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Resident Evil : Extinction

This movie is the third of Resident Evil series and I am looking forward to its release in September 2007.

For those of you who liked Alice ( Milla Jovovich ) in the first two movies would be surprised because she is the lead character in Resident Evil : Extinction. Also, there is Claire ( Ali Larter ) Very Happy .
The rest of the cast includes : Oded Fehr, Ian Glen, Mike Epps, Spencer Locke, and Ashanti.

I checked IMDB and found this plot otline:
Survivors of the Raccoon City catastrophe travel accross the Nevada desert, hoping to make it to Alaska. Alice joins the caravan and their fight against the evil Umbrella Corp.

All the fans of the Resident Evil games would definetly enjoy this movie.
I like both the movies, I am sure the third instalment will be as good as the 1 and 2 IMO
i did enjoy the first two movies even though realistically and critically they weren't exactly great.
zomg no way there coming out witha third movie thats awesome they were good movies
this is a type of movie that we should just watch and enjoy it. It would be a great movie. It is a movie that was design to entertain and awe us. It is not a masterpiece or a grandeur movie with great plot and good acting. Ignore it. Just enjoy the damn movie...
The Resident Evil movies were terrible. This third one is going to suck too. Simple as that.
I realy like both the movies !! There're great .
yeah, the first two of em where pretty good - lets hope they dont waste the chance of doing a great movie.
The movies are not good enough because they are simply action movies but the Resident Evil games fans enjoy these movies alot. Maybe these fans are the only audience. I personlly like the movies because I like the games.
The movies are NOT good enough (in agreeing with the poster above me) but I do enjoy them.

I am such an avid Res Evil (game) fan, that I had to watch the movies,... and, disappointing though they were, I did actually like them!

Bring on RE3 (21st Sept, a day after my 22nd Bday)..and bring on Res 5 (Ps3)
I was never a fan of the games. the fixed camera position, although good for surprises, bugged the heck out of me.

The movies were ok and I may go watch this in the theater, that is if she wants me to take her, but if no t I'll definitely watch it on dvd or cable. the first two were were entertaining enough and i thought the 2nd one was slightly better than the 1st.
The movies aren't really too great... hell, Mike Epps was my favorite part of Apocalypse... I'll go see this in theatres, because it looks a tad better than the first too...

Though Ashanti is in it... wtf?
I think the 3rd movie will be just like the story of Resident Evil 4 games where there is no zombie enemies anymore but a bunch of brain controlled people by some sort of parasites. . .
Looking forward to see it, as I have played most of the games in the series from Resident Evil 1 to 3. I didn't like the 2nd movie that much though.
This is a movie I am really looking forward to see, only because the first and second rocked to me.
I can't wait to see the third movie of RE! I rent the 1 and the 2 the last monday and I really loved both!
havn't watch it will be showed up on Setp.21th.2007 in toronto...Razz....
Its been a real long waiting for Resident Evil 3. The second ended like its just the beginning of something very big. Whatever we have seen is nothing compared to what going to happen. Actually just after I saw the Resident Evil 2 I was expecting them to start working on the next part soon and release. But they took a very long time to start the 3rd part. Anyway its releasing in Singapore at 11th Oct. I will be waiting for the day eagerly.
I am gonna watch it as soon as possible but prefer playing Resident Evil Games cuz they are great!
i'm planning on seeing the movie tomorrow. i've watched lots of milla jovovich's movie. not that i'm a huge fan of her's but i just happen to find the movies she's in to be interesting.
I am plannig to watch this 2day. Y'day it was full house and I cud not get the ticket. My exitement is increased with this....

M expecting a lot of action pack in this ver 3.0

yeah i've been waiting for the 3rd of the movie, i hope it is more like the 1 and 2, i've played the game which was actually my 1st horror thriller game.
Is this the last of the movie
A Lot of people remind us fans of Resident Evil that the films are nothing like the not follow the same storyline (...) - I'd say to them: "Why the hell would you want to watch a film that replicates everything you have ever done on Playstation for the last 11 years... variety is FAR better than duplication"

BRing on RE:Extinction ... pale in comparison to the games, but a good set of Zombie films,
LOL Extinction was leaked on the summer so i saw it in august then went to theatres.=)
I really like Milla Jovovich and i ve enjoyed one and two so i m looking forward to see this one too.
Well, I've seen it now.

I was very impressed by it tbh. Good film.
I'm glad to hear that Milla is more of the focus in this film. I was disappointed with Resident Evil 2 because they seemed to give more air time to officer Valentine than to Milla, who I think really makes the films work. I haven't seen Resident Evil 3 because of all the terrible reviews, but I will rent it on DVD to see what they're doing with the film series.
I liked the 1st one, the 2nd one not that much. So Im not so sure about this upcoming third one, maybe I'll jst wait for it in video.
Yes, the first two installment in the series was good (if not great). Waiting for the extinction.
The three films of RE is a crap, but the game is cool
I swear I expected I lot more from the third movie....I thought it was just so...boring!!!
Isn't this the end of the Series of RE movies? That ending didn't leave me to thrilled. The movie, of course, could have been better. I'm glad i didn't pay to watch it in the theater. I saw it on my plane trip back home. some of the deaths were disappointing.
I really don't like the 3 movie, kind wish it was better. I thought it was going to rock, what a failure. I had a few question during and after the movie.

1) Where was that girl (forgot her name) that her father made the T-Virus for her,? She was with them in the end of the 2nd movie.
2) Why was most of the movie filmed in the desert? I know there should be empty buildings

and many more Very Happy
Too bland I guess. Even the action is better but the story is so yesterday. Nothing to shout about. wish they could have make it better or sexier. Hope there won't be any more Resident Evil but knowing Hollywood, they will keep producing it until there is no more money to squeeze from the franchise... even if on cinema it does not became box office, but they still have international movie right, DVD sales, TV right etc....merchandise....
I still haven't had a chance to see this movie. I'm not really sure what to think of it though, I personally didn't think it looked too spectacular.

I'll give better feedback on this movie when I actually see it though. That's usually how it works. A movie looks good, but in fact it sucks, or the other way around, the movie looks like crap, but in turn is actually pretty cool :p
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