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I love this game.....

These is my pet Statistics.

Pet Name : paulo_6
Level : 22
Species : Yurble
Colour : Blue
Gender : Male
Age : 328 days
Gender : Male
Height : 37 cms.
Weight : 66 lbs.
Hit Points : 64 / 42
Strength : EXCELLENT (40)
Defence : EXCELLENT (41)
Movement : EXCELLENT (40)
Intelligence : above average
Fishing Skill : 18

- Employment Agency -
Jobs Completed : 66
Jobs Failed : 0
Job Rank : Worker

theres a lot of pet out there just check it out....
Sorry, but this webgame has NEVER really been fun. The most it can hold someone would be 1 day, unless you've never played a server based game. Do yourself a favor and visit This website will give you a database of really good server based games available for download.
Play, nice 3d online rpg, java based so you play via a browser. Runescape
I have like 500k np on neopets, i had a guild with like 20 ppl but that fell apart.
I'm still newbie at Neopet. I think this game is good for refreshing my mind.
I still didn't understand, how to increase the pet level?
Umm.. I couldn't get a hold of myself to keep playing this game. It's.. kinda.. boring..
i have one account in neopet but i dont like much this game.
Neopets is kinda sucky.. I played it about 5 years ago and stopped playing after about a month. The game is a total waste of time.. Believe me..
Don't flame the game.
it was entertaining for awhile
Neopets was really fun until I got like 2 million NP in less then 2 weeks. No, I'm not lieing. Neopets is pretty easy, after you get rich there isn't much you can do.
well youre weird
Neopets is fun, especially if you like cute furry animal-looking creatures. But it loses its appeal and novelty after a while for some people. I had an account there, but I sort of forgot about it for months. When I logged back in, my pet was dying. Lol.
Neopets is a little kids game, I used to play it when I was about 5 years old. It's actually pretty amazing how much it has grown, and is now a revenue earner. Who would have ever thought that would happen?
Ha, i agree with jayandsilo. Almost every free game start to become commericalise when it is more popular.
I loved this game about 2 years ago! i tried going back on it but cant remember my password! I e-mailed neopets and they said that my account had been cancelled because of too much inactivity! Sad my neopet was so good as well! i don;t really want to start over again, especially with my exams coming up!
lmao...anyone noticed how old this thread is? anyhow it's only entertaining when you're like under 13...and there's limits to your acc if you're under it's really stupid...i still have an acc that i rarely goes best pet's stats (from 2 years ago)...:

cuty_02134_Jr the Disco Kacheek

Age : 1099 days old (26398 hours)
Level : 35
Gender : Male
Height : 34 cms.
Weight : 51 lbs.
Hit Points : 72 / 72
Strength : EXCELLENT (48 )
Defence : GREAT (31)
Movement : GREAT (25)
Intelligence : master genius (90)
Fishing Skill : 10
Lol Neopets. I looked at this game once, I actually even registered there. But somehow, I couldn't feed my pet. It always gave me some kind of error, so my pet died Very Happy
Anyhow, stopped playing it after 1hour I think.
1hour of my life that's gone forever...
I am a newbie in neopets, before i was playing neopets everyday but today i choose to not playing anymore because i was so boring about this game every day must enter the neopets site to collect my neopoints in the bank and by playing the game.

I did not know if some day i will continue my neopets game. Please let me know how long that you was register in neopets? How much neopoints you have and frequency that you login neopet site.

Neopet for me its too boring if we play everyday, we must play in low frequency to makes its not boring to us. Its just my opinion i hope everyone did not angry with my opinion.
I used to play around this a lil but got bored eventually of it, sorta rather the actual neopet becuase i could carry him around with me lol
I think it's pretty strange that people say that it's a crappy game, the same is most things, it's just that you still are interested in those things to know that they are just the same. I played Runescape, but it's pretty boring and actually not that good. I think that Neopets is a waste of time to, but I still play it, sometimes. I usually play the games, the ones that can increase my skills in math or other things, and sometimes I'm just bored and play games that I enjoy just for fun. I don't care about my pet that much, I did when I created him but lost my interest.

Most things that anyone does for their own enjoyable time is crap others might say, it's just something with interest. And perhaps the ones that thinks is great now won't like it later on.
i tries neopets too for about a month a year or so ago. it kinda just got boring and ininteresting after a while. the part i liked about it the most was the stock market thing in it. it was kinda fun to just log on once every few days to see how my portfolio was doing.
I agree, the stock market was probably the only thing that got me visiting the site in a while. The battle system is absolutely rubbish and there are just too many useless items that are sold in useless shops for daft prices, say a food shop. Just visit Jelly World and get a free omelette! The games are ok, but not as addicting as they should be and it wouldn't hurt to join in one of the competitions though you'll never win and the rewards usually suck.
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