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JavaScript Games

JavaScript Games

I think if we search for games then we rarely find JavaScript games. But keeping javascript games is not that hard as we may believe.
Programers like to have their codes procted with copy right... but there are also sited those provides good codes for free and the results are also good.

JavaScript Games are faster and it has replaced some scripts for online gaming.
Flash games are also one of the example that goes online and is very good.

There are some online resources for JavaScript Games ranks on top for javascript games is listed after it

Here is a simple JavaScript Games Code
If you want to test your typing speed then this is typing test center for you.

This part of the code is for head section


<!-- Begin
msg = new Array("Practicing with your typing can greatly help your overall computer skills.",
"A new computer is sold in the US every hour!",
"When do birds migrate from North to South?",
"Perplexing phrases, like this one, are tougher to type.")
word = 10
function m() {
msg = new Array("Practicing with your typing can greatly help your overall computer skills.",
"A new computer is sold in the US every hour!",
"When do birds migrate from North to South?",
"Perplexing phrases, like this one, are tough to type.")
word = 10
function e() {
msg = new Array("If you can correctly, and quickly, type this perplexing sentence, you are one superb typist!",
"You are one superb typist if you can correctly, and quickly, type this long phrase.",
"I believe you're a good typist, so I believe you will correctly copy this statement!",
"Because this is not a fairly simple phrase, could you swiftly, and precisely, copy it?")
word = 15
function s() {
msg = new Array("Computers are the medium of the future.",
"Can you type this phrase rather quickly?",
"Who is the President of the US?",
"I believe that you can type well!")
word = 7
function beginIt() {
randNum = Math.floor((Math.random() * 10)) % 4
msgType = msg[randNum]
day = new Date();
startType = day.getTime();
document.theForm.given.value = msgType
function cheat() {
alert("You can not change that!");
function stopIt() {
dayTwo = new Date();
endType = dayTwo.getTime();
totalTime = ((endType - startType) / 1000)
spd = Math.round((word/totalTime) * 60)
if (document.theForm.typed.value == document.theForm.given.value) {
alert("\nYou typed a " + word + " word sentence in "
+ totalTime + " seconds, a speed of about " + spd + " words per minute!")
else {
alert("You made an error, but typed at a speed of " + spd + " words per minute.")
// End -->

This part of the code is for body section

<FORM name="theForm">
<TD>Are you a....</TD>
<TD align=center><input type=radio name="sme" value="Beginner" onClick="s()" checked>Beginner
<input type=radio name="sme" value="Novice" onClick="m()">Novice
<input type=radio name="sme" value="Expert" onClick="e()">Expert</TD>
<TR><TD colspan=2><BR>
<center><input type=button value="Start Typing Test" name="start" onClick="beginIt()"></center><P>
<textarea name="given" cols=53 rows=3 wrap=on onFocus="cheat()"></textarea></TD>
<TR><TD colspan=2><center><input type=text name="typed" size=45>
<input type=button value="DONE"  name="stop"  onClick="stopIt()"></center></TD>

nice game, i tested it and it runs pretty nicely. you should change the input button, cause enter doesn't invoque the function
how secured are these games. Are they blocked from companies firewalls.
Agent ME
Unless your company firewall actively scans all incoming html code and filters out javascript, then of course it will get through. That would be pretty stupid if there was a firewall that blocked javascript - so many sites rely on it now.
This is a very nice, well-written script. I used to be in to javascript gaming and have made quite a few games in my time. Most of the ones I've written were battle games, sort of like a text-based, javascript RPG. Unfortunately, I wasn't always as organized as I am now with anything script/code I write so I've lost all of my old scripts. I had some good ones, too.
I love java script games. some are really well done. I only worry about which sites are loaded with spy were and viruses.

Maybe we can get this make a sticky and post SAFE java script game sites here? Lets find the best of the best safe flash game sites.
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