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"I say goodbye" - forum

Of course no one ever says goodbye to Frihost Smile but if, in some occassions, maybe, someone might think of leaving Frihost, for example because he doesn't have enough time left for posting in the forums or because he or she switched to paid hosting or something like that, it would be nice if there was an "I say goodbye" forum, where you can tell people you leave, greet them, post your new webadres and eventually get reactions (maybe without points, because otherwise everyone will post: "Good luck to you!" in every topic and so hunt for points).

What do you think of it?

Why would we want that? We discourage people from leaving Frihost, they don't need to say goodbye, the routine I understand is logging off and never returning.

Also, I believe this has been suggested and rejected many times before.

It just isn't good as a practice for forums, we like active members, not leaving ones.

Anyway, why do people need to leave when they get paid hosting, don't they like posting here?

Besides, in my entire time here, I have only ever seen 3 posts where people say that they are leaving FriHost! An entire forum just for that purpose would be a bit redundant anyway...
I know, I have been posting for almost the same time as you, Hack_Man_ Smile

And I also know it seems redundant.
-> Reddishblue: if it has been suggested, ok, sorry for reopening it. I searched for it, but maybe not hard enough.

I know leaving Frihost is being discouraged. And I also know the routine. But I also know many people for the last two years who just didn't had the time left to be active in the forums. They just left and didn't return after sometimes being very active members. And I didn't like that.

Speaking just for myself: when registering I was a student and had many a free hour to spend on the internet. But right now I'm working for about 60 hours a week, I don't have a family (yet), but people can marry, have kids, etc. So every month I get the 'first inactivity warning', sometimes I get the 'second inactivity warning'. Just because I sometimes can't find the time to post. But I like Frihost. So it is possible I take my website down, just because I don't have time for the maintenance and the posting, or maybe I switch to paid hosting (or I stay at Frihost for a lot of years to come, I don't know. I'm speaking hypothetically). I wouldn't like the idea of 'closing the door of my account behind my back' without saing good-bye and without thanking Bondings and telling him and others I liked their company.

And just because I noticed some people leaving and I knew this from my own situation I suggested this forum.

But, I repeat, maybe it's a bad idea anyway...

Disclaimer - this is my opinion only....

When I see a "I'm leaving Frihost" thread, I mentally replace the title with "I need attention, look at me." People announcing they are leaving are only doing so for a couple of reasons:

They want attention
They want to prove something
They couldn't find the time to post once a week or so

I don't see any other reason for it. Besides, any time I see one of these stupid threads, it's locked within a few minutes anyways. For good reason too....
If you want to say "Goodbye" you can just open topic in General Chat.
And we don't want for you saying goodbye, surely Smile
So we don't need that forum.
As for me, I saw just one man leaving FriHost, and he came back soon.
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