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maudio firewire 410, macbook pro & falshing blue light

hi foks,

i have a wee bit of a issue:

my setup consists of a 15inch macbook pro, 2.33ghz, 3gb ram, maudio firewire 410 & traction 3.

for the love of me, i cannot get the macbook pro to recognise the firewire 410. i have all the latest software updates from apple, the latest maudio 410 drivers from maudio and am doing everything correctly, is there something i am missing?

all i seem to get is a solid blue light for 5 seconds on the firewire 410, then it starts to blink. when loading the control panel for the firewire 410 it says no firewire 410 is present and to reinstall the drivers. no combination of install versus power up has seemed to correct the issue.

i know the firewire 410 is in full working order as i used to use it with my pc with no probs.

i am thinking there is a bus power issue from the macbook pro? but i am wondering if anyone else has any other suggestions?

cheers in advance...
I've never had anything happen to me on my MacBook and haven't really heard about anything like this. However you may want to check out System Profiler to see if your Firewire ports are working right. (Click the apple in the top left hand corner, about this mac, more info, firewire) Check out some of the other options in there too to make sure nothing seems broken. If nothing shows up, check out your logs to see if anything strange pops up (Applications, utilities, console) that's strange looking.

Finally, run the Apple Diagnostic doohicky on the OS X install disk. If any hardware thing pops up, call applecare.

Sorry if I haven't been any help at all, but I'll check in on this thread every once in a while to see if you get it working.

Best of luck.
thanks man, i have it now working fine - i needed to uninstall the m-audio drivers, update the firm ware and install the latest m-audio drivers from their website. everything is working sweet as now though!

Weird... That's usually only a Windows thing Smile Glad you got it fixed though.
ahh, but one little piece of information i was holding out on:

i was also using the firewire 410 on a pc in the interim (and it also "updated" the firmware when i first loaded it on that machine), so the lesson here is that you cannot switch the firewire 410 between pc and mac willy nilly!
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