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They say "be yourself". When I say "they" I am of course referring to chick lit writers, advice columnists, parents etc. However when I am myself I always screw it up. Everytime (and htere havn't been all that many) I earnestly confess the amorous passion that rages inside me at the mere sight of its intendee, the intendee in question runs a million miles,


when I am not so keen and I am talking to girls I have certain aloofness, still goofyu as ever but an aloof goof. Not really myself, I don't think, not so exposed or real but girls love it. Most of the female attention I have got in my life has been of this kind. Does anybody have any advice or thoughts on my predicament.
Just stay "yourself" and there will come a time where you won't feck up, because you'll find that chick that suits you real fine. That's just my 2 cents, dude.
believe in yourself. being yourself really works. if you haven't found one yet means it's not your time.. so be patient..
Being yourself probably works, it's usually hard to tell, since most people (myself included) act completely different when they are around a woman they like.
Forget "myself" for minute. Its obvious that you have developed some means to act that girls seem to like or that attracts them or so you think. The important thing to consider is how you feel about it. If you are using your developed style for some good purpose, I suppose that could work to your advantage.

However, if you are uncomfortable as you well might be because otherwise you would not be asking the question consider changing your style to something you are more comfortable with. It is that simple.

In other words consider just being yourself and accept the fact that how others perceive you, may be different as well. You may for example not attract the same girls but if you are not being yourself are these the type of girls you really want to attract?

In my opinion and that is all this is, everyone has one, it is far better to find the girl that accepts you for what you are. Anything else is really just a fake, will get found out eventually anyways and start something out as a lie. Now that you have made this discovery consider that a lot of other people are doing the same kind of thing.
well to say it bluntly you are in a relationship for one of two reasons. The first is to eventualy get married...the second is to get laid. So if you are going for the second one then it doesnt matter because you will only know the person for a short time. But if you are going for the first that means that they will know you for a long time and they will eventualy figure out that you are faking.

Thats my 2 cents
If you want girls to like you, be yourself. If you want them to like someone else - be someone else. You are probably more good at being yourself than someone else - that will make you less clumsy, plus you will attract girls that really likes you.

When I say being yourself, I do not mean that you should show all your bad habits the first day. That would probably scare away those who hasn't already known you for a long time.
being yourself doesn't work. girls like bad boys. try acting really tough. that's how you get girls, my friend
So all girls like one type now? And by the way - if a girl likes bad boys, they want a bad boy, not a guy pretending to be one.
cavey wrote:
So all girls like one type now? And by the way - if a girl likes bad boys, they want a bad boy, not a guy pretending to be one.

pretty true. that's why nice guys finish last..
be yourself man. Its gonna be alright! peace!
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