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Great Photos about China !

My home, China is such a Great place !
To see the photos, just click the links. if I use [img] code, you may feel terrible to download~!!

(Photos are from China websites So It may be slow to download. )


Houses in Tibet

Pang River in Sichuan Province

Er Sea( in Chinese ) in Yunnan Province

Dujiang Yan It is said that it was finished a thousand years ago. But it is still working every summer!

Chinese Phoenix City~

Houses in Guizhou Province

Ice Festifal, Harbin
hey wxtz!

where are you from in China? i am living in Shanghai now for a couple of years.
any recommendations to go for my goldenweek off?

- Acces Denied

Lol ^^

I think you should upload it, maybe to photobucket or imegshack ^^
there are so many intrest in china, as we know, like the great wall, guilin, the summer palace, etc. But shall we consider more except just the view? In china, just a small part of people can go to travel among the golden weeks, and just a small part of intrest can stay out of polution. I mean that there are still many problems about chinese ecnomy, and much more problems under the economy^
Ow there are so many things interestign in China. Thats one of the biggest reasons why i live here in Shanghai. The huge amount of things to see in China are so much, that i can't choose. Thats why i asked for any suggestions.

I consider myself lucky indeed that i have the oppurtunity to travel during golden week. I am fully aware of all these people who don't have that opportunity or don't have a golden week at all.
However i noticed a lot of people come to Shanghai ( 9 mln people on the first friday of golden week last year allready, wich overloaded the public transportation) Since Shanghai is a very wealthy city, a lot of people have the opportunity to escape Shanghai.

As far as the suggestions for sightseeing. Do you know some spots a little less touristic, but woth a visit? I want to escape a lot of people, cause i am surrounded by them in Shanghai all the time.
so plz keep those suggestions comming!! Wink
While China is a pretty decent place, I absolutely hate the food.

No offense to chinese people. Smile
I loved china.... I think the scenery is absolutely beautiful... it was sad to see old buildings being destroyed though... and big highways heading to remote villages... the food isn't too bad, if only we had spoken a little more chinese to made ordering a little easier....
yeah, ordering food is really hard. What kind of food did you eat?

I remember eating at a restaurant called "The Hot Pot". Named as such due to a cooking pot right there in the middle of the table where you'd cook the raw meat you'd order. It wasn't bad, but what I really hated is the smell... it's kind of this musty "tea" smell that kind of emanates all over the city, but much more concentrated in restaurants.

After the 3rd time we ate out, I've already lost my appetite. We just scoured for fast food chains after that... kfc, mcdonalds, etc.

It was still a nice experience. Smile
Where have you been? I mean China is kinda big ey Wink
The selection of food is just as big as China itself. So you can't really say "i don't like the food there"
Especially when you go to mcdonalds/kfc!! you know you'll eat shit garuanteed!

Hot pot restaurants are pretty popular, again with a huge selection of ingredients to cook. I think a lot of foreigners like dumplings. It's nothing like stuff available in the west and the taste is pretty accesible. The $ 0,6 beef noodle soup is aivalble everywhere and in most (local) venue's not too bad at all!! Dawm i can go on for ever on the food here. I agree, i don't like a lot of things as well (especially the sweet local Shanghai kitchen), but the stuff that is good, compensates it all.

Anyway, no offence! I had the best cold noodle and absolute delicious spring rolls in the Philippines, so perhaps you are just spoiled Cool
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