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Bosnian Pyramids

There have been 4 pyramids and 1 temple discovered in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They say a pyramid there is taller then Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Heres some text from a site which is pretty straight forward and very interesting:

The Bosnian Pyramid, Visocica Hill, is the first European pyramid to be discovered and is located in the heart of Bosnia, in the town of Visoko. The pyramid has all the elements: four perfectly shaped slopes pointing toward the cardinal points, a flat top and an entrance complex. On top of the pyramid are also the ruins of a Medieval walled town, once the base of a Bosnian king Tvrtko of Kotromanic (1338-1391). Because of its similarities to the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, it has been named the “Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” ('Bosanska Piramida Sunca'). There are also a four more ancient structures on the site, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon ('Bosanska Piramida Mjeseca'), Bosnian Pyramid of the Dragon ( 'Bosanska Piramida Zmaja'), Bosnian Pyramid of the Love ('Bosanska Piramida Ljubavi') and Temple of the Earth, ('Hram Zemlje').

'We have already dug out stone blocks which I believe are covering the pyramid', said Semir (Sam) Osmanagic, a Bosnian American archaeologist who has spent the last 15 years studying the pyramids of Latin America. 'We found a paved entrance plateau and discovered underground tunnels'..... (October 2005)


There is also many videos and little articles that you can find if you search in or Some people say they are fakes but scientists are still excavating the area to find out the truth about that place.
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And we have a topic about pyramids.

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