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What can I say Blaster?
I have to agree, but I haven't been here a long time, so maybe it's not my place.
Frihost has never struck me as being a very fun forum at all, I like it, but I look at other forums, with their whole sections devoted to forum games, and their Random Babbling topics that go to 120 pages, and think "Why doesn't Frihost do that?".

Yes the staff are very well...tight, closing topics because the discussion has run out, editing posts because of some very minor flaming, I understand that major flaming has no place, but people calling each other fools is not really all that bad.

I also dislike the new design, the top bar just looks bad, and the fact that the posting section, the one I am writing on is...well...bad.
I do a lot of web design and I would never cut things off so sharp and use such jaggy font.

I am afraid there is nothing to gain from this topic though, this community is as a whole, lazy.
For example, I started an entire Unofficial Frihost Awards topic, and nobody, apart from pampoon, nobody is posting about the topic, just hollow promises of how, in some distant day we will get something like what I suggest.

This is not all true though, I still remember the speed at which the report button was implamented, which is a credit to Frihost in my opinion, furthermore, I can't understand why the Junior Admins, who surely have some coding experience are allowed to assist with the development of promised features.

In short, we want action, not words, we understand that we are offered free hosting, and we are all thankful, but the reason why people don't just post once every four days is because we like Frihost and want the best for it, not all flaming is meant to be offensive, not all people who are big are out to get the little guy.

I know we can't stop noobs from posting "I agree" halfway through well thought out topics, and we can't make people come to Frihost, but we can, as a whole, stop being so tight, and start embracing fun. If you have a point to make against someone else, don't just say "I read somewhere", find the actual article where it's from.

We can make this better people, it's up to all of us to help, and Frihost's future depends on it.

Just my thoughts.

well in post counts i am still new to Frihost !! Idea

but I Agree with Blaster ...

I also like the old frihost look !
I am satisfied with the new menu above but the way frihost's threads minimize and maximize there self by there own ...
i don't like this at all ...

I think as a senior member of this community Blaster you are absolutely doing right to point out the things like this ... Arrow
Closed for the time being to avoid spam this kind of topic brings along with it. But I would like to add that this is a FREE HOST and your just asking for more free things. Blasters posts was spam canned for rules violations.

-locked- for the time being. If Bondings feels 2 differant topics complaining about his volunteer efforts are worth merit....I'm sure he will reply.
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