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Going on vacation

I'm going on a vacation for a bit over two weeks.
Just want to tell (if that helps to prevent gettting my hosting deleted, if my points drop below -10).

Cheers Smile
So am I. You don't see me making a thread about it...

Just sayin'

God, I'm mean today!
I just finished moving and forgot to do some posting here, so for the first time ever my points are in the negative. I usually try to stay way ahead, but the last month and a bit has been very busy and I haven't had time to post. No vacation for me this summer either Sad
Yeah, I just moved to Atlanta, so I had to internet for about 3 weeks. I was -11 when I came back, and was like, "SHIIIIIIIIii gotta get some posting done..."
I don't see why people just don't get there points up to 45 before they go places. I mean its not like its hard, and its a lot easier to catch up once you get back. But hey whatever floats your boat.
I didn't lose my account, and I accidentally dropped to -55. I don't even know how it happened. I think it's because I stopped getting emails when my account dropped to -5 - usually I'd wait for those and just post to get it back up, but now I never get them, so just now, 2 months later, I realized I haven't posted in a while. As for trips, I hope you have fun on yours. Too bad I'm not going anywhere this summer. I was planning on going to Canada, but I couldn't find anyone to go with me, and 7.5 hours driving is not good for a person by him/herself. But trips are always fun.
Does posting this actually get the attention of the admins and alert them to a possible problem with points going below -5 or -10? I was just wondering because I too go away quite a bit in the summer with my daughter due to her lacrosse, and I just don't have much time to post the way I should, and during the week I work two jobs. If it doesn't I just wanted to know in case of potential future problems....
This is amazing!
I just came back from a vacation!!

But I was regularly trying to make a post or 2
After all, we do want free hosting to stay, and in turn if we have to post a msg or two, it aint that hard Smile
(EVEN on vacation )
THAT's cool!!
I am leaving THIS FIRDAY NIGHT!!!
Going to the East Coast for some COLLEGE visits (MIT >.<) and lots of national part visits!!!
I can't wait.

Bad thing is that when i come back, there is PILES of hw left for me to do.
hofodomo01 wrote:
Yeah, I just moved to Atlanta, so I had to internet for about 3 weeks. I was -11 when I came back, and was like, "SHIIIIIIIIii gotta get some posting done..."

After my exams I had about -30 points, that was shocking.
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