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Two Worlds first Impressions

When I first heard about this game I was really excited that it will be something similar to the Gothic series or even TES IV:Oblivion. Then I've heard that it will be made by a Polish company "Reality Pump" and I was kind of uncertain if it will be a good game.
Now I have it in my stock and I played it for about two days, here are my first impressions.

First off I had lots and lots of problems with starting it, apparently the game has hard time working with Radeon series, thankfully few patches finally fixed that problem.

Character creation is pretty limited, you can only play a dude and he has really an ugly face, you can alter it a little (even by making him look like a chineese) and other body parts, but he will still look ugly. But ok, moving on...
So after half an hour I was finally playing with full graphics settings. The game looked really good, I must say that the details of armors, weapons and the world look truly awesome. Unfortunately there are moments where framerate is very low, but the beautiful graphics are worth it. Really, I was moved by the beautiful world ;]

Gameplay at first is really confusing, there isn't really any good tutorial that will introduce you to the controls and abilities of your ugly hero. There are just "use lmb to attack" and "use space to open doors" messages. There's nothing else, everything else you need to find out by yourself...
When you complete the first simple "training" mission you can do whatever you want and go wherever you want, but the main story kicks from the very beginning. The climate of the game seems cool, you are a lonely traveling mercenary who lost his sister to some group of dudes in the hoods and now is trying to get her back...
And like in every game like this almost everyone has a job for you even if they see you for the first time in town... So far I haven't found any extraordinary missions, mostly it's just kill something or find something somewhere.

Combat system is really primitive, I didn't like it. It's just hack&slash type, torture the left mouse button 'till there's nothing moving on the screen. There isn't even a block move (or I haven't found it yet). There is magic, few schools of magic, from what I know there are about 70 spells cattegorized in those schools (like fire, water magic or necromancy).
I still haven't quite gotten use to them, 'cause I've got no idea how to learn necromancy, in the beginning you only know fire and water magic, which gives you a fireball spell and heal spell.
There are also traps that seem pretty cool. You put down a holding trap, attack a dude with a bow, he, like an idiot, runs into a giant trap in front of him, that is fully visible, and he is held for few seconds, which is enough to get him killed with a bow...
Oh, you can also kick dust in someone's eyes, or someone can do that to you ;p

The most funniest thing in the game (and the most horrible at the same time) is the voice acting... God... All the texts and voices seem so... plain wooden... The language in the game is really stupid, they talk like retards or politicians, it's really hard to explain it, but if you play the game you'll know what I'm talking about. What really brought me down on the floor laughing was the name of dude "Ho"...

Overally the game isn't that bad, it needs time to get accustomed with it. It has some flaws but also it has some advantages. It's worth playing. But the words I heard somewhere: "Two Worlds is an Oblivion Killer!" (I believe it was some magazin's review) are completelly not true. Two Worlds isn't as good as Oblivion, nor as Gothic series.
But still I'm really greatfull that my country was able to pull of such a good game of this genre finally ;]

So, have any of You played the game yet? What do you think of it?
You didnt mention that the animation's are not smooth for the characters and the effects. Making the game feel like an old generation game despite its nice graphics.

Also you can't use a controller Confused , so plugging it into my Plasma TV to play was not possible.

Two Worlds takes getting used to, and can be enjoyable after a while. Oblivion is still alot better though.

There isn't even a block move (or I haven't found it yet).
There is, I think. Have only played it once. But I think that that's a very important thing in combat. To block and then hit while enemy is stunned.
Well I just passed the game, didn't take me a long time. Unfortunately I have to say that I'm dissapointed with it. I expected more, I expected to want to replay the game after finishing it. But unfortunately the game wasn't good enough to gain my love.
What I didn't liked about the game, maybe I'll write it in points.

1. Zero connection with the world.
Throughout the entire game I felt that I was like watching a movie and I couldn't do anything, dialogues were boring and I quickly read them most of the time and then skipped them to not waste time. In addition to that, I expected more variety in the dialogues and the choices you can make. Everything was brought down to "Do you want the quest or not". There wasn't any special characters, only 4 types of NPC's: Vendors, Quest Givers, Trainers and common folk that I didn't even bother to talk to after a while of playing.

2. Zero challenge.
The game was really easy. I pretty much won every battle on the defects of the game. For example, You can just have 2 skills maxed out in the game to win every battle: Disarming arrow and Traps. You disarm everyone or you run arround in the battle setting traps and enemies will run into them. In the end I had bow skills maxed out, traps and dual weapons and I was pwning everything, it was fun to shoot 5 arrows into an enemy blowing him away. I also once before the conversation disarmed an enemy (a habit ;p) and when he started talking to me he was without a weapon, so when he threatened to kill me he just stood there and I killed him by putting a trap under him...
The game didn't given me hardly any challenge, i played on medium difficulty.

3. Horse riding.
OH MY GOD. I haven't seen worse horse riding engine ever! Imagine having a horse that can not walk up to a hill that has higher than 45 degrees angle :O
Most of the terrain ingame is uphill or downhill and I couldn't even get passed them on my horse, it just stops when the road get's to steep. So whole game I had to walk on my legs, thank God for the teleports that appeared quite often.

4. The main character.
Actually I do liked him, he was a mercenary that cared only about money and his family. But he kind of changed throughout the game, first he only asked for money when asked to do a mission and later he started doing everything for free from own good will :/
Maybe it was intented, but I didn't like that he changed on his own, without my interferance, I wanted to make him a ruthless but lawful mercenary ;] and he became... gay :/

5. Towns, the game world...
No matter what they say in reviews, the towns do not look alive :/ It is just a bunch of NPC's walking arround, there's lots of them. I haven't even once noticed that they had their own lives and bussiness.
Only once I have encountered a consequence to my actions. Namely, it was when I've taken some relic from a temple in a town which thanks to orcs were affraid to attack the town. It was quite strange, I've taken the relic, got out of the temple in like a minute or two and whole town was already conquered by orcs :/ It was a town full of warriors and they've died in a minute? :O that's crazy :/
Also once there was a quest to get some stolen by some dragon, dragon eggs, I've done that and then questgiver told me that now good dragons will battle the bad dragon and that I should check it out 'cause it will be one hell'uva show. So I rushed to the place where it was about to happen and when I've arrived I saw the battle was already over :/ Bad dragon was dead and I had to loot his corpse for some relic...

6. Music.
Or rather no music. Good audio setting in games is very important for me, I like to venture through dangerous and unknown lands and listen to mystical music themes. Unfortunately in this game music was barely hearable or it simply wasn't playing. I maybe heard one or two tracks...

7. Overall dissapointment and lack of... the Gothic/Oblivion feel.
How such an ambitious game could go so wrong Sad
It's kind of a lot of bad things up there, so now what I really loved about the game.
Graphics, weather... and... err... what else... nothing?
Maybe I'm being too harsh, I expected something that will beat Gothic and Oblivion and I've just got an... average game.
6/10 In my opinnion.

(Oh by the way, I still haven't found the block move, only a parry move that lets you jump back, after a while it was kind of usefull in melee fights)
Probably I will never play it because the LEVEL Magazine gave this game a 6.
Graphics: 7
Sound: 5
Gameplay: 5
Multiplayer: -
Storyline: 8
Impression: 5
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