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This is how to convert Ntfs to FAT32

Hi ppl,
Do you want to convert Ntfs to FAT32??
I have a solution for your problem. Ntfs can be converted to FAT32 without losing data. Here's how. Follow the exact steps or it may cost you data loss.

Maybe I could change your mind
Make completely sure that you need to convert Ntfs to FAT32. You should have no reason to if you don't intend to install older OS which do to support Ntfs.
>>Disk access is faster in Ntfs than in FAT32
>>Fragmentation has less impact on performance in Ntfs. Defragmentation is also very quick.
>>Windows does not have to check disk even if it is shut down improperly. Data loss does not take place during improper shutdown on Ntfs volumes.
>>Conversion process may lead to data loss.
So think properly before doing this.

Using this program may be illegal and may cause data loss. Make sure that you have backed up your data to another HDD or CD-R before using the procedure explained...

1. A Computer Running Windows (95 or later)
2. A Blank FAT32 Formatted Floppy Disk
3. A Working Floppy Disk Drive
4. Minimal Amount of Knowledge on use of Computers and simple terms
5. Little bit of Patience and Discipline
6. A zip file from
7. An Unzipper (Winzip, WinRAR, Zip Genious, WinXP inbuilt Zipfile support or any Unzippers you can find)

1. Make sure that you have 1, 2 and 3 and of course 4 and 5. Make sure that the drive you want to convert to FAT32 DOES NOT have ANY COMPRESSED and/or ENCRYPTED FILES. Decompress/Decrypt them all before proceeding.
2. Get 6 by downloading.
3. Get 7 by downloading or browsing old Digit CDs. If you have Windows XP, you don't need one.
4. Unzip to any folder. Keep all the files in the same folder.
5. Read the Readme.txt (included in the for information on how to use the program to create a bootable floppy with Partition Magic with the help of the files provided.
6. Boot with the floppy created.
7. Run pqmagic.exe from the floppy.
8. Perform the required operation. For eg., in this case, you'd want to convert Ntfs to FAT32, so in Partition Magic, choose Operations>>Convert>>Ntfs to Fat32, by selecting the drive you'd want to convert to Ntfs.
9. After the Operation is complete, take the floppy out and hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot your PC.
10. Look to see if booting is normal. It should be.
11. Be happy for what you have done.
12. DOn't forget that I have helped you.
13. Thank me (Optional).
14. Post back in the forum saying something like "The process explained by _khAttAm_ works....... It rocks" or something like that.

1. At least a FAT32 drive created.
2. A happy you.
it seems that use PartitionMagic can slove this problem easier...... Smile
No offense, but why would you want to do this? NTFS offers file support bigger than 4GB, and is better at keeping the harddrive defragmented... (of course ext3 is the best, but not available for windows...)
i totaly agree with Donutey NTFS is better thn FAT32 for 1 its a newer file system so if it wasent better than FAT32 why would they make it?
Yeah NTFS is better..
martian wrote:
it seems that use PartitionMagic can slove this problem easier...... Smile

agree.I suggest use PartitionMagic to slove this problem.
if your not using your computer in a network, its optional if you want to use NTFS file system. Anyway, nice topic..
...yeah, sure, NTFS rulz u n00bz lol!!!!!!!!!111111oneoneone

I mean, it's not like he said this:
Make completely sure that you need to convert Ntfs to FAT32. You should have no reason to if you don't intend to install older OS which do to support Ntfs.

or anything...

install a partion magic software.. just push the one button for convert.. Cool
This thread is pretty ridiculous. The guy already gave us reasons why NTFS is better and said that we only need to shift to FAT32 if required. So, there's no debate on which file system is better.

However, I didn't like the manner in which you brought it out, simplyw00x. The same thing could have been done softer... like without calling everyone in this thread a moron.

However, now that this thread has served its purpose, I'm locking it.

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