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help! not sure what to do.

ok my laptop is going nuts...the past few weeks ive been getting a lot of spyware...i have no idea why.
i have comodo firewall AND comodo antivirus which has been very good alerting me to internet access attempts that have been bad. however its not helping in terms of keeping them out. i have ad aware 2007 scanning every day it seems and i still manage to get some spyware and malware on my computer. i have no idea why.

right now i have MagicAntiSpy on my computer and i have no idea what is going on. i have no idea how to get rid of it. of course the removers that other sites reccomend are just scanners, you have to pay for removing them. so annoying. ive tried vundo fix yet that isnt finding ANYTHING. i dont know any other way to get rid of please HELP!
ive been using Kasperski Internet Security for quite some time already, and it never let anything in my machine. I even uninstalled everything else i had (Spybot Search and Destroy, Adaware, etc) and only have it now. Its pretty good
For your information, MagicAntiSpy is a rogue antispyware which does nothing more than merely warn you about fake potential threats (false positives). First off, we need to analyse the current state of your system in order to manually remove it.

Thus, download Deckard's System Scanner from here. Double-click on it once the download is done. Upon execution, follow the on-screen instructions. Wait while the scan is being perform. After that, it shall produce two copies of logs - main.txt and extra.txt. Locate these two files in X:\Deckard\System Scanner where X is your system drive. Then, compress these two files into a zip or rar package and upload them to a particular site (e.g. rapidshare). Post the URL here so that the logs can be downloaded for analysis.
I would recommend two very good FREE Adware/Spyware removal programs :-

'AdAware' from lavasoft it's been going for years and has always proven to be good at its job.
you can download it here :-

Also highly recommended 'Spybot Search and Destroy' constantly updated and again it does a good job.
available via hompage here :-

Its maybe worth while installing both of the above, what the one misses the other will find!

You could also do and online virus scan at Trend Micro, this is another great tool thats been going for years and has proven to do a good job, go here and follow the instructions:-

Hope this helps you out?

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