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The IRC-Chat

I have 2 suggestions for the IRC chat.
1. Ads, I think it is possible to get ads in the channel. With the eggdrop bot now in the channel you can add a script to read a rss feed. If you can find an advertising company able to make a rss feed you can display ads. And one message per 30 min is probably not considered spam (I am still waiting for to answer this).

2. A new Rank, I know I shouldn't be suggesting this but since it's not a new post based rank and it seems like a logical rank I still will.
IRC-Mod, this rank will be like language mod. A Mod for a small part of the site and since the IRC-channel is something totally different from the forums I think you need other people in there. People with more experience with IRC and able to help other users with it.
I don't mind the ideas at all. However, I don't think Bondings is involved enough with the IRC to consider putting ads on it. As for the IRC-Mod rank... it's certainly an idea. However, the IRC channel (at least when I last logged in) never has a lot of members in it. So to add more IRC-Mods doesn't appear to be very relevant at the moment.
The ads idea can be trashed. Dalnet doesn't allow it.

For the other idea, i just stopped making stats but the bot still does.

There are users all the time and Vrythramax is by far the most active. But even he can't be in all the time so there are times when there is no mod/admin in the channel.

And the channel is getting more active every day.
Max already has a rank you could consider higher than IRC mod (being Account creator which apparently is above moderator) so what's the point in another rank?
maybe because like i said before, IRC is something different as the forums. The people who are mods on the forums now are mods on irc also. Most of them don't even know how to register or change their nick. There should be special IRC-mods, who have no extra rights on the forums and maybe not even a rankimage but just the rights on irc.

I don't mean all mods are irc noobs and some should be irc-mod besides being forum mod, but there are also some users who should be irc-mod and some mods from the forums who shouldn't have rights on irc.
I am an IRC-noob, and I'm proud of it.

Secondly, I'm in favor of the IRC-mod idea.
James007 wrote:
I am an IRC-noob, and I'm proud of it.

we all where once. Just join by using the webbased client.
James007 wrote:

Secondly, I'm in favor of the IRC-mod idea.

I like to hear that.
I'm in favor of the IRC-Mod rank, it would allow responsible non forum mods channel operator rights when a full forum mod could not be present.

Just for the record Yes my main function is Account Creator, but I also serve as IRC-Admin. Wink
If only you could have more ranks, than your display would be full of badges Wink
To further this suggestion an IRC-Mod would have AOp status, basically a junior channel operator, they could temporarily kick someone out of a channel, but it would take a full mod (or the bot) to actually ban anyone.
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