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First Job

I just turned 16 in May and have been looking for a job all this summer. Finally I found something at Quiznos. I'm suppose to be meeting the manager later today and I'm not sure what to expect. Also this Quiznos is located on a college campus but surprisingly that makes me a little even more nervous even though the kids are just a few more years older than me. Anyone know what I should expect?
As it's a company that handles food and serves customers it's vital to be clean, tidy and well groomed - so no working under the hood of the car before you go!

If this is an informal meeting I'd expect you to turn up smart and workman-like (maybe casual). Be no more than about 10 minutes early - whatever you do don't be late!

Expect to be given a short description of who, what, why the company exists. You'll probably be shown around, introduced to some of your potential colleagues, and asked a few questions - probably about awkward customers, what you want to make of the job, what makes you a better choice than everyone else. You should be able to ask some questions too. Even if you don't give a gnat's chuff about the job - pay attention, look and sound interested!

If it's a formal interview - all of the above plus whatever is normally worn at business meetings in your part of the world (an Armani suit is probably a bit OTT though)!

Good luck!
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Best of luck for your job. I have no clue what Quiznos is. I hope your meeting with the manager goes well, and that you get the job. In case you've already got the job, here's hoping that you do well and have loads of fun!
Everything went okay I guess. He said he would contact me back in 2 who knows what will happen.
Good luck man, this is a good beginning. There is a long way ahead of you.

Seiji wrote:
Everything went okay I guess. He said he would contact me back in 2 who knows what will happen.
Generally jobs in fast food are rather easy to get. Foodservice has the highest turnover rate out of any job. Realistically if you don't get that job, you shoul dbe able to find another job like that relatively easily.
good luck dudes! hope continuesly
pastfodd jobs sucks... thats right. easy to get... quikly to leave...
I've been in food my whole working life. Expect long hours on your feet, no gratitude, more cleaning then cooking, crappy bosses, rude customers, cuts, burns, low pay, and working with the craziest group of people you have ever come in contact with! Have Fun!
lol man

The first job is some thing nice to forget Cool
my first job was at a dairy queen when i was fourteen years old, i only worked 6 hours a work but it was still fun
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