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What are the chances...

What are the chances after having a wisdom tooth cut out
... and later on another set coming out?
I have one coming in the same place where i had one cut out about a year or two ago.
it sucks Sad
I was wondering what are the chances of this happening?
I think the chances would be very slim. But I am not a dentist so you never know it could happen. Maybe you just have something stuck in there Wink
like the gum is all "white" where the tooth is coming back in and it is pushing all the other ones like the last time..... if i get it fixed... it will cost me about $1500.00
it did the last time too >_<
... but then i had insurance lol it wasn't as bad.
now I don't do I have to pay it out of my pocket...
hrm... i heard wisdom teeth only grows once in a lifetime. I have two in the bottom that are slightly impacts that I am getting removed and also the top two cause no reason doing it separately when you can get it all done on the same day!

Are you sure the first time was your wisdom teeth and not some other teeth growing in an angle? hard to believe and I honestly never heard of wisdom teeth growing after the first removal. was it a complete removal?
sorry about the delayed reply.... i have been busy working.
but i had 2 wisdom teeth removed (completely)
they cut them out.
but now it has been about 5 months ago and it's really sore and the gum is white back there where the wisdom toot would be at.
they told me up there there was a VERY slight chance of it coming back.
*because i asked what if it comes back*
the dentist well dental surgeon said that it's a very slim chance.
but i am almost positive that it is coming back in Sad
It's not common, but it happens. I had it happen to me, and so did my sister. I never had my second set removed, but my sister did.
im getting mine removed again Sad
Wow, I've never heard of having two sets of wisdom teeth. I had 2 extra teeth as well but they were not wisdom teeth. My orthodontist found a tooth in the roof of my mouth from an x-ray. He said should take them out cause if it came out it might come out and mess up my teeth. When the surgeon cut open my mouth he found 2 small teeth in there.

They say extra teeth is good luck, but your right, it's freaking expensive to have them taken care of.
hell yeah it's expensive especially seen as how i don't have insurance.. didn't the last time either.
well I did but it didn't cover it.. im now older and my parent insurance doesn't cover me... im working and i have to be made permanent before they give me the insurance.
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