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Who wants to be a Superhero 2

I just saw the web page for "Who wants to be a Super Hero" ( the first episode is tonight). It looks like Stan is giving heroes a bad name. This group looks more like a comic show then super heroes. I know he wants to add levity, but the opening page looks totally pathetic. Fingers fingers that it is better then it looks.
I saw the first episode. Can't say I'm liking it. I'll give it a couple more episodes before I decide for sure. I would think having for comic book fans on the show would be better, but I guess having the others on is supposed to be funnier.
I watched all of the first season of this show, and it got me hooked enough to see the whole season through. With people like Major Victory, Feedback, and the Punisher, it was still cheesy, but fun to watch. This new season, judging on the first episode so far, is just cheesy. the obvious person to win right now would be the on that's a cop (his name escapes me), but those kind of people never end up winning. The canidates as a whole sees more ridiculous this year, though there are a few that aren't so bad. I'll give it a few episodes more until I decide to stick to the series or not.
My son is addicted to this show, so I get to watch it too. I thought Fat momma should have won last season. She had her own theme song. "Fat momma, Fat momma...she's here to save the day." She also had a pink donut on her utility cool is that? Wink This season actually has a few better "effects".

Last nights episode really opened up what I thought was a very interesting subject. Mindset refused to misspell a word, because he said he would not agree to something that was wrong, just to survive the bee attacks. This put not only him but his team in jeopardy. It is an interesting moral question. Do you do something against your beliefs to live or do you die living the way you believe. Stan Lee thought the more important thing was to protect the team.
Does this show air on the Philippines? Seems interesting. I'd like to see it.
What do you guys talk about? Is this a show?
It is sort of a reality show. Here is the link.
I loved the first season, but really can;t get in to the second yet. I have only seen the forst epsode and have the rest saved. I will hang in there and hope it picks up.
Most of the people picked to play the game seem like they never read a comic in there life.

BTW some prize! The comic book deal was 1 issue that came out a year after the show. And if the made for TV move ever took place, then it must have been shown on a Wednesday February 30th at 3 am. Because I never saw it. LOL
They are showing the Sci Fi Movie on the 25th at 9PM EST. I think it's called Mega Snake or something. I wonder how cheesy it's gonna be. the only thing the commercial showed was Feedback getting introduced to a crowd and then a Mega Snake Attacking him.
It looked really cheesy....I mean c'mon a mega snake? Geez. I think if I was Feedback I would ask for a new manager. He got jipped on that one.
O M G, I just watch the Mega Snake that was a horrible movie. And I thought the winner of the season got to Star in a movie not have a really bad cameo. I hope he got some money out of the deal. If the guy really wanted to be an actor this could be a career killer. I mean i thought they were gonna put them into a movie where he gets to play as the character Feedback not play a guy in a costume teaching kids safety lessons.
I felt so bad for Feedback while I was watching Megasnake. First off its a shit movie, more so that feedback is going to pop up into it. I spent the whole length of the movie waiting for him to show up, and when it happened, his cameo was just awful; but not his fault at all. It was more like he was playing Himself as Feedback rather than Feedback the superhero. Scifi had a contract so they had to throw him somewhere. He should've gotten his own movie, Feedback as a character was kinda cool, I wouldve watched it, kids would think its cool, why not.

On his website, he has old-fashion radio dramas with the adventures of feedback, kinda cheeseball, but thats how Radio Shows were back then.

As for the new season, I've only watched the first few episodes, and I like how rediculously lame it is. It just makes it fun and mindless... but a laughable kind, and not a droning kind.
And the winner is.....The Defusser.
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