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Can i upload any types of file to 'Frihost' server?

I am new in this forum. Recently, i have developed my personal website. but, can not find any reliable hosting server to host my site. i was confused that "what i can do now?". but at that mean time i found this forum site where i can post direct to the admin and also with the members who have the knowledge or the information about free web hosting site. I wanted a hosting server where i can upload my music file and some animation exe file. but there was many free web hosting services where i did not found any of that category (can upload any file types without any file size limit). i just want to upload some of my music and video files, wallpapers, animations (with exe extension), some php script, i also need MySql database for guestbook....and others things. As it is a open area for discussions so i am openly writting to you all please solve my problems. and tell me that can frihost complete my needs if i wish to host on their server???
thank you all. Cool
LukeakaDanish can have all the mySQL databases you want and the servers run php scripts.

Wallpapers & animated image & flash = ok

If you own the copyright for music you want to upload then music is ok, and the same goes for video. If you made it ok...otherwise not ok.

.exe files are not mentioned in the TOS (link at the top of the screen), however zip em before upload, and, once again, they have to be your legal intellectual property.

There is no filesize limit as far as i'm aware, however it all has to fit in 250mb...
LukeakaDanish has made all the relevant points:

You can upload anything legal, and anything you have copyright to.
Before you upload any music or video files, you must take official permission in the "Request an account change" forum.
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