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How Much do you love your parents?

how much do you love your parents? What you can do for them?

very much!! i am proud of them for caring for me, and i hope i made them proud too..
Hate and love come hand in hand with parents for me. But at the end of the day when I lie down in my bed, I know I love them because they provide the care and support I need to survive and join society as an adult. So parents although annoying and can be total pain in the rears, only are annoying and a pain to protect and raise you to the best possible way.
I love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we're very close. Very Happy
I really love my parents.. and I want to do a lot for them. I owe a lot to them =( but I always fall short of being nice to them.. I just slip up. They are so caring.. They have so many rights upon me. God will ask me about them on the day of judgement.
Parents take care of us when we are little babies and bring us up to make us what we are. We are their only people when they grow old and most people don't think about that and abandon their parents in their old age. I'll tell you one thing if you are nice to your parents and take care of them even when they get really old you'll have a lot of satisfaction and a fabulous life but if you will be rude and disobedient you will face a lot of problems and failures and I guess you will never really be content at heart.
=) TC
There is that saying you always hurt the ones you love. Because the people closest to you are the people you trust most, so sometimes you end up taking out your worst thoughts and fears on them. This is not just one way, parents do to children just as children grow up and do to parents.

A good family will try and understand all of that, accept it and love anyway, our family has been though some rough times, my parents are no longer together but right now we've never been stronger. I have so much love and respect for my parents.
Generally folks going trough puberty will 'move away' sorta from their parents while if they grow older they will come closer to understanding them

As for me - father left me when i was 4, never wanted to see us again, can't tell i feel different for him.
I've been moving from my mother before due to her 'i understand exactly how you feel' attitude, but recent years i'm really getting the feeling we're getting closer again
nisharani wrote:
how much do you love your parents? What you can do for them?


I love my parents very much, and there's one thing I can do: love them back.
i feel sad for those without parents though.. or those whose parents passed..
molif wrote:
i feel sad for those without parents though.. or those whose parents passed..

Ah yes, may all those people who have lost their parent may be blessed in some other way. It must be very hard for some to cope with it, especially children will have a rough time living without their parents.
some of those without parents turn bad, join gangs, get into fights.. it's just hurting to see..
"Parenting comprises all the tasks involved in raising a child to an independent adult. Parenting begins even before the child is born or adopted and may last until the death of the parent or child. Parenting is a part of the relationship within a family"
"Mothers and fathers provide additional knowledge regarding the lives of their children. They also provide an opportunity to further diversify the group by socio-economic class, gender, race and ethnicity."

Some people thing parents are forced to look after their kids and can do what ever they like, don't listen to their parents...............

Parents are the BEST friend. They are everything. They are simply the best. They care for ever since you are born. They are my GOD. Parents are Teachers. They are everything. They have lot of experience in life. They knows life better than other child.

One will know once they have baby of their own, how difficult to raise a child and fulfill their dreams, because you don't want to see your child's face sad.
I love my parents very much, My step dad more than my real dad due to the abandonment my real dad did. He walked out on my mother when i was just a baby, he said that i wasn't his child. I love my mother and step dad very much, They care for me, support me through out all times. Through the good and the bad they are there for me. Whether it's just to chat or a shoulder to cry on they are there for to comfort me. Although we have our differences sometimes, they say no to something i want to do but it's only for the best. Parents are god in a child's eyes. That saying is true, in my opinion anyway whether you guys think any different i don't know. But nisharani in answer to your question yes i do love my parents.
Very much for sure!!
very very very very very much, although I don't really show it. I just want them to know that no matter how rebellious and stubborn I am, they're very important to me.. More than anyone else..
my father is dead but i love him so much

and my mother too i love here too too too much and i can do any thing to her to make her happy
I really love my parents a lot, but my relationship to my mother is very special and I love her more than anything you could think of..... All the sufering she beared for us is unthinkable, sometimes I start to cry or shortly get depressive simply by thinking about her. my relationship to my father is a lot harder though, since in our culture that's often the case, young boys are treated like men since they are about 7 or 8, I originally come from morocco, and I have learend a lot of respect from my parents, for tem and for the other parents, just by the way they have always shown me what real life is, while always trying their best to protect me against all...just because of that will make me give my all for my children Very Happy
Not so much any more. Basically, a few months ago, shit hit the fan and my mom said some very hurtful things to me (which she conveniently doesn't remember). It's hard to really "love" someone who unleashes all their hatred on you, and then tries to take it back when you say you'll honor their wishes and never see them again.
nisharani wrote:
how much do you love your parents? What you can do for them?


