an arm and a leg.
thers only one problem witth pc not all games that come out for xbox come out for pc
I like pc better simply because I can do more stuff on it. As far as the X-box, i view it as a challenge. Its like that retarded kid that always gets banished to the corner of the class.... an xbox can do only a fraction of the things a standard pc does out of the box. That's where the challenge comes in. Its in taking it and modifying it to do so many things it was'nt built for. like running emulators, holding tons of games, whatever. So when i just need to game or get stuff done, I head off for my PC, when i want to have fun reverse engeneering, and building something, I pick up my Xbox (or whats left of it Wink ) LOL
POSTED BY: ekingisrael

your pc must be in tears by now!!! Exclamation
how can you ask something like that?! Confused Shocked
1)PC can always be updated with new Hardware and get much better without spending alot of money.
2)PC can do much more things than X box!

Idea GO PC GO PC!!!


I like the sound of "GoPC"

I read an article today about "Xbox to Go PC"

I'm all for it.... and for how much MS is using the term "GoPC" lately, with their UMPC products, the Pay as you Go PC project, the suggested GoPC Xbox project... I wonder if they have a website for it?

Anyway, Maybe they took your idea litereally there ekingisrael Smile

You should get a commission... or at least a free XBox "GoPC" from them Wink

pcs will always have an advantage over game consoles 1st thing more game titles. 2nd thing upgradeable parts so you dont have to go out and buy a £300 console which will want replacing the following year when you can spend £60 or more on computer hardware. aslong as you have a computer with a very powerfull processor which is replaceable a large ram around 512mb preferlably 1gb and a good graphics card with its latest drivers pc's will always own gaming consoles. pluse you can get adons for games on pc games for conosles are basic and get boring to quickly
For gaming well the xbox has the advantage with its speed but when it comes to upgrading, updating, improving game play and actually doing work , well then the pc rules .............................................................
hum... XBOX or PC?

Well, XBOX is better compared to MY particular pc which is slow as...

Games run smoother, Videos play with sync and no dropped frames. So yeah in that respect my XBOX is better than my computer.

Like some other guys said, can an XBOX make money? humm (deep thought*) Well, can my PC?

In conclusion, XBOX is better

PC wins hands down.
- More games
- the pc is upgradable so I dont need to buy a new one when the latest console comes out.
- games can be easily patched when there are bugs
- games can be moded when you get bored of them (counterstrike anyone?)
- I can use a monitor with my pc which has much higher resolution than any tv currently on the market (though this may be possible on xbox?)
- I can do a million times more stuff with my pc when I am not gaming
- PC is backwards compatible, so I can still play most of my old games..unlike consoles where you can't play your old games (although I think the 360 has some old games that it will play and the Wii is going to be fully backwards compatible)
- online play is easy, and for the most part free on the pc and I can set up my own game servers for most games

Sure there are disadvantages to the pc as well, such as min system requirements and the people who don't understand them
I find that the PC gives me a ____ of a lot more choices, and also i prefer keyboard and mouse over controllers. Also my favourite games tend to be on the PC Very Happy starcraft, wow, diablo all that good jazz!
For me isn't a clear comparation. Both are in different levels of plataform. Neither XBox nor PC are bad. Depends of the aplication.
Hmm... 5 year old thread... Anyways, I much prefer PC because it has so many more advantages over XBox. To name a few: more use than playing games, no charge for playing online, games are cheaper, and graphics can be much better.
I play FPS games mostly, and there isn't ANY console that can match the accuracy or precision that once can get from a PC and a mouse.
Xbox is cheaper than keep updating your PC... but in general, PC is better i think
PC is better, you can do anything on it Smile Play games also, just connect it to your TV instead of your monitor :X
if you only want to play games, Xbox is better than pc.
but in general, pc is more practical.
The Xbox is for multigaming int he same room, with better games than the PC.

For the PC to play the same kind of games, you need a better graphics card, and they vary sometimes from games top games.

It is better to have the xbox 360 for playing games.
And all due congratulations go to Alpha118 for bumping an extremely obsolete topic.
My opinion:
If you want only gaming,Then go for Xbox.
Otherwise go for pc.

If your rich,Then buy both.
A good PC could let You Joy A Lot !

I Have A Core2Quad Xeon with 4GB Ram..

it is usually stay at under 20% ram usage and 2% Processor's..
its fun when i sometimes play games on my PC

A Creative Community For Web/Graphics/3d Architecture, Chacter Designers
For the games I play, the PC is definitly a better choice. I mean, trying to play a first person shooter without a mouse/keyboard is way too akward for me. mouse pointing is much more fast and precise than a controller...

Other than that, like many said, upgrade possibilities makes the pC my weapon of choice.
Here it is simple, A xbox is simply a gaming computer. its like all squares are rectangles, all xbox's are computers.
I think a PC is better, even if all you do is gaming. If you want to play games online Microsoft and Sony make you pay every month just to do that. The case is not easy to open. I could open my computer case in a few seconds. I had to watch a video on you tube and it took me at least 30 minutes to get the Xbox 360 open. Why did it have to be built this way? The reason I had to open it up was because dust built up on the inside and made it overheat. The worst thing about this is that you would void your warranty by taking apart your console.

So the only real advantage I can see to the console is if you are low on money, you can buy a console that's been out for a while (right now the xbox 360) and you might have a hard time finding a computer for that price (that would play the same games). But I am not going to get an Xbox One or PS4 because I don't think they are a good deal for $300 or more. I would rather spend that money on a new computer.
If your are not a hard core gamer then PC is a better option for you.
You can easily run all games in a PC which not required high and powerful hardware capabilities.
zarawatsonn wrote:
If your are not a hard core gamer then PC is a better option for you.

This suggests that if you ARE a hardcore gamer that you are suggesting that a console would be better?

XBOX ist very easy to use. This is the advantage at all.
here's my 2 cents on this topic.

when playing games online, by having consoles ( that have not been modded ) you can be pretty sure that no other players have unfair advantage.

with PC's it's all about the rig. if the other player has better hardware and a super fast connection, he/she can take a shot at you before you even realize you are in the game.

is PC better, lets see:
- if you've got a gaming rig, you've got superior graphics and good game play. Dancing
- is your PC outdated then you'll probably be shouting at your lagging screen Brick wall
- if a new game comes out you need to check the hardware requirements and possibly have to update your rig just to play the game d'oh!
- keyboard vs controller: this is a tough one. I'm a console gamer yet I appreciate the superior gameplay and graphics of a good gamingrig. but the keyboard is just not for me. I keep hitting the wrong buttons. is a keyboard and mouse better then a controller... definitely, but it takes a lot of practice
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