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Any one wishes to travel to Morocco?
I've travelled in Morocco before and I completely loved it! It is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries I've seen. I love the desert, the gorges, the mountains, the coast line and the people are amazing!
I spent five weeks there, but could have stayed longer and often tell people what a wonderful place it is to travel.....
Heh, I'm originally Moroccan so I have the luxury of going there almost every year to visit relatives. Love it, its home to me and a great holiday destination to anyone.

I've always wanted to visit Morocco! Is simply fascinated me, but I've never been there... Could anyone tell me how expensive life is in this country? So that I could see if I can afford it... For instance, how will I pay for a hotel room or for a meal?

Thanks in advance! Smile
Trip to Morocco the year last during twenty little and wonderful days. Visit towns in motaña, as chef chauen, great and important imperial cities like marakesh, beautiful beaches like essaguira and to agadir, wonderful deserts like merzuga or oasis like ouarzazate. Really, he is one of the paraisos that you do not have to let visit. Greetings to all Laughing
i want to visit at the first chance.
I have just returned from a two weeks trip to Morocco. I mainly stayed in Marrakech, Agadir, and Elsouira. I liked most Elsouira and its long sandy beach. One thing I didn't like about Morocco is their famous food. named the Tagien. It's delicious but I became sick each time I eat from it. People are friendly and nice. Transportation via buses and train is very cheap. Is accomodation expensive? Well I think it is matching to to those in Europe. For a 5 star hotel, you are expected to pay between US $ 170 - 250. When visiting Marrackech, it is recommended to stay in a reyadh: an old, but revived, Arabian Sultan style house.
I do. It sounds really interesting, and I will travel there sometime..
I spent two monthsin morrocco and travelled north to south and i love it.. great culture.... great sights (some of the most diverse landscapes i have seen in one country)... great markets... great facilities... I loved it... especially rabat.. and the desert and todra gorge and the beach south of agadez... I would recommend it to anyone.... although arriving during ramadan is almost torture... so much yummy food in the market and unable to eat it... and did i mention the amazing food.... it's all delicious... especially the tagenes and the omelttes for breakfast, and the olives and the nougat.....
I have traveled through Morocco in about 6 weeks and really loved it. Great culture, beautiful nature and great food. I don't know of any other country where you can be driving through a desert, she snow capped mountains on the horizon and see camels walking next to you. However I do find it frustrating that they are still occupying the Western Sahara and that the rest of the world doesn't really seem to care.
mira, esto no se donde esta pero me gustaria ir porque e visto fotos y mola...ademas s epueden tener langostas como maskotas no? aki en españa no nos dejan...pobrecicos q somos...con llo q molan las langostas...
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