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Shameless Self Promotion: Kuyler's Pictures

I'm an ametuer photography, wanting to get a lot better and get some better equipment, and I would just like to throw my stuff out here for you guys to comment on. If you like these, please go see my Flickr Photostream at
these are so nice...

i like the last two ones but these all are so professional

not ametuer Surprised

wish you can get the better equipments and show us the new from you ...

Sending my Greetings To YOUR work Idea
Thanks for your comment tefa_taftaf2010! I was able to get the Nikon D40x yesterday, and I absolutely love it! I've got a couple of shots already on my Flickr I like that I'll put up here.

I will put up more if anyone wants.
The last one in the first post is an excellent snap. Wonderful colors. great going!
I really like the last picture n the first post. The sky in the picture is amazing with all the colors and swirls and whatever else is in there.

With the second post it shows alot more detail with the new camera.

The clouds and flower re alot clearer.

Good Job on the pics.
Very nice! You have some great photos. I especially like the 'storm-photos' in your flickr collection.

Like this one:
Hey there! I haven't really posted on here in a bit, but I think it could be pretty cool for me to see what you guys think of my latest stuff. It's all taken on the camera I got that I explained in my last post on this thread (Nikon D40x) and edited with Lightroom, Photoshop, and Photomatix on the HDR photos.

Halloween Orchestra Concert at school. I think I managed to capture the mood of not the exact look.

Leaves during the peak of the color season here in West Virginia.

My favorite picture I've ever taken. Five shots in an HDR, several hours of work, and a startling resemblance to how it actually looked that night.

I took this one about five minutes before the previously posted shot; also an HDR. It was a good night for pictures Very Happy

The night is my canvas. This is a 30 second shot made with the light painting technique (PM me for details, I'm working on my own version of the theory) and a tripod. Other than fixing the white balance (From RAWs because I'm too lazy to work them out on the camera itself), nothing was done to this picture.

My favorite portrait that I've ever taken, this is my friend David Hamilton. I added contrast and clarity in Lightroom combined with awesome lighting to get this.

If the sunset is my favorite, this is my second favorite. Again, not much done to this picture other than white balance, some sharpness, and some fill effect so you could see the buildings. The most amazing flash of lighting I had ever seen and I managed to get it on camera.

That's Stephanie, my girlfriend and best friend in a treehouse. I really like the way I was able to get so much contrast because of the light through the leaves and black and white conversion.

I took this one at my Grandma's house and I think it came out pretty nice too.

That's enough for right now, but I think those are pretty cool. If you like these, please tell me and check out my flickr at

P.S. I'm going to start selling prints, maybe matted or framed. Let me know if you're interested, I'd imagine I could do it rather cheaply.
Gagnar The Unruly
I know very little about photography, but I'd say that you have quite a lot of talent.
Your photos are flavoring really, and I'm in love with them. May I use them with my worpress project if you please?
hey, those are some great pictures... VERY professional
From first post I like 3nd and the 5th photo, especially the last one because of that awesome sky colors.

Alos that lightning photo and the one with leaves are beautiful!

I like others too.

What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D40x, which is a really nice camera. The only real problems with it are a) not auto bracketing, b) only three focus spots, and c) not internal motor to auto focus older lenses. Because of this I've found myself manually focusing for the last 4 months with a Sigma 18-125mm lens. (Kit lens is broken)

As far as Nikon vs. Canon goes (I know no one asked... yet) it doesn't really matter what you buy, they're both great. It was just that I liked the way the Nikon felt better and for the price it seemed way more thought out.

I thought I'd share a few more shots.

A cool leaf I found. I really think I am getting pretty good at focusing. I might actually miss doing it manually when my autofocus lens comes back home.

Another HDR of a sunset I took by my neighbor's house. I really like how there's even a hint of purple in the clouds.

Middle of Nowhere, WV, USA. Beautiful though. This is a five shot tonemapped HDR.

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by Smile
It seems that you're doing an excellent job with this camera. I like these new photos you posted. Too bad for that car in the second picture, but at least it has some sky reflection on it Smile. Anyway, I love the colors in all your photos. They look so good. Great stuff!

Btw, you have Flickr or Renderosity account? I would like to comment your photos there. Rolling Eyes
Your pictures are really good, but some of the pictures the contrast is maybe too high. But still they are excellent!
I really have wondered about the amount of contrast I was adding before, but basically I stopped when people told me they liked my pictures. And I just kept adding tons and tons of contrast and they just kept liking them, so I didn't really see any need to change the way I was doing things. It's actually become something of a personal style, the contrast thing. I've found the best way to gain contrast control when you're actually taking the picture is to use the correct aperture for the shot for maximum sharpness and control how much light "leaks" into your lens (which you can fix with a lens hood, sometimes).

I've done quite a few new pictures, actually, and I'm going to post some links to them here. If you like to see some more, you can go see my flickr page at

So, here we go:

Thanks for appreciating my stuff, it really means a lot to me. I'd be happy to give any pointers if you need them. That's really the cool part of what I do.
it really really ... look fantastic..
i lov it!!
can i take one to set at my wallpaper??
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