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Limit of negative points?

Well what is the Limit Of negative frih points? is there anylimitation fix than when i reach upto this negative points my hosting and account both get cancelled? if yes then please tell...... because Daily posting on frih is not Possible for me, thats y posting every after 2 days to get points because am going for a ling vacations, sO tell me the limit of negative points
well if you get up to 45 points (with just a few good posts) youll be good for a long time.

but anyway, you get a warning at -20 points. ive seen people at -200 that still have their hosts, and ive seen people lose it at -100. it all depends
I got a wanring at -10 points... didn't lose hosting at all, it just came through as my first warning for inactivity...

But yeah, what I tend to do is visit the forums when I have time, and reply to as many threads as I can to get my points up... and that "usually" works for me... Only had my hosting stopped once, and I was like negative 50 points or so...

But if you do like I do, and don't spam, but rather just reply to the threads that you have something to talk about or discuss, you should be good...
I don't believe there's any maximum negative points or any point that they suddenly decided that's it. It's case by case.

If you make quality posts and have a long history I'm sure you won't be kicked lightly. Laughing
So The conclusion is that I have To post Daily in one thread to get atleast 1 or 2 points to Free alive LOllz.. Life is without water and frihost is Without Points HEHEHHE Laughing

Any ways thanks fopr the Little brief InFo,
Till then Meet ya In Some other thread.
The points system is very fair. I've just recently got back from a vacation and my points have only just gone negative today (will be positive again after this). However, from experience so long as you are a good member and contributer to the forum your hosting account won't be deleted until at least -10, after that it really is fair enough that your account gets deleted. My definition of a "good" member is quite objective so use your head and nobody should have any trouble.

The bottom line is yes you must come to the forums and post a few decent posts at least once a week.
I had like -20 because I was on vacation for 2 weeks, but I still my hosting... So I guess you don't have to worry that much Smile
Just remember that it isn't an automated system. If a user has reached a negative score and gets noticed by an account creator, he MIGHT get checked (on holiday, other reason for inactivity... ?). If it is a senior user he/she won't get suspended (only in extreme cases). New users need to get worried. I think you get warned by an automated system at -10 and -20 or -0 and -20, I don't exactly.
You get warned automatically at -5 and -10. Officially, you're eligible for account removal when your points go below -20. In some cases however, I don't mind removing the accounts at -15. And in some other cases (such as those members who have proven to be very active and post good quality replies), we do relax the point at which the accounts are removed.

Anyway, since this thread is in the General Chat section instead of the Support forums, I will -lock- this thread.
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