"This Much".

"And he streched his arms and died."

PS: I love parents very much. Love is not quantitative. But Qualitative. So can't tell exactly how much.
I am the only child(son) of my parents and I love one of them very much. I love my mom very much because she is very caring, loving and all. My mom is the person who I talk to when I have problems and she is a pretty cool person. But I do not find any connection with my dad. I rarely talk with him and he does not care about me at all. We both do not care about each other. So I would do anything for my mother to make her happy but for my dad I'll have to think about it.
Well, i love my dad for sure. He's always been there for me. Now as for my mother, i honestly dont love her. She hasn't felt like a mother to me for years now. She's done alot to harm to me through breaking up the family to endangering my well being. She's going to die soon via cancer, but i still cant find any feelings lock away in the pit. Don't know if i'd even goto the funeral. I know many people would be mad at me and all but i really don't care...
I was too young to remember what my father was even like before he was killed in the line of duty. My mother I will never forget, nor will I ever love anyone as much as I loved her...she passed away two years ago. I can say it without regret however because we had a great mother-son relationship. Of course we got along better when I went away for college...the saying "distance makes the heart grow fonder" was true for us in that regard.
i love my parents and i'd like to hug them but i'm far away Sad
I love my parents quite alot, but sadly they sometimes annoy me, but that's on rare occasions.

I guess i'm lucky to have them in the first place...
meet in rio
I adore my parents - they're awesome. We're not super-close, but they're great people and I usually have fun with them. My mother is amazingly caring (the thing of which I am most ashamed to have done this summer is to worry her) and my father and I are quite alike, so I really enjoy going to museums and stuff with him. He also has an excellent sense of humour. They're also paying for my tuition, which they really didn't have to do.
What kind of question is that man?? If theres somebody who doesnt love his parents(in case they are not alcoholic or drugs adicts) I cant Belive it.
Well... I love my parents. And my father is incredible.
DjinniFire wrote:
Hate and love come hand in hand with parents for me. But at the end of the day when I lie down in my bed, I know I love them because they provide the care and support I need to survive and join society as an adult. So parents although annoying and can be total pain in the rears, only are annoying and a pain to protect and raise you to the best possible way.


I love my parents because they care for me and help me reach my goals even if they are not the ones the invisioned for me!

However, though I appreciate all they do for me and generally enjoy being with them, sometimes I find it very hard to get along with my mum, not because of what she tells me to do, but because of her personality and they way it clashes with mine. She can be so infuriating unintentionally sometimes, which makes me just want to be on my own or at least away from her.
When my parents were living esp with my mother if we lived together for long periods of time we irritated the crap out of each other. When I went away to college however, we got a lot closer esp when around the time I went off to basic training. I would have to say the two weeks we spent together after I got through with officer candidates school in VA were our best time and last real time together. And looking back now I know I was occasionally rebellious not to the point of being disrespectful but because I was ready for my life to change and it wasn't the right time yet.

My relationship with my father was a different case because I was really to young to remember anything about him except for the times that we would go fishing togther and when I got a whooping for doing something stupid. But I believe that we had a god relationship and if he were alive now I am sure we would be very close.
Love for parents is something that is instinct. You just can't hate your parents. They are your people and you will support them automatically whether they are ugly or beautiful. good or bad. Even if you have a bad father and he is rolling in the bar, you will still put your hands around his shoulders and bring him to bed. Won't you?

