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FTP apps: recursive chmod? HELP please

I'm wondering if there's any FTP client that will recursively chmod a bunch of subdirectories and their contents. I use gFTP and FileZilla on Linux, for the most part but I also use Transmit on Mac Classic and can boot into Windows XP if there happens to be a reason.
This is for the popular Gallery php script suite, which I moved from one server to another. When it came time to upload the albums directory to the new server, I looked for the option to set the permissions to the required 777 on both gFTP and FileZilla, but could not find a way to set the default permissions so I just went ahead and uploaded all 200+ subdirectories in hopes that I'd be able to figure something out after the fact.
Any hints, advice would be deeply appreciated!
Version 3 of Filezilla is supposed to support recursive chmod. You can download the beta here:
It's completely unhelpful to you, but I thought I'd like to point out that Cyberduck on Mac OS X is capable to apply recursive file permissions. This is pretty handy for changing a whole bunch of perl scripts to 777.

Good luck with your problem though, and I'm afraid I can't really help you out personally.
MrBlueSky, I may try that, thanks.

kuyman, actually, I use an iMac as a modem serving my internet connection to my PC but unfortunately Cyberduck's minimum OS requirement is 10.3.9 and the iMac only has 10.3, with only 96 mb of RAM so it would be dicey at best. I jsut need to get more RAM in this thing so I can get a bit more use out of it. Thanks!
I never even bothered to check, but FireFTP is doing it for me! I just assumed that it wouldn't, for some reason. Kind of sluggish, however and I'm afraid to try the whole albums directory in one shot for fear it would take longer than I'd care without knowing how much time it would take. So I'm doing like 10 or so directories at a time. Woohoo!
So, FireFTP didn't work so great after all. It has the recursive feature, but refused to do more than 2 directories at a time.
The FileZilla beta has saved the day, and doing it quite well. I had to boot into my fresh install of Ubuntu Fiesty, which I hadn't started using yet until I migrate my settings aand replicate the various third-party programs from Dapper.
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