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FriHost Login on With Forefox


This is actually a Firefox problem. I use the Firefox password Manager to remember my username and password so I can log into FriHost automatically.

Now it doesn't work.

Is there a way to get it going again..

I made this page to describe my problem..

Cheers Possum...
I've been letting Firefox handle my Frihost login for a long time now, and it's still doing the job very well... Why don't you try deleting the password from the list and then ask Firefox to remember it all over again?
I think you can fix this problem by going to Tools>Options>Security>Show Passwords and delete your current User name and Password you have set for Frihost and just set it up again. Maybe you changed your password and it doesn't match up with the one you have stored.
I have had this problem for a week or two now. I tried removing the stored password in Firefox's password manager and then re-entering it when I next visit the site, and told Firefox to remember it. But it made no difference, and still doesn't automatically log me in. Is there an issue or have changes been made to the forum cookie?
As I said in my previous post, my Firefox password manager still remembers my password, and enters it for me. All I have to do is click on the "Submit" button. So I don't think there's any change at the forums' side.
It's the site cookie that isn't working properly. The Firefox password manager is remembering the username and password and pre-filling the boxes correctly. But the "Remember Me" checkbox isn't working as it should log you straight in as it used to, instead of you having to click the login button.
Ah, that's certainly more descriptive. Very Happy
Well, I'm not sure what the issue with this is... I don't ask the forum to remember me, so I don't really know if this problem exists.
At the end of the day, it's only a click extra Very Happy No big deal Smile
Auto-login works for me on firefox. Maybe it's a domain mismatch and the cookie isn't looking for it.

I browse to

I don't suppose you're trying that without the "www." in front? I've noticed that frihost does strange things when you try that.

For example try to go to (note the lack of trailing slash) and see the random (and non-existant) page you get sent to!

I've asked Bondings about this previously but he said it was troublesome to fix and low priority so I guess it never got done.
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