The other way is also true! If you are that way, your mom or dad will also do the same thing to you! Parent - offspring relationship is something beyond normal love. It is not like the man - woman relationship.
Personally, I spent years hating my parents, always pushing them away, not wanting them to know anything that was going on in my life, till about a year ago (I'm 22 now). As much as I used hate them, I now don't know what I would do without them. They came back into my life after a huge breakup that drove me almost to the edge. Now me and my mom have a very close relationship, and yes I guess in a way that makes me a momma's boy, but you know what, I don't care. I'm open about the fact that me and my mother talk on a daily basis. I hope other people out there can have as close of a relationship as she and I do.
i love my parents very very very! much until i die ........ Laughing
i love my parents very very very! much until i die ........
They are the most important beings in my life. I love them with all my heart and nothing can make me stop loving them. Without my parents, I don't exist. They've given me everything and taught me valuable lessens in life. They've raised me up quite well and have sacrificed so many things for me. I can never ever repay them for what they've given me. They are my true heroes.
I Love them they where always there for me and I will always try to be there for them I lok up to them as they managed to raise 4 boys and two girls all fro the same relationship and still together and each and every one of us siblings have felt loved I still wonder how my parents managed.

Hope I have the same skill when I have children

nisharani wrote:
how much do you love your parents? What you can do for them?


Parents are the blessing og GOD.No body is complete without parents.Parents are the part of our life how can we deny their love .we should love them as they brought us up till this age thats why i love my parents very very very much.
i love my parents a lot
they are the building blocks of my life
they helped me gain everything i needed in my life
My parents are My God, I cannot think of my life without them... I wish they live with me forever, when I was a child they were my parents, now that im in my mid twenties I consider them as my children, friends. Oh God please keep my parents with me always....
Hate love relationship. If I had to rank my love for my parents, 4/10. Not very close at all.
More than words can say. They made me who I am.
nisharani wrote:
how much do you love your parents? What you can do for them?


well this is my first time to saw a post like this (about family) since i became a member here. first i want to say, i like your question.It's very rare here to saw question like this one. Hhhhmmm loving your parents and caring for shows how they raise you up by in terms of your behavior, discipline and how you interact with others.

I guess no question for your parents and for us how much do we love our parents coz obviously without them, were not here. Not only that, there's a lot of things and reasons in this world why we should love our parents infinitely though sometimes they're getting over the board, trying to look at each and every movements that we does or sometimes they lack of showing how much they love us. But one thing for sure, where ever which situation your in, one thing for sure, there is no parent in this world that will not getting hurt if they saw they children getting in pain.

What can i do for them? well since i was born honestly my dad treat me like a stupid kid coz im not that type of person who shows strength and intellectual property, When i was a kid, im very easy to cry and became helpless which my dad treat me not so good, getting unfair to me from my other sister and brothers. But i never quit, that's why i get his respect now.

So what i can do for them (parents) is everything that i could no matter how hard it is coz they raise me up without questioning if i perform very well in school. Sometimes they getting angry to me every time they saw my low grades but one thing for sure, they never give up to me so i guess i don't have a reason why i shouldn't do my responsibility not only as a son but also a god fearing person.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
I love my mother very much. She rocks.
I love my parents very much, there really isn't anything to complain about them. They are very caring, they know when something is wrong and they want to fix it.
too much. I'm doing my best for them. I used to not feel this way until something happened. I did somethng terrible and instead of scolding me or anything, they talked to me in a really nice way and since then, my respect for them increased very much. I love my parents.
If you love your parents then you can't explain it in words. I think that your presence in this world only due to them and on whatever position you are at present its due to their efforts and sacrifices.

But one thing I want to share that nobody is perfect in this world so we find some faults in our parents also but we don't blame them for it because all things are going according to our thoughts.
I love my parents a lot, specially since I learned to respect them in my adult years. I was a difficult teenager and it broke my relationship with them during many years after adolescence ended.

I understand they see the world with a different view than me, but that's not a problem anymore. I know I can't change them, so I relax and just enjoy them. The blessing of having them here won't be forever, so, why should I waste my time arguing as I used to?
I really love my parents very much. I own them for all life
I really love them and have a great relationship to them! I'm very happy with that!
I love my folks by being there for them as their son.
Nothing can be compared to my family (other people's families tho.) I love them so much and im caring them when im going to sleep. I don't want to see something bad happens to them so im trying to be with them always as much as i can. :/
nisharani wrote:
how much do you love your parents? What you can do for them?

absolutely love them for all that they have done for me!
There are somethings that cannot be measured and the love for one's parent is one of them... Smile
nisharani wrote:
how much do you love your parents? What you can do for them?

very very much... i really do love my parents so much... if they haven't here i wouldn't be the best

ever person that i can be... i could love them back as much as i can... bring them back what they really

did for me... the things that they give...
nisharani wrote:
how much do you love your parents? What you can do for them?


