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Nothing other than FF and IE connects!?

OK this is really weird.. everything was working fine... i went to bed, (didnt turn off the computer) and when i got back... everything was disconnected. I restarted the comp, and same thing, Nothing other than FF and IE will connect, not chat (like deviantart chats) No AIM, no MSN, no YAHOO. NOthing.. when i run a trouble shoot with msn i get this
Default Gateway GOOD
IE's offline setting GOOD
Hosts file GOOD
Proxy server GOOD
Key Ports BAD

I click repair... it couldnt fix problem.

I even disabled my firewall (nortan antivirus) thinking it might have updated overnight, and reset the rules for letting such application connect. No such luck... what in the world is going on!?
Looks like all your ports, except port 80 are closed. Why? You have to figure out.
Do you have more computers on the same internetconnection? If they are working well, the ports are closed on your pc. If they don't work either, the ports are blocked on your router or at your ISP.

If it's the pc: run a virusscanner, best: an online scanner, because your pc can be infected. Check your windows XP firewall, if it has closed the ports. I'm not sure unloading Norton will disable the firewallrules. I don't have Norton, but some firewallprogs keep the firewall up even if they are unloaded. So check this.
Are there any suspicious processes running? Check your taskmanager. If you don't know what a specific task does, google the name and see what it is.

Good luck!
The best thing to do first is system restore. Just go to start -> programs -> accessories -> system tools -> system restore and restore computer to date when it worked well. If that won't work, you can try to use another modem (just try to get one from friend) and check out if modem is broken.

You haven't written if have a router? Connecting ethernet card directly to modem could also solve a problem. There also may be a problem with your line. Try to connect another computer (just try to get a laptop) to your line so you can make sure that there is nothing wrong with your line or on ISP side. Norton could also block ports so uninstall it.

Report your progress.
try reseting your router (there should be a lil switch in the back of it, just hold that in for 30 sec). First, go to internet connections, right click the active one, and edit the windows firewall rules for it. Turn the windows firewall OFF. There may be something malfunctioning in there.
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