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Freeware to better managed XP Desktop appln

I was frustrated with the many programs in the XP Start -> All Programs. I have so many programs loaded, that it runs beyond the screen.

I started searching for ways to reach these programs easily, and here are two of them which I find really good and are using them constantly.

First is the Free Launcher (Freeware) which allows the Quick Launcher to function as Pop-up Application menu. You create new menu and then drag the shortcuts from the desktop and drop on to the new menu. I have use these menu titles - Common, Multimedia, DevTools, Networking, Tools, and System.

Only draw back is there is no save and restore of the settings. I overcome this, by creating folders of same title on my desktop, and putting the shortcuts into these folders.
When I want to backup, I backup all the folders in my Desktop folder. To restore simply restore all these folders into the All Users - Desktop folder, and then create shortcuts from them on to the desktop and finally drag into the Free Launcher.

Another draw back, is that the shortcuts draw into Free Launcher are gone from the desktop, so you must copy to desktop, before moving into Free Launcher.

Beside these 2 points, the Free Launcher is great.

Another is the Free Launcher which works from the System tray.

I will elaborate more in my next post.

Suggestions from all on how to organise and managed the many applications on XP is welcome. But hopefully focus on freeware.

With best regards.
Create toolbars instead of using desktop icons.

Either that or stop putting your icons on your desktop!
Thank you David_Pardy for the note that I can use toolbars.

I wrote to discuss better ways to use toolbars than that which is provided as standards in XP.

XP toolbars - has one icon per application, and very soon, you will be overwhelm with icons on the multiple toolbars. Toolbars also takes up precious space on the desktop - one whole row per toolbar.

The Free Launcher allows itself to replace the standard XP quick launch and works as a popup menu instead of simply one icon per application. You can have 5 icons and each a popup menu, giving you as much as 55 applications icons on 5 popup menus, and yet does not need any more space than the standard one row toolbar.

The issue if how to OPTIMISE the use of the desktop, eliminating cluttering of icons, yet having all that you wanted and easily accessing them all.

Here is the url for your review

I do hope I did not miscommunicate my intention on this thread.
Personally, I use Total Commander, it is shareware and will prompt you to hit a button on startup if you don't wanna buy the license. Not annoying at all. It lets me put toolbars on the top to launch apps easily, it completely replaces explorer.exe for me (does NOT remove the actual file, though I often close the process manually which increases windows stability, who woulda guessed?).

Total commander has become my single most important app on a PC after over 2 years of use, I would go with nothing else. it supports FTP, packing, unpacking, all basic move/copy functions, advance multi-rename functions, sorting, you name it, TC can do it.
I use Launchy NEW DOWNLOAD LINK You run it and it indexes places like your start menu and desktop. You open it by pressing Alt+Space and then you can just type in the name of the program or somthing similar.

i.e. WoW becomes World of Warcaft.

I have gotten so used to this, that I have actually stopped using my Start Menu altogether!
Hackman, the Launchy site is NOT suitable for download - it is more of selling other undesirable contents.

Hello KHO, thanks for the link to Total Commander - I am looking for Desktop management and application launchers. Not File Management tool. But it is a great File Management tool. There is also the UltraExplorer which is no "to buy button" and truly loaded with good features, and it is freeware.

Thanks for all the clues.
I should have added the URL for the UltraExplorer

Here is the URL :

You can also consider the Free Commander in the same site.

For Fast access to specific folder I like the "Folder Guide", you can right click in any Explorer and select the folder you want to zoom into.

And the Desktop you can do likewise with the mouse's RC.

Here is the URL for Folder Guide :

Hope to hear on Application Launchers to help tidy up Desktop and overcome long list of application in the XP Start -> All programs. My application list have when outside the XP screen.
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