I love my parents very much..I am proved of them..
Well, that's hard to describe. I don't even know myself. But I'm afraid I feel homesick not so often, though I'm always excited and happy to be back home each time.
I love my parents so much... They taught me from wrong and right and stood by me when i made mistakes... I am 25yeas old and on the phone to either of my parents i still say 'i love you' before hanging up... Even when we meet up i hug and kiss them goodbye and say 'i love you' and i am sure i always will... I have a 4year old son and he is my world along with my parents, i hope when he is 25 we still say i love you at the end of meeting or calls, i wont expect a kiss though cause he will be a guy ater all Wink i know a lot of guys are shy of their moms from the age of about 10+ LOL... <3 xxx
Being with your parents one its shows that you love your parents, now a days member of the family they are bz working they can't check if there parents is still okey. Your parents have been telling you how excited they are to see you. They’ve booked flights, hotel rooms, and restaurants but you just aren’t ready for them to pierce your Brown bubble. Let them know up-front that you need some alone time to “do work” or “go to the gym” or (actually) sit in your bed and watch TV. Do whatever you need to do to make sure that you can make your needs known and keep passive this is a simple thing how to show your love to your parents.
Hmm, Between Parents?

I hate my father and I love my mother. Simple as that.
They separated when I was 4 so yea..

My moms been there for me always, my dad hasn't.. I've been there for my mom so we are too co-dependent on each other. I support her and she supports me ^^
i think the Your parents are truly sincere with you. They are the true well wishers. My parents are all in all for me, i just can't think to live without them.
i Love my mother so much, and my father past away 6 years ago

me and my brothers we was raised independant, but with a solid sense of brotherhood, there is important to notice, that latin american people sees family wide diferent that American, where all expect that after high scholl went to college and never return to parents home to live, so the bacground is not the same.

but i think everybody loves his, her parents (the exemptions made the rule)
I love my parents so much. There is no measure. Without them, I won't be here. I thank God for them. Smile
I've never known my birth father, so I cannot say that I have any feelings toward him, or even finding him for that matter (long messed up story). But, I do have my mother. Though we may fight at times, I love her to death. She tends to be somewhat more like my best friend than anything else. We like to do things together all the time, and she is someone that will share things with me, and I with her (well, some things should not be said to your mother xD). We share a love for cycling, and exercising in general. When she is feeling sad, I comfort her and vise versa. We are going through some hard times right now, but I could never abandon my mother. I would NEVER even imagine just leaving her on her own to deal with things she needs help with. I love her so much, and that will never change. I have never said that I hated her, or wished she weren't my mother. I skipped that part of my teenage years (i'm only 17 xD). We are what keep each other strong.
I love my parents.
I guess it's hard to be a parent too
I love my parent very much but i am only child maybe different then i dont know?
Unconditional Love. I am so proud of them because they sacrifice everything for me and my brother to accomplish our education.
i love them both so much....though, i can't say it loud infront of them but I do it by showing how much I care for them....i know it is not easy to become a parent and raise your own children...we all should love our parents so our children will love and care for us in return.....
I admire my parents and i love them with all my hearth.
5m kg... hahaha

Can i actually measure love? Never. and The word "very" is not enough to measure it.
I love my parents so much!
Truthfully, they have done so much for me that I can not even imagine where I would be if it weren't for them.

I am from India. Born in New Zealand. Lived in Australia. Grew up in the United States.
All because of my parents.
Really I have seen diversity in my life and love it!!

Thank You Mom and Dad!

My Mom is currently diagnosed with Arthritis & Rheumatism. She can't walk properly, and a big salute to my Dad who is looking after her, he even quit his job. Really I am proud of my dad and pray that my mother becomes better Sad
i love my parents more than my life.i can do any things for him/her.
I love my parents a lot.. I can do everything for my parents...
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