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Who Is Your Favorite Comic Book Hero And Why?

Mine is batman. He has a cool car, cool utility belt, he's rich, he doesn't have superpowers he uses his skillful ninja powers so he has no weeknesses like other superheros. that..and he is just plain sexy. meow
lol for me it is the super friendly neighborhood spiderman from marvel. He has a wrap sense of humor and is powerful as well, with his web shooter and spidey sense. That is my hero. =p
exarkun wrote:
lol for me it is the super friendly neighborhood spiderman from marvel. He has a wrap sense of humor and is powerful as well, with his web shooter and spidey sense. That is my hero. =p

haha spider man is my second
For me Batman too, coz he can fight without superpowers. Packs a punch although he is only human. And also has lots of cool gadgets. Oh and he has Robin (",)
Hm, probably Wolverine. I always liked close-distance fighters, and his ability is just way cool. He's pretty damn badass too.
V. I guess he might not count as a super hero, more of a anti-something. But he believes in something, and though he is not "political correct", and though he only searches revenge, I can but love the guy. Maybe Alucard, from Hellsing, really I do not know who I like the most of the two of them. As a close third I got Batman, or maybe Obelix Wink
I do love Batman. Just because he is not really in the good side - he is a psycho who never get rid of the past. So he decides to fight, to make bad guys carry his own suffering. Actually, I think he is some sadistic bastard, and I love it ^^

I also really love Spawn, that average frustrated chump who believed he was a true macho and came back from hell just to see his love... enjoying the arms of his own best friend. Really dark and violent comic, with good ideas, especially a cool vision of heaven and hell.
Heh, some good choices in here even if I think Batman is a bit boring.. Razz

I'll have to pick Spiderman since he's my childhood hero of all time, and he's the only one I actually followed through a bunch of years..

Funny how this thread seems to be pretty dominated by the two big ones Marvel and DC, and then Image and all with their 'classic' heroes. I mean, at least in Sweden, Spiderman, Batman and Spawn are like the three biggest characters from the three biggest publishers..

After reading Watchmen my number 1 hero would be Rorshach of the Watchmen because he's relentless and just plain awesome for the same reason Batman is but on a completely other level!
And Ozymandias because he did what had to be done . . . Shocked
I'm a bit of an underdogs fan... so my picks would be the Blue Beetle (the late, Ted Kord) and Booster Gold. not that I have problems with the new beetle, issat' it's not Ted Kord joking with Booster XD

I guess that's because of the fun factor they gave to the JLA... of course in marvel the human factor is present everywhere, Spidey is quite fun most of the time and every character has some kind of humour level, in DC that's kinda hard to see latelly... >.> blame the large ammount of 'critical' events...
For me there's nothing better than Garfield. I love the kind of humour and the gags are often related to every-day life. Awesome! Lovely characters, best of all is the sarcastic fat cat Garfield of course! Regards!
All hail the anti-hero ..... anyone who does as much harm as good and has that evil "I might just kill you, rather than save you," edge to them is really high on my list. It just seems to be more true to human nature that way. I mean if you had super powers, although you may want to help people, don't you think that the temptation to be really bad would be a little overwhelming? I know for me it would be. I can already think of a few people I would like to melt with my lazer beam eyes. Very Happy
Heh, on that note Kerry, back when we did some star wars rpg we did some sort of magic 8-balll variant with a D20 asking various question and for 'Who would be the most likely to turn to the dark side' and 'Who would be the darkest lord of the sith' I got 20 for both which we'd all decided would be the 'Definetely' answer.

But I don't know, I'm actually quite the moral person. I'd probably end up one of those bad guys who justifies his own actions to himself and considers himself working for the greater good, ie eliminate all of humanity to stop war/famine etc.. Rolling Eyes Cool
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