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why my grandma likes to tell lies?

My grandmother never lived with us before. So recently she stayed with us for few months. I never see this side of her. First time she done it, she lied to my relative IN FRONT OF my sister saying she can't go out and stay inside the house all the time. Me, and my family like hell persuade her to go out everyday to parks etc and even a beautiful park RIGHT in front my house. But she REFUSED said she was tired, lazy to go out, hate to go out rather to stay home etc excuses. My family and I absolutely understand she is old, but we're driving in car to go to the places and we even volunteer to wheel chair her. And I found out that the same happened at her real house where she doesn't want to go out to anywhere prefer to stay home.

And she also like to tell tale. Like when my mum sister or brother (my grandmother is my mum's mother) called she said she was sicked (everytime she's having fever) and tired. But the truth she's fine healthy not sick at all. When my grandmother stays at my mum 's sister place or my mum's brother place, me and my family of course would ask how's she doing etc. And she said she's sicked etc. But she's fine alright.

So the other day my family and my mum's sister family discuss this matter and we found out the truth where she's been telling tale to whether my family or my auntie's family or my uncle's family.

She such a hypocrite , why did she act this way, and I don't think she has mental illness.

Whilst I think this would be more suitably posted on a blog... There is some discussion to this.
Agoraphobia wrote:
Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder which primarily consists of the fear of experiencing a difficult or embarrassing situation from which the sufferer cannot escape. As a result, severe sufferers of Agoraphobia may become confined to their homes, experiencing difficulty traveling from this "safe place".

Give her a break, man. She might have this, probably caused by some situation in an outdoor place...

People don't do things without reason.
"Senile", perhaps?
Another reason is that old people generally feel neglected, and sometimes do things to attract attention. It could be possible with your grandmother as well. I'm guessing your grandfather is not alive?
She does go out when she wants too, but only if she wants eg to other relatives houses. What I'm mad about is when she said she can't go out when she's the one who refused to go out in the first place. Thats really pissed me off when she tell lies that she can't go anywhere Rolling Eyes as if we locked her up in our house !!!!! One thing that certain she doesn't have this agoraphobia thing.

We do not neglect her, I personally made breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner for her(considering what she would like to have). Accompany her, talk to her, include her in our social activities, she is being pampered here, she deserved that cause she's old and we respect her but when I found out her behaving that way I'm so disappointed and mad.

She's divorced and remains single (I think 19 years) and she's okay with being without husband.

I hate it when she tell tale to others and made my our family, or my auntie's family or uncle's family look bad.

I really appreciate you guys outlook on this matter, because it's something that I can't ask her why she act that way. Cause it's difficult to communicate with her (for communication that requires views/opinions/"how do you feel about this etc"-I've tried discussing matter that requires a deep level of understanding not that deep actually and I end up talking to myself. ) and she won't understand.

So I stick to asking questions like "would you like to have some cakes etc, do you want to go to the park etc? just simple questions" and she also ask me simple questions eg whats the time now, where's your sister? where are you going?

Question Question Question
A few grandmothers in my family just told lies about everything. A rather eccentric ancestor of mine (this was dug up due to family tree research by my mother) actually lied that she was older than she was and her middle names were lies as well. I have no idea why but it seems to be to attract attention or something.
Weird huh when someone resort to that way to get attention, not grateful for what she or he has!!!!

Last nite, I read articles and comments dealing with old people, most people do get stress out when taking care of old people. Can't my grandma see that my mum is her daughter why would you trouble her family with this bizarre behaviour. Can't she just enjoy her life and not troublesome herself with making up stories. This is the first time I've encountered such character in real life. To be honest, I prefer taking care a real sick person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Consider one thing, she is old, she feels helpless. She's more DEPRESSED if anything. Doesn't sound like Agoraphobia because my mother had that. And she doesn't come up with a new sickness everyday like my sister so she's not a Hypochondriasis where she sees the DOCTOR for a new illness on a DAILY basis to get MEDICATION PRESCRIBED to her illness.


Is an excessive fear of situations in which having a panic attack seems likely and/or dangerous or embarassing. Fear of leaving the home, familiar setting of home, and going out into PUBLIC because of social situations may provoke ANXIETY.

Misinterpretation of physical symptoms and fearing that one has a serious illness despite appropriate Medical Evaluation and Reassurance

Intentional creation of fake or grossly exagerated physical or psychological sysmptoms, motivated by external incentives. AVOIDING WORK

Factitous Disorder
Condition in which a person ACTS as if or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick. LOOKING FOR SYMPATHY

Common mood disorder by lethargy and sadness, as well as a LOSS OF INTEREST or PLEASURE in NORMAL DAILY ACTIVITIES. Severe depression may lead to feelings of WORTHLESSNESS and thoughts of suicide.

Keep trying to get her involved with outside activities. Found out what she likes FIRST then move on to an ACTIVITY[S] that co-insides to the ACTIVITY[S] of HER CHOICE NOT YOUR FAMILYS. That just putting more pressure and stress on her.

I.E. If she likes BINGO, then take her to BINGO and sit down and play a couple of games with her. Then GRADUALLY go from there. BUT, makes sure it conforms to the THINGS THAT INTEREST HER AND NOT YOUR FAMILY. Possible her actions will improve.

Out. Patient
Problem-Focused History and Exam
St8Foward Decision

I'll be sending you a bill now. HAHAHA j/k

Laughing Wink Razz

* Hope everything works out.
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