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Cloverfield 1-18-08

So, I haven't seen a thread about this mystery project coming out in January. For those of you who may not know, Cloverfield is a fake name for a movie coming out in Jauary. The teaser was shown before Transformers. As far as I can tell, The Viral marketing for this movie has lead to a lot of fake websites claiming to be for this movie. The trailer is available on Itunes,

I think these two were said to be legitimate sites for the movie. and

I spent some time on the and websites only to hear that it was not part of their marketing campaign. I guess I'll know this for sure on 8-1-07. I finished the puzzles and put my name and email address for them to remind of the date. If it was a fake, I am impressed the people would go through so much to steal my email address. Edit* I got confirmation that the ethan haas sites are not part of the movie campaign, it's a game site trying to promote a game. So i must have signed up on to a mailing list when I gave them my email address.

I have to say with all the rumors, (Rampage Movie being one of them) I am all to easily taken in by this viral marketing campaign. and after reading the Slusho History, The Rampage rumor sounds almost believable.

Some of the Rumors are that it's a Movie based on Rampage the game,
another is that it is about a creature called cthulhu, some of you role players may know the name already.

What do you think? and let me know if there are some other things out there that have come out for the mystery movie.
When I did some research on this project, I found that another name it was being called was Parasite, which was also the name of the supposed monster that was invading New York City. This is the first that I've heard of it possibly being a Rampage movie. If that's what it turns out to be, I'd be a little dissapointed, s those games don't have much of a plot, plus amovie like this would ruin the franchise for me. I was also hoping hat it would be an original movie, as the world hasn't had a decent one of those in a very long time...
I'm gonna bet the rampage idea was just a fan rumor.

They said that the movie makers wanted to make a Movie with a Monster that Americans would love. Just as the Japanese loved Godzilla.

I keep hearing about other viral marketing campaigns, and a some of the characters from the trailers have Myspace pages. with them interacting with each other. Speculation is that something will happen to there pages around when the movie comes out.

and on the picture site they have up, you can click on the photos and move the mouse a bit and the pictures turn over. Some of them have messages on them from Rob's friends.
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