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how? what? how am i supossed to make my page?!?

i'm so confused..i havn't used a webpage thing like this before...i'm pretty sure this is really simple..i just need to figure it out..i can be quite a blonde even though i'm not i'm probably going to need extremely clear instructions... do i get my webpage on the Public_html thing? do i anything on here...i'm so confused...

i'm used to a simple blank page where i can make my HTML on a note page..paste it in the html editor sheet... and then click save and go to my web site..

i probably sound like an idiot though...but please some one help me..i'm driving my self mad
We are all new at some point.

First, I would recommend you download an FTP program so you can upload files to your site easier.
Everyone has their own opnions on the best, but out of all the ones I have used seems to work the best for me, and frihost. Download that.

Put in your information and connect to frihost, then, double click in the Public_html folder, and upload all your files there, make sure you main file is index.html (or index.php for php files)

hope this helps